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Blackmailed by a little girl 3

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Tracy and I had sex finally. I hadn’t planned on it. Now I had to figure out how to navigate the reality of it

I held Tracy in my arms and kissed her.
I love you so much, Brad.
I looked into her cute little face. I realized that i really did love this girl. But, that’s what she was, a little girl. How could she be my girlfriend? It’s not like we could tell her mom Janey that we were moving in together.

I love you too, sweetheart.

I like when you call me sweetheart.

I smiled at her. She has cute little dimples and just a hint of freckles on her adorable little face.
Just remember we can’t let anyone else know what we did, or that we are in love.

But, they’ll know when we have a wedding.

Yeah, see we can’t have a wedding. If people find out I had sex with you, I would be put in jail. It has to be secret.

But, I already told my mom and my friends we are getting married some day.

Okay, they just think you are pretending. Let them think that. But, don’t tell them we had sex Okay?

Okay, hubby. That’s what I will call you. My hubby.

Shit! This wasn’t a good idea, I thought. There’s no way she will keep quiet.

So when can we get married hubby?

Um in this state it is 16, IF your parents sign off on it.
That’s forever from now.

No, that’s 6 years from now.

Yeah, forever!

It will go quickly, trust me. And it will give you time to be sure I am the man you want. Maybe you will meet a boy your age and fall in love.

I only want to love you, she says.

Okay, sweetheart. Well, let’s get you dressed and back outside before your mom comes to find you.

We no sooner started to get our clothes on, than the doorbell rang. I pulled on a pair of shorts and went to grab the door. Indeed it was Janey.

Hey Brad, have you seen Tracy? I thought she might be down here with you.

Yeah, she’s in the other room, I’ll grab her.

I went quickly to the bedroom and was zipping up her sundress when Janey walked in.

What are you too doing in here?

We’re being married, mommy. Brad is my hubby.

Did you get naked with your hubby?

Um…she looked at me. I didn’t answer. She didn’t answer.

Let me help you with your dress, baby, Janey said. But instead of zipping it the rest of the way, she unzipped it and pulled it off.

Where are your panties? she asked her naked little girl.

I don’t know, mommy. I couldn’t find them.

Janey looked at me. She does have a sexy little body doesn’t she?

My cock was hard, but my mind was rolling through all the bad things that could happen to me right now.

Janey rubbed her daughter’s butt. I’ve always loved little girls’ asses. So round and firm. She rubbed her finger along her daughter’s red swollen pussy. I see you put this to use too.
Baby, did it feel good when Brad put his cock inside your pussy?

It felt great, mommy! Oh, I’m sorry Brad. I wasn’t supposed to tell.

I was expecting Janey to scream, shoot me, call the cops. What I wasn’t expecting was her lifting her baby onto the bed and putting her face between her girls legs. She then proceeded to lick her daughter’s pussy…
I stood there watching like I was watching a movie.

Don’t just stand there gaping, she finally said to me. Fuck me!.
She pulled down her yoga pants and g string and exposed her ass and shaved pussy to me. I didn’t have to think twice. I pulled off my shorts and mounted Janey as she ate my sperm from her 10 yo daughter’s pussy.

Oh yeah, Fuck me hard as I eat my baby girl. Tracy, is it ok if your husband fucks your mommy too?

Okay, mommy. But he’s my husband though, ok? You have to get your own.

Ok, baby.


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  • Reply Peter ID:5sp1ds6ik

    I enjoyed it all especially the ending

  • Reply skimofkr ID:7xsdkem4

    The end kinda killed thisstory

  • Reply TheyCallMeNiggles ID:43z1xskzj

    Stfu gonzo nigga said “God given right” I’m almost positive that God doesn’t want little kids having sex. Reading a story is one thing but actually wanting it irl is some EDP445 shit. Also if you respond to this you’re a bitch.

    • Lily ID:43z1xskzj

      Niggles chill, ain’t nobody worried about you.

    • 6924cm ID:zddce9fia

      Chill out dude, it’s a story

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoii

    This kind of pervy shit is what daddy really likes lol! Mother daughter combo’s are the best. It is such an honor to teach a young female the art of sensual sex and foreplay. If they want it, give it to them how and when they want it.
    Never turn away an eager young female wanting to be taught about sex. It is their God given right to share their bodies and want sex. The love you get in return is amazing.

  • Reply PervyD ID:1dgdff9egv7y

    Well that took a turn lol

  • Reply Daddy needs a fuck toy ID:5u0x7ka5qj

    Keep going make a part 4

  • Reply TheyCallMeNiggles ID:43z1xskzj

    Unrealistic and unfair.