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Jack and Diane Continue

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Diane’s mind started to wonder if her brother would fuck her like Debbie. She had to plan it right. She Had to seduce him. Friday night rolled around and neither Jack or Diane had a date. Diane thought now is the time to see if she could get him. Diane asked their mom if Jack could take her to the tastee freeze for burgers and to hang with friends. She told her ask Jack and if he says yes don’t be out to long. Diane said ok. She went to his room but the door was closed and locked. She knocked lightly and heard a shuffle then give me a minute. She laughed to herself and said it’s me. Debbie opened the door naked and pulled her in and locked it back. Debbie bent over the chair and said hurry up I gotta get back home. Not needing told twice he dropped his pants back down. He then walked up behind her and shoved his 7 inches back in her . Debbie turned her head and said pound me hard and hurry up I need to feel you cum so I can. Diane kept watching and licked her lips. Seeing her brothers 7 inches plowing in and out of her smooth hairless stretched pussy was turning her on. but she had to keep calm for her plan to work cause she didn’t want anyone else to find out about it. Diane also noticed Debbie’s belly looked a little bigger. Diane had to ask have you got your brother yet. Debbie was so into Jack she said not yet. Why? Diane giggled and said no reason you may want to watch what your eating your putting on a little. Diane knew that would get he goat because Deb was into fitness like the rest of her family. About then Jack says I’m cumming and it triggered Debs.

Jack pulled out and asked Diane what she wanted. She told him and he asked if she could wait till he got a quick shower and she agreed. Jack left to shower in his and her bathroom. Diane took an opportunity to ask Deb what it was like and how it tasted. Deb said like nothing you’ve ever done before almost like a rollercoaster. And it taste so good I can’t get enough of it. Deb was sitting spread out on the edge of the bed. While Diane sat in the floor at her feet. Diane asked can I have a taste and don’t tell Jack. She said yes but before she could finish Diane went tongue first into her overflowing little pussy. Unknown to them Jack was watching he forgot his boxers and was going to get them.so he kept quiet and watched as Diane was eating his little fuck toy girlfriend out. Diane popped up and Jack moved fast as not to be seen and went to take his shower. Diane looked at Deb and said you were right. Deb to stunned to say anything didn’t hear her ask if she could have more . So Di took no answer as a yes and went back to cleaning her up Deb finally got her witts back after a good cum and pulled Di up. Telling her you have to stop your brother will be right back. Di agreed and Deb Did something that even shocked her. She kissed Di and said that was fun we should do it again and maybe she could try her. Di thought for a moment and said I’d like that.

Deb hurried and got dressed and told Di to wipe her face and was gone. Jack came out and asked what they talked about. Di said nothing just girl talk and giggled. Little did she know he saw most of what she did now he had her over a barrel. He said come on lets go it’s getting late and we won’ have long to hang out. As they left their mom yelled don’t be too late and love you. The whole way there he couldn’t get seeing Di eating Deb out of his head. He was hopping Di doesn’t see his hard on. but on the other side of the car Di was planning to tease him and maybe give him a blowjob if he would let her. Once there Di jumped out and ran to the bathroom she had to take her underwear off the fabric was wet and sticking to her. She also figured he might see it and want to try her and leave Deb alone. When she got back to the car Jack said all they had left to sale were chilli dogs. Di said it was ok then thought she could tease him by sucking on it like Deb does his dick.

Jack handed Di hers and they started eating. Di giggled and Jack turned to look. Di had her hotdog out and was sucking on it like Deb had him earlier tonight. But she was holding it up and he could see was swallowing it before pulling it back out. Jack was as hard as steel and hoped Di couldn’t see it. But she could and it only made her throat it more. She stop to look at Jack and asked him why he was staring. All he could think is you have chilli on your nose. She goes oh and wipes it off and sucks on her finger in and out slowly then said thanks for telling me. Diane got a glint in her eye Jack noticed. Jack figured he would test the waters to see if he could find out what she was up to. He said what did you and Deb really talk about. You can tell me it’s not like I can tell. Diane thought for a minute and said just girl stuff. He said I bet you were. Diane paused thinking oh crap why was I careless he saw. Jack laughed and then grinned at her. Now she was positive he saw. She said she was curious about what it tasted like and how it felt. She said I don’t know why I eat her like you do but I wanted a good taste. Jack laughed and said it was Deb she tasted too. Di had not thought of that. But it tasted really good and she asked me if we could do it again and maybe she would do me. Jack smiled and said now I have you so now we’re even. Di asked if you knew then why did you still bring me out. He told her that he loved his sister and now they’re in the same boat. Di grinned at her brother and asked if they could go non of her friends were there they must be at home maybe tomorrow we could come back and Jack agreed. On the way home Jack looked at Diane and said we have a hour or so want to ride by the lake. Diane thought sure but aren’t you afraid some one will she you riding your little sister around. He look at her and said no on will be looking in the car. They will be busy.

Diane thought again and asked doing what you and Deb do? He said yes and maybe if you want we could stop and talk. She was quick to answer yes. They pulled up and parked Jack thought and asked. Do you want to get in the backseat? Before he could finish the question Di was in the back. She’d heard from the older girls what boys do to them in the backseats of their cars. Once in the backseat Diane looked right Jack and asked can I try a blowjob like Deb does for you I really want to taste what it’s like. Jack said your my sister. It’s wrong enough you watching but touching is something different. Diane still had more on him then him on her. She said mom might get mad at me for licking Deb but she might cut your dick off for having sex with a little girl. Jack knew she had him there . So he told her ok and leaned up and took his pants off. She asked where is your boxers. He told her that was what he was going to get when he saw her and Deb. He said he didn’t put any on. Diane leaned over and grabbed his dick and it jumped. She giggled and thought now or never. She just went down and started to sucking like she saw Deb do.

Jack Had He stop for a sec. and asked is she would take her clothes off too. She thought it’s only fair but told Jack. I don’t have the starting of boobs like Deb and no sprouts of hair. He told her it was fine you are still beautiful that I just have to see. So she stripped and sat back down and all Jack could do was stare. She asked him what he thought. He looked her over and asked her to spread her lower lips. She did and her pussy looked so tight and wet it made his mouth water. he asked her if he could lick her. Di said please a little nervously. So there they are in the backseat of Jackie’s car. He knew she was loving it cause she was breathing hard and calling him Jackie like when she was littler and wanted something. Know he knew what she wanted and that was a good cum. Jacks animal instinct took over and he forgot it was his sister. Before he thought he had ripped through her hymen and was ball deep. Once the fog cleared he was thinking oh shit I’m fucking my sister. He went to pull out and Diane stopped him. She said it was ok she was hoping he would do this and man it hurt but was starting to feel good. She loosened her grip and saw the clock. She said Jackie I want this but we need to be faster we will be to late getting home. Jack took that as him que and started pumping fast and hard. Diane screamed I’m cumming and Jack said me too. He ask if she was having periods and she said not that I know of. She cam again and Jack cam too right inside his 11 yr. old sister.

Jack pulled out and saw a little blood and told her not to worry she might be sore in the morning. But when we get home if you soak in tub in hot water it will help some that’s what Deb told him. They cleaned up and talked while getting dressed. Diane has had a little bit of the birds and bees talk. So she looked a Jack and asked Don’t you think Debs tummy is getting a little bigger. You know she’s not teased her brother yet. Jack said yeah but she doesn’t have periods yet. Diane thought and said you 2 have been going at it for months now and as much as you 2 have sex she might not have one. Then she giggled. Jack’s heart hit he’s feet. Diane looked at him and said I don’t care I still love you and in love with you I think I can share with my brother and best friend. When they got home their mom ask how was your night. She saw Diane was walking a little funny and got hot thinking back to he younger day with their uncles but wasn’t mad. She hoped Jack took precautions. With that everyone went to bed but Diane she soaked for a while then she too turned in. Tomorrow was going to be a hell storm but no one knew it yet not even Deb.

Diane woke supper horny. She thought it’s Saturday and mom sleeps in on the weekends. She slipped down to Jacks room and slipped in. He was laying on his back morning wood sticking straight up she licked her lips. She slept with no panties so it wouldn’t bother her. Once close she lifted the covers and climbed up over him. Once lined up she sank down on his dick. Jacks eyes shot open and Diane held a finger to his lips saying mom is still sleeping and she would be quick. He laid his head back and Diane picked up the pace till they both cam. They cleaned up and Jack said We need to be careful so mom don’t find out. They didn’t know she was watching and went to the kitchen. They came down stairs to mom cooking pancakes. She looked at the kids and said I know you 2 are going to be hungry and winked at Diane. She turn red and Jack damn near shit. Their mom giggled and said I don’t care we’ll talk about it later. She looked at Diane and reached down by her knee and wiped at something. Thier mom put it in her mouth and said that tasted good. Then at the kid and said if your going to be fucking around clean up better. While they ate mom looked at them and asked how long and was it just an urge and looked at Jack and said or did he rape her. They told her everything but left out Deb and told their mom they are truly in love and wanted to marry when they are old enough.

Their mom looked at Diane and told her you should have used a condom. Di asked why. Her mom told her women in their family had little to no bleeding if they had a period. Again Diane questioned. Her mom said you had your first at 10 but you only bled a little so she figured she had a while before she started having sex. Mom said she would call a Dr. friend of hers and get Diane checked. It was after noon when the shit hit the fan and everything they told their mom and left out a lot. They would have to fill in. The Debs mom call and asked to speak to their mom. The conversation went I’m calling the police you pos son raped my daughter and got her pregnant. She woke this morning sick and throwing up so she went to the hospital. The lady doctor there said she’d keep it quiet for now but she needed to get back with what Debs mom wanted to do. Debbie broke and told everything. Jacks mom said call the doctor back and tell her it’s taken care of. Then come over here so we can fix this mess our kids made.

Once Debs mom stopped call Jack a rapist the moms started to solve the problem. Jack and Diane’s mom explained everything. she also told Debs mom Di might be pregnant too. So they set their plain in motion. They sold their houses and all moved away together where Jack married Debbie with her cute belly poking out and Diane with her just starting to show.

So there is the rest of the ditty about Jack and Diane. He never became a football star and Diane never a debutant. But Jack became the best husband to his wives and best father to his children.
The End?

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