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Bollywood Erotica – Aashiq Banaya XX

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Tanushree moaned lazily, “It’s sore, Emran. Stop,”

Tanushree felt a surge of emotions which started as a warm fuzzy feeling in her heart and transformed into a raw desire. She followed him as he went down the stairs, pushed him against the wall, and threw her anticipating body on him. Driven by her primal desire, she pulled his face down and kissed him like never before.

Emran was taken aback by her attack. His lips parted as she deepened the kiss, her actions awakening a beast within himself. His tongue tangled with hers as he yearned for more than just a hot kiss. He trailed his fingers down her face through her frail neck till he pushed down the strap of her top over her shoulder. He broke the kiss despite her protests.

He kissed the sweet spot between her neck and shoulder, making her toes curl. Her nipples turned hard upon feeling his godly body, and they ached for him to play with them. At that moment, she knew she would do anything to have his cock inside her.

Emran’s repeated kisses and bites on her neck sent shivers of anticipation through her body. She unknowingly pulled Emran’s head into herself, wanting more of his animalistic invasion.

“Emran!” she whispered into his ears. Emran took this as a sign to take things upstairs. He wrapped her legs around him, and she latched onto him hungrily as he explored her neck over and over again. He wanted to mark her with his hickeys.

“Everyone should know you’re off limits,” he said between his bites. The dirty talk was driving Tanushree crazy. “Please take me to the room,” she begged.

As soon as they entered her room, he set her down on her feet. He removed her top and dropped it on the floor while looking into her eyes. His eyes trailed down to her full breasts, hiding under a lacy red bra. As he stalked towards her slowly, she moved away till she fell back on her bed. He then pulled her skirt down, exposing her red thongs.

Admiring the beauty that lay coyly before him, he bent down slightly to trail his ring finger lazily across her sexy abdomen. She had started sweating, probably from the excitement of being completely helpless. A drop of sweat flowed down her neck through her cleavage, between her plump breasts, and disappeared inside her navel. Her navel had a small diamond piercing that stole his breath away.

He grabbed two pieces of clothing that caught his eye and tied each of her hands to the bed’s headrest. He climbed on top of her, held her curvy waist, and bent down to explore the navel piercing. He licked the opening of her navel repeatedly till she pulled him closer by wrapping her leg tightly around him. Biting and pulling at the navel stud, he made her shout his name.

When his shoulder bumped against her core, he felt her arousal, igniting another fire of desire inside him.
With a single tuck, Emran got rid of her thong, leaving Tanushree’s pussy bare to his eyes. He went crazy seeing her cream on her smooth inner thighs. Tanushree watched helplessly as his hungry eyes calculated how to devour her. He took her ass in his hands and squeezed them till the pleasure hit her core, making her drip more. Seeing this, he bent down and took her clit inside his mouth, flicking it with his tongue.

“Emran!” Tanushree shouted upon feeling his tongue on her most intimate area.

Tanushree moaned as he repeated his actions but showed no sign of making her come. She started gyrating her hips against his mouth in a desperate attempt to finish. But Emran firmly held her by her butt cheeks, keeping her from moving and reaching her release. Her breasts shook as she arched her back, wanting his skilled hands to knead her aching nipples and ease the pain.

Emran slowly loosened Tanushree’s red bra and left it on her shoulder. Her nipples were so hard that they reminded him of his erection hidden under his pants. He rubbed his aching dick and stood up to get rid of his pants.

Tanushree was astonished seeing Emran’s long and thick male part, which was sure to stretch her mouth and pussy well. She couldn’t wait to run the tip of her tongue along the folds of his meat and taste his precum.

“Untie me. I have to taste you, Emran,” Tanushree told eagerly.

“Not yet. I am not done with you,” Emran bent down and took one of her nipples in his mouth, and kneaded the other with his hands. With his other hand, he fingered a sweet spot in her clit.

“Faster, Emran! Faster! Please be faster. Oh god!” Tanushree screamed as Emran repeated his actions enthusiastically. He fingered her clit and sucked her nipples faster, letting her climax hard, shouting out his name. He bent down and parted her thighs to drink her cum.

“You taste like ice cream. That too of my favorite flavor – vanilla. I want more. So I will make you cum again.” Tanushree lay on the bed panting while Emran untied her. He repositioned her such that her head hung outside the bed now.

“You wanted my dick. Suck it now,” Emran commanded.

Through the hangover of her violent climax, she pulled his dick into her mouth and held it at the base. Emran set the rhythm as he moved up and down repeatedly. The warmth of her mouth and the sight of her naked body made him harder. But he wasn’t ready to come, not without feeling the insides of her pussy with his dick.

He took his dick outside her mouth and made her lie on the bed before climbing on top of her. He locked her hands on top of her head and moved his hips, teasing her pussy with his dick. Her breasts moved up and down like before, but her nipples were rosy from his onslaught. He bent down, took the left nipple in his mouth, and sucked at it harshly.

Tanushree moaned lazily, “It’s sore, Emran. Stop,” but his dick could feel her arousal. So he paid no heed to her cries. He then angled his dick to enter her dripping pussy while looking into her eyes. He pushed open her thighs and filled her hole with his dick, making her scream in pleasure.


Tanushree’s moans got louder as he moved his dick in and out. She was close to her second climax. Emran was fighting his own climax because he wanted more of her. He didn’t want this to end. But his natural instinct pushed, and he increased the speed of his movement.

Tanushree moaned louder, and Emran took her mouth in his to quieten her. She cried into Emran’s mouth when she climaxed again and fell back tired on the bed. Seeing her climax pushed Emran’s own climax, and the lovers lay entangled in sweat. Soon they dozed off due to tiredness.

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