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Janine cont

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Janine.. Punishment.. On a whole new level

Janine heard the door open.. And went to cover herself up.
I said don’t move..
But please sir..
Don’t move..
Janine started to weep, but stood holding the skirt around her waist..
The door shut.. Has someone walked into the room and approached janine..she could feel some one staring at her..standing right behind her..
Then soft cool fingers touched the red welts over her quivering naked ass cheeks.
Long nails grazed them making her lift up on her to toes in pain..
The hands moved down cupping both cheeks pulling them apart.. A foot pushed her legs apart as far as the knickers would allow.. Making them bite into her thighs..
She felt fingers trace between her cheeks going lower till they touched her inflamed virgin pussy.. One finger entered easily.. Opening her a sharp nail flickering off her tender walls..
Very very nice work.. You have punished her well.. A ladies voice spoke close to her ear..
The other hand wound its way around her body.. Finding her sensitive clit and started to rub it as another finger joined the other one inside her..
The wetness was no running down her legs..
What a slut you are…a thumb pressed between her ass and pushed its way into her tight rose bud..
She could feel the fingers meet together fucking her.. Making her knees go weak she had played with her self many times, but the fingers inside her where very experienced and soon an orgasm ripped through her tiny young body..
What a total slut…. Suddenly the fingers where pulled out and a hard hot pole was between her ass… I pushing against her hands holding her cheeks wide.. The head of a cock forced inside her.. The pain made her cry out as it invaded slowly all the way inside it felt like a red hot poker thrusting up her ass.. She was lifted off the floor by the invader and forced against the wall.. As is started to slowly retreat then return the pain was back.. As it fucked and opened her up the her nerve endings fighting to remove it trying to push it out..
The headmasters voice.. What a slut her ass is so fucking tight.. Help me move her..
Janine feet where off the floor as she her self being moved backwards towards the desk.. With the cock in her ass.. Lodged in so she could not move.. Arms wrapped around her chest..
Finally her head master was sitting on the desk his hands holding her tight onto his lap.
Stood in front of her was her house master Miss Regan . A tall Irish red headed woman.. With glinting eyes…. She looked at janine like a spider who had just found a juicy fly.. In her hand a sharp pair of scissors..
You won’t be needing these she said and she reached down cutting through legs of janines under wear and letting them drop to the floor.. And spreading janines legs apart so they where either side of the sturdy legs of the head master..
She reached in and forced two fingers back into the virgin cunt before her.. As the headmaster lifted and slammed her down on his cock..

To be continued?

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    More please . Can’t wait.to hear about her getting fucked and filled with baby making co k juice .

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    part please