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Sweet sixteen

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A 23 years old cock penetrate a sixteen years old virgin pussy

I am Shaded, hot sex oriented person. Engineer by profession. My age is 23. I am not a pro but I have gone through some super adventurous sex in my life for which I think I am lucky. I like to meet women in Facebook or Skype and have hot conversation. Be passionate while reading the story as it is a slow pace real like hot story! Every bit of it is true. No more time wasting! straight to the story.

Her name were Aisha, a beautiful young girl from the village. She was just 16 when this happened. She was the youngest daughter of my relative uncle. I have been seeing her for a long time as she is much younger than me. She was cute and hot. I just wanted her badly.

On the occasion of the marriage ceremony of my relative I went to their place. At that time she was just getting her youth. She was looking so sexy that I just couldn’t resist myself from looking at her. I looked in her eyes, at her boobs and everywhere possible. She also catches my eyes moving over her but didn’t say anything. She just gave me cute and naughty smile and continued to do usual things and going with usual conversation with me.

Things became at my favor at the night following the marriage ceremony. I told them that I will return to the place of my uncle as I don’t like too much crowd. I had a headache. Some of my other relatives also wanted to back at the night. It was almost 9 ‘O ‘ clock at the night and it was dark village path. My uncle’s place was at a walking distance from the place where the marriage ceremony took place. We started to walk back to home.

Now the real thing happened. We all were walking in the dark. All other cousins used to the village road just passed before me and I was following them. I eventually got at the side Aisha. I often and often touched her hand in the dark and acted it happened as an accident. But after some time she started to touch back. I was a bit nervous but held her hand. Her hand was so soft and smooth. Slowly and intentionally we fall back from others and they didn’t notice what is happening as it was dark. I asked her does she like me? She responded with shy smile that she does it from the time she was a girl. I was surprised as I had no idea that I had already got into her mind unknowingly!

In the following night I was just watching TV. There was no one in that room and she came to me. She came slowly and she was shy. She told me to meet in the outside. She told me that there was no one outside. But if someone finds us alone in the room, we both will get into trouble. She went out. I followed her after sometime making sure that no one else can see us both going out at the same side at the dark! Now we meet a little bit distance place so that no one can see us.

It was dark outside and there were hay piles to hide for. I meet her and held her hands. She also held mine tightly. I just got some bulge in my pants and I didn’t wore any underwear. We just talked some emotional things of love. After that I held her near me. She was shy and trying to resist me. But she was weaker than me and I just took her face closer to me and plant a kiss on her lips. It was French kiss. While kissing I touched her boobs on her dress. She didn’t have a bra under her dress. May be she was too young! I got an electric shock. She seemed to have the same! She had so so… smooth. As I fondled it, her breathing seeded up and she just told me to leave her as this is the first time. But I was in no mood to leave as my tool was ready to do everything and hard like a rock. It will now tear pass any resistance.

I continued to rub her boobs and felt her nipples got erect slowly and she was not protesting my advancement any more. I felt she was mine to take not. I just pulled her dress and took it out of her body. She moved her hand over her boobs because of shyness. I sat on the hay and took her on my lap. I kissed her forehead and lips and slowly took her hands away from her boobs. I got the nice feeling of touching a tender boob which is small and smooth. This was the cutest pair of teen boobs I had seen till the time of the encounter. I was the first man touching her boobs. Her boobs were standing upright with erect nipples. I just couldn’t resist me from sucking her boobs. I made her lay on the hay pile and got on top of her. I just sucked her nipples. I though I was not going to haven. My tool was becoming an iron under my pants and I was becoming more crazy for having her completely.

I continued sucking her boobs and I gave some bite out of sex excitement. She moaned out of pain of my biting. Her boobs got some bite mark I guess. Her boobs was so tender that I was in no mood leaving it undone. I made her more comfortable by massaging her back and waist while sucking. She was so much excited that she was just moving her legs in the air and moaning slowly. May be she held her moaning slow so that no one can hear us. When she got more excited, I just pulled her not of her pajama and took it out a bit. She again tried to resist me a bit. But I gave no chance as I knew in-spite of her shyness she wants this.

I took out her pajama with almost no effort. There were no panty below it. I saw her nice, cute vagina. May be it was dark night with a very little light made things more enjoyable and sexy. I became mad looking at her nice vagina with a little public hair. I started kissing her lower lips. She also almost became mad and pulled my hair and held me tight on her vagina. Meanwhile I didn’t stop fondling her boobs. I was touching her boobs and belly while I kiss her in her lower private part. She was so wet! My mouth was just getting wet of her juice. I enjoyed kissing those beautiful vagina lips. Now I started sucking her. She was moaning and shacking like hell. She became so hot that maybe she didn’t know what to do! But I knew I will have her completely today. I sucked her vagina for sometime more and made her ready for the next adventure.

I made her open my pants and take out my tool. She was shy but she obliged as she was in haven out of the pleasure I have given her. I showed her the way of divine pleasure. I told her to open her mouth and gave my tool in her mouth. She looked like she will vomit but she didn’t. She sucked my tool as I told and I almost came out of pleasure. I told her to stop and took my tool out of her.

Now I made her lay on the hay again and took on top of her. I sucked her for sometime more and put my tools on her entrance. I had no condom on! I teased her for sometime with my tool. I just fondled her nice ass while teasing her vagina. Then I laid on her and started to suck her nipples again to give her desire even boost. Then I keep my mouth on her lips and started kissing. Then all on a sudden I applied huge pressure. She tried to scream but my kissing prevented her from it. Little portion of my tool went into her.

I continued my mission. I just gave some more push. But she was a virgin and it was not so easy to enter her. She was so tight! But all the time I kissed her lips to prevent her from screaming. I felt like I touched her seal. She tried to remove me from top of her. But I held her tight. I held her waist and gave a huge jerk and my tools got passed her membrane and made her a women! I was in haven but she was crying out of pain. I stopped moving for sometime. She seemed to settle a bit and her crying seemed to stop.

I told her that now you will enjoy. At the first time every women bears that pain I have given to her. I started to move my tools in and out of her and fondle her boobs. I also sucked them. Eventually I increased the speed of fuck. Her breathing started to speed up. She came for the first time of her life while fucking. She started moaning more loudly. I fucked her for almost 20 minutes. She had multiple orgasm. At the end I started to fuck her vigorously and fondled her boobs with more pressure. At the end we came at the same time. I loaded her vagina with my cum.

After the fucking I rested on her body for sometime and then got up. I took my tool out of her body. It was covered with cum and blood. I was happy. She seemed to be happy. But she had a little bit pain as this was her first time. After the fucking she went home to clean up. I just washed mine to clean up myself in nearby pond. Then I went to the nearby city and took i-pill and some other medicine for her to avoid her pregnancy and reduce her pain. We both had a lot of fucking sessions.

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    why does this site attract so many ESL idiots?

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    I actually dated a cute 16 year-old girl when I was 23. Unfortunately we never had sex.

    • Redx ID:dvyrjpifij

      That could be a perfect fuck

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    Too make spelling mistakes and errors in grammar. At 16 she should have been bred several times.

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    Lots of spelling mistakes and not hot