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Waiting all my life(NOT REAL)

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i remember it so well the day my intersex sister took my virginity I bloomed early having nice perky tits and I got horny alot I was 13 and she was 15

I remember when I Selena Williams first bloomed my tits were b cup and my things were thick not to mention I got my mom’s looks Carmel skin nice thick wavy jet black hair and my dad’s navy eyes

My sister Camren Williams on the other hand was born a girl with a dick she took my dad’s sharp jaw line honey golden skin and dick last time I saw it was when she flashed it at me while I was in the shower and she was pissing me being a math need 8.6inches what it looked like but I was 11 and she was 13 so it might’ve gotten bigger.

She was a douche who played football and it might seem wrong but just like every girl at school I have a crush on her the cut of her eyebrow and the contagious smile and wavy brown hair.

But she’s my sister summer 2018 was the year, while her and my dad were doing football workouts or whatever me and my mom were baking.

I remember dinner was wired because while mom and dad were in the kitchen getting desert she cupped my pussy and kisses my neck and laughed at my red face I told my mom it was nothing when she asked.

That night they went to the neighbors house for a drink right after said they would be gone for a couple hours, I watched TV before taking a shower it got weirder when she got in the shower with me and then I knew she did grow 10.5 she whispered in my ear pressing it against me I got wet and not from the shower.

She kissed my neck again before washing up and getting out wrapping a towel around her waist since she barley had boobs.

U cleaned up and ended up having a enjoyable session with the shower head I dried off and moisturized I settled on just a bra and shorts it was hit to no panties for me.

I watched YouTube before dozing off to fantasizing about Camren I woken up to a loud moan set and warm sensations on my pussy I lifted the tin sheet seeing camren eating me out like baked macaroni.

I moaned and threw my head back as her thick long tongue entered my sacred hole that no family member should touch it was forbidden but Camren was know to not care.

She worked her tongue and played with my clit and something washed over me my stomach coiled my Walls tightened and my body tensed I had just orgasmed to my SISTER!!

“God you’ve changed so much Selena as perverted as it sounds the team always talks about your young hot body and I do to God even dad does mom and dad have been watching for me to do this and I’ve been to”

“It’s against the law and wrong get out please”

She hit her lip kissing me my first kiss to be exact I kissed back out tongues danced together before the door opened my mom’s nd dad entered Camden moved off of my bed and dad moved next to me his rough big hand caressed my cunt he smiled.

“It’s time I trust you to go along after this we’ll be on a farm like you s dreamed of lots of animals but if you don’t do this no farm you wouldn’t want that”

“No daddy” I shook my head he smiled and kissed my cheek “let Camren take care if you baby”

I nodded And they left soon after the house Camren smiled at me “I hope your ready your big sister is gonna take care of you”

I nodded she got on top of me kissing me everywhere “take care of me can take care of your little sister”

She nodded and Pulled off her clothes and I unclipped my bra I was doing something that could get me in jail that was wrong I was about to let my sister fuck me claim me she was gonna enter a place were no brother uncle sister cousin or Dad should ever be.

We started missionary she slowly entered me every inch stretching me she kept doing it until a small girlish moan came out of me along with “faster please cam hard please” she took that as a go to ram me.

My boobs flopped around moans were coming out loud I grabbed her face kissing her it was beyond amazing having something big in you.

“Your so right sis” she grunted on hand on my thig the other on my neck choking me, “please cam I’m gonna cum please baby” I choked out..

She but her flipped me to my stomach she had my ass in her hands ramming and her words sent me to the edge coming so hard that I was floating in space.

“I promise one day I gonna breed your tight little pussy baby sis”

I had no time to come down from my high before her cock was stuffed into my mouth quickly overflowing I sucked and lcimed every drop of semen of her dick and my body.

I laid in her arms happy than ever my body and mind was happy “I love you so much cam” she kissed my forehead

“I love you to baby sis

Maybe a part 2 when there on a farm and 19 and 21 ready for kids idk hope you like THIS IS NOT A REAL STORY GUYS but I do enjoy my STEP Brothers love spiecal special love lol

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  • Reply Cumgulper ID:muivmg0hm

    Nice story and unfortunately it’s step brothers
    (still wonderful). Keep enjoying them.
    Bring us some more chapters please.

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

    Thanks for writing an Intersex story. Not a lot of those out there to read.

    • Satansslut ID:4ke8j2ozj

      Your welcome I’ve noticed that to stick around I’ll be writing alot more