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Simone Part 7 – Daddy’s girl

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It would be a while before I could rape Simone again, but I had trapped her pretty neighbour Lena, on the floor above, and she was my new fuck-toy

I slept an uneasy sleep with thoughts of Simone and Lena racing through my head. I had dreamt of Lena’s father, of how I had made him suck my cock before I fucked him in the ass. I had never had a dream about sex with a guy before, and as I broke past his sphincter in my dream, I woke with a start.

Lena was no longer lying beside me, but had managed to wriggle up the bed where she was sitting against the headboard with her knees tucked under her chin. She was staring at me and I realise with shock I had removed my ski mask. Or had she done it despite having her hands tied?

“I know you,” She said, “I saw you downstairs on Saturday. We passed in the hall.”

“You are mistaken,” I protested, “I was not here on Saturday.” I could see the knowledge in her eyes. She knew I was lying. This was going to be a real issue.

I said nothing more and left her sitting on the bed whilst I went to find my phone. I still had to call in sick and it was already 6.30 a.m. I made the call from the bathroom so Lena could not hear me. My boss was ok about my call and I informed her that I would be going to the doctors later and would let her know how things were.

Now it was time to set things up with Lena, but first I needed to piss. I thought about having a quick piss as I was in the bathroom already, but as Lena’s mouth was still available, I went back into the bedroom. She looked at me with that defiant tilt of the head again. Her eyes were so beautiful, and that red hair. I just had to get my cock back into that face right now. She beat me to it:

“I need to pee,” she said. “If I don’t go soon I will wet the bed. You probably want to pee in my mouth again, but I won’t last that long. My bladder really hurts and I am about to let go. Please!” She added.

“Ok!” I said, “Come with me,” and I firstly untied her legs then took her arm to help her naked body from the bed. I led her to the bathroom and sat her on the toilet. Her bladder opened at once and I could hear the rush of piss splashing into the bowl. I placed my limp dick into her mouth, waited until she closed her lips around it, and then let flow. She gulped and gulped but I was in full flow, and much dripped from the corners of her mouth and over her chin. The sight of my piss dripping down her chin and running over her beautiful tits really turned me on. As my flow ebbed and the last few spurts found thei9r way into her stomach, I pulled out a little and then pushed back in. I squeezed the last drops from my cock and started a rhythmic in and out, slowly fucking her mouth as my prick started to harden.

“Give me your hands.” I said, and as she raised her bound wrists, I worked on the knots in the tights to free her. Once her hands were free, I guided them to my prick and balls, and told her to get to work on me. “Wank me bitch. Wank my cock into your face and stroke my balls. You fuck-face is no longer the property of your fucking daddy, but is now mine. I get to fuck this face anytime and anywhere I want, is that clear?” She nodded her head and gave a small “Mmmmm” mumbled over my thrusting cock, which was now pushing deep into her throat. What the fuck, I thought, I may as well cum in that pretty face one more time before getting down to other business that I needed to discuss with Lena.

She sensed my change in rhythm and could probably feel the tension building in my balls. I was coating her tongue and the insides of her mouth with pre-cum, and I was almost ready to blow my load down her throat. Then to my surprise, she slid both hands round onto my ass and started encouraging me to fuck her harder, deeper, and as my balls slapped against her chis I let blow. I was at full penetration when the first spray of spunk shout directly into her throat, and I held it there, buried balls-deep as wave after wave of pleasure went through my body. With each wave of pleasure, I sent more seed into Lena’s beautiful face. Until finally spent, I slipped from her mouth.

With her oral duty done, I expected her to try to stand up from the toilet, but instead she held onto my ass cheeks and moved her face back to my now limp cock. Instead of taking me back into her mouth, she started to lick at my prick and then down to my balls. She moved her right hand from my ass to pull back my foreskin so she could lick around the base of my glans. She was cleaning me, and I was already starting to harden again. I pulled my cock away and took her chin in my right hand to tillt her face up to look at me.

“Get showered,” I said, “you are filthy and stink of piss.” She made no response, but simply stood and went into the glass cubicle behind me. I sat down onto the toilet. I sat admiring her beauty through the glass of the shower, as the now running water splashed of her breasts, and ran like a stream across her tummy and her glorious virgin cunt. She flipped the cap on a shower gel bottle and squeezed some into her hand. The smell of roses filled the air and as she lathered the soap into her firm teen body, my prick was throbbing and stood to attention against my belly button. Jesus, I could fuck this girl all day. Just the sight of her young body, pale skinned and fresh would keep me hard for months, I thought. However, for now it was time to talk.

“What time do you expect that shitty father of yours?” I asked, she was now washing her hair and had her eyes squeezed tightly shut to avoid getting shampoo in her eyes. She spat water from her mouth and responded in just three short words: “Around twelve, why?”

“Because,” I started, “I want to meet him. I am going to let that filthy piece of shit know that he must never touch you again. By the time I have finished with him, he will be eating out of your hand will not be putting his tiny cock anywhere near your mouth or any other parts of your body.”

Lena actually started to giggle, and the youth of that giggle reminded me again that this thing of beauty was a mere seventeen years old. “What’s so funny?” I asked, intrigued by her calmness in my presence. A man who had now twice face fucked her and pissed into her mouth. “How did you know my father has a tiny cock?” she responded. “It’s like a little stubby mushroom,” she continued, chuckling once again. “Even when he is fully erect it barely reaches even my tonsils, let alone my throat. Yesterday and today is the first time I felt a cock in my actual throat. Also, when you cum it floods me. I have work to swallow it. When he comes, it’s like someone spit into my mouth. And he tastes foul. Even your piss tastes better than his cum. But seriously, you can’t be here when he comes and there is no way you should try and scare him off. Look, I will let you use me whenever you want. You can fuck my face and piss into my throat like it’s a toilet. And look, once that turd has broken my virginity you can even fuck my pussy, too. But without his cock I have no way to pay for my life. It’s a shitty task I have sucking him every two weeks, but for the cash I get, I can take it. Even fucking him later if that’s what it takes”

For a moment, I was speechless. This pretty young girl was in fact as cold as ice. She was genuinely willing to service her own father for a life of luxury. However, she had misunderstood my intentions, and I now explained my plan in exact detail, starting by asking even more questions about her father. By the time I was finished explaining, she had finished showering, had turned off the water, but more importantly, she was ecstatic. She slid the shower door open and grabbed for a towel hanging net to the door.

“No!” I said, “Stay in there. We are still not finished.” She looked at me quizzically, tilting here head in that beautiful manner as her emerald-green eyes stared at me. “What’s next?” She asked. “Give me the showerhead.” I responded and once she handed it to me, I unscrewed the head and handed it back to her whilst keeping the hose in my left hand. “Hang that back up,” I continued indicating the showerhead in her hand, “Then turn round and bend over.” I expected a question or a protest, but there was none. She simply hung the showerhead back in the cradle, turned and bent over, presenting me her perfect round ass, which I instinctively started to fondle with my right hand. I parted the cheeks a little and looked at her perfect anal bud and the puffy lips of her virgin cunt. I parted these a little and allowed my middle finger to slip just a tiny way inside that wonderful cunt hole. She gasped, and I felt it was from a sense of pleasure rather than fear or surprise. Neither of these two beautiful holes were going to be used by anyone but me, and they were going to be fucked and abused well ahead of Lena’s eighteenth birthday, just not right now, as hard as it was to resist.

I now turned on the water to just a slight flow and adjusted it until the water felt warn on my hand. I did not want to burn either of my new fuck-holes, but one of them needed to be cleaned from the inside. I aimed the slow flow of water at Lena’s butt hole, and allowed the flow of water to loosen her a little, before inserting the tip of the shower hose into her anus. “Just tell me the second the pressure builds up and feels too high, or if it starts to hurt.” I said. “Aha,” she replied, nodding her head and resting her hands onto her knees.

I could not resist, and as the warm water slowly filled her bowels, I once again parted those glorious pussy lips and started teasing her clit with my fingers. She groaned and actually pushed back onto my hand. It took all of my willpower not to stick my throbbing dick into that moist fuck hole that was now responding to my fingers with juice and a clear gorging of blood into the inner lips. My prick was literally just centimetres away from heaven, and I actually push the tip of my glans to Lena’s pussy. She actually pushed back, willing me to penetrate her, even whispering, “Do it, fuck me!” I pushed a little deeper and the head of my cock popped into her fuck hole. One push and this virgin hole would be no more, and I knew there and then that I would have done it had Lena not reached up to the tap and turned off the flow of water into her ass.

“It hurts now.” She whispered. “Please take it out.” “Okay,” I responded, “Stand up but keep your butt clenched. The water needs to stay in there for a while.” She obeyed, standing up straight and turning to face me. “I’m sorry,” She said in a tiny child’s voice. “I couldn’t take anymore, but you can fuck me later, once this water is out. How long does it need to stay in for?” What amazed me was she had not asked why it needed to be there at all. “Just a few minutes,” I responded, “and in the meantime, you can help me with this.” I said, pushing her face down to my raging cock. She did not resist, and simply opened her mouth to engulf my dick in her throat.

There was nothing gentle about what I did to her now. I pumped my cock as hard and as fast as I could deep into her throat. The angle of her bending over, meant I was pushing directly up into her face and so could use the backs of my forearms to force her fully down onto my cock, which was extremely close to spraying yet another load into Lena’s waiting throat. She also sensed I was close and took my balls in her right hand, but her willingness to take my seed changed to panic as I forced my cock balls deep into her throat and held it there. I used my full bodyweight to prevent her from escaping the choking piece of man-meat buried deep in her face. I held and held, waiting for that magical moment when her throat would start gulping for air and her mind would realise she was dying. She began pounding at my thighs with balled fists and her throat muscles started to grasp and push at my cock. Oh the glee of that feeling, and then I blew my entire load into her throat.

“Take it you filthy whore. Eat my spunk you filthy cunt, you filthy cum-whore.” I hissed and pushed even harder on the back of her head. It was then that I heard the first telling fart and splash of water into the shower tray. It was time. I let her free and snapped her head back sharply by her hair. She was crying and grasping for air, and I simply spat into her face and started rubbing my spunk-smeared cock across her mouth and face, wanking the last few drops of cum into her mouth. “Swallow it, bitch!” I hissed. “Do you like your new cum-giver, you whore? Do you love your new daddy?” She did not respond so I spat into her face and slapped her across her left cheek. “Answer me you fucking cock sucking bitch. Do you love your new daddy?” “Yes.” She sobbed. “Yes what?” I demanded and slapped her again. “Yes, daddy.” She responded, knowing that was the only answer that would stop then next slap. “Now get on the toilet and empty your ass of water and shit you filthy bitch. When you are done, get back in the shower and repeat the process. Do that at least another two times. Rinse your bowels clean so that your new daddy can butt-fuck you without getting shit on his dick.” and it was then that there was no room for doubt in Lena’s mind why I was giving her a home-made enema.

I left her to it, knowing she would obey me, and went into the lounge to phone my doctor. I still had a lot to do today, and I had not forgotten about Simone.

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  • Reply HH

    You have to support people to continue doing what they do and telling stories, hopefully soon sex with someone younger will be normalized

    • 🙄

      Your gross

  • Reply SomoneWAYtooYoung

    Okay Im a girl and I need to understand, why men ALWAYS demand we swallow, like.. its really gross, and warm, and, its not like they even swallow ours..

    • T

      @SomoneWAYtooYoung let me know if you have Gmail,Kik or snap. I will tell you why

    • M. Lovdahl

      It is a a girl or woman’s duty to make sure a man or boys seed is not wasted. It goes in her cunt ,on her body or in her mouth and throat . So someone way too long accept your place pleasing men it is your place in this world

    • Night Hawk

      Which of the two swallowing are you talking about? Spunk or piss? Or both?


    Great Story Do More Parts

  • Reply anonymous

    Keep it up, a few spelling errors, but nothing to compromise the story

    • Night Hawk

      Hey, thanks for the comment! Could you point some of those mistakes out to me so I can see what’s going on? I feel there might be some auto-correcton issues there.

  • Reply 6924cm

    Keep going dude, this is fucking hot.

  • Reply 6924cm

    Keep going dude, this is fucking hot.

    • Night Hawk

      Still alot to come dude. Maybe not as quickly as the first parts, but still much to cover.