I’m at college just now and I really fancy this guy

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This guy I fancy at college, I can’t think about anything else apart from him I really do fancy him,

I was at college studying certain subjects.
While I was there I really fancied this guy I couldn’t think about anything else apart from him.
I had it so bad.
I’m female I’m 21 years old single. And I was still a virgin, yeah I’m afraid to admit it but I was still a virgin.
I had only kissed two different guys before now,
The first guy I kissed wouldn’t stop trying to get his hands down inside my knickers.
The second guy was just as bad pulling my bra away from my boobs or trying to put his hand down inside my knickers or putting my hand down between his legs.
Yeah that’s what they were like.
I didn’t realise that’s what most guys tried with girls.
But since I been at college and seen this guy I haven’t been with anyone else
I’m really wanting him so badly I couldn’t think about anything else.
It was affecting me if I was being honest with myself I was so stupid.
It was the last day of term we were stopping for the summer holiday’s
We were in the bar just across the road from the college I had went with people from my class.
Sitting there having drinks having a laugh that we don’t have to go back for seven weeks,
We were all enjoying ourselves drinking lots
I got up and went to the toilet and I seen that guy sitting with other guys from the same college as me I knew one of them he was with.
I went to the toilet going back out I went over to talk to the guy I knew he’s talking to me asking me what I was doing after this I’m saying that I was going home.
He’s saying that let’s call him Grant,
Grant was going back home and he lived in the same area as me asking him if he could give me a lift home in his car.
He’s said yes that’s ok I’ll get you outside in an hour.
I’m saying thanks as I’m walking back to the table on cloud 9 I was so excited about being with him in the same car.
I’m looking at my watch I’m finished my drink and I’m going out I’m standing there for a couple of minutes.
Grant comes out Saying hi
He’s asking me where I lived he’s saying that he’s only half an hour from there
We got into the car and he’s left the carpark and we are going back home.
He’s decided to go back home using the back road it’s basically a country road in the middle of nowhere that nobody else uses.
We were going up the hill it was dark the road was a winding road lot’s of them.
Anyway I’m saying how dark it is now he’s saying yes it’s a nightmare on this road.
I’m saying I’m sorry but I really need to pee I should have went to the toilet before I left but I honestly can’t hold it in another he’s found this in shot that you had to drive into it’s got tree’s all around it you can’t see it from the road because of the trees
I’m out of the car I’ve pulled my knickers and leggings down I’m squatting down peeing I was really needing this I thought it was never going to stop it lasted for ages.
Eventually I finish I’ve got a hankie out of the packet and I’ve wiped myself in standing up.
He’s been standing there watching me as I was peeing.
He’s saying you sure did need that didn’t you I’m glad I stopped when I did.
I’m saying yeah.
He’s smoking a cigarette as he was leaning against the door of the car.
I’m saying thanks for stopping I couldn’t have held it in any longer.
That’s ok.
I’m standing there talking to him I was getting closer to him
I was so excited about being with him I was so turned on flustered.
I couldn’t stop myself any longer I was undoing his belt and I was undoing the button’s on his jeans I was putting my hand inside and I had my hand on his cock and was pulling it out of his jeans.
I’m standing there running my hand gently across the tip of his cock.
As I’m holding it with my other hand.
It was going hard as I was holding it I could actually feel it pulsating against the palm of my hand I was really enjoying myself.
I was so excited about what I was doing with him.
I’m kneeling down I’ve got my mouth around on his cock putting it slowly up and down on it.
I’m just using my mouth.
I remember my friends talking about how they gave guys blowjobs.
I was only doing it the ways they talked about and I could remember.
I’m licking on the tip of it sucking on it wanking him off into my mouth
I wasn’t expecting what happened next.
He’s pulling my head up and down on his cock holding it right down on it I could feel it hitting against my throat
As he’s coming it was literally going down my throat as he’s coming.
It felt really uncomfortable unpleasant in what he was doing.
He’s let my head go I’m pulling my mouth up off his cock he’s got my hand on his cock asking me to wank him off again so he’s hard
I’m wanking him off he’s really hard
He’s got me turned around with my bum out of the car and I was leaning over the passenger seat with my hands on it holding me up
He’s pulled my knickers leggings down below my knees he’s pulled my bum cheeks apart and he pushing me down so my bum was up higher in the air.
He’s ramming it up inside me he’s holding me on my shoulders pulling me back hard against him as he’s ramming himself backwards and forwards up inside me
It was really painful uncomfortable agony
I wasn’t enjoying it that’s for sure I’m hoping he came soon as it was really hurting me.
I had never had sex before I was still a virgin but certainly not anymore.
It was lasting for ages eventually he came even though it was inside me,
I could feel it running down on my legs as he’s pulling it out of me.
I’m standing up fixing myself he’s saying let’s drop you home
We got back he’s dropped me off and said enjoy your holiday bye. And he was away.
I was in agony down there it feels really sore
I went into the house had a shower put my PJ’s on my parents were already in bed it was after 12 when I got back home
Next morning I’m in the chemist buying the morning after pill.
I didn’t want to take any chance off getting pregnant.
I stopped liking him after that I had gone right off him.
I lost my virginity to him but I don’t like him anymore.

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