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Puberty Hit, and my Mom and Little Sister Weren’t Safe – Part 2

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Now that I finally noticed my little sister’s nice ass. I needed to find a way to get my cock between those ass cheeks.

Where we last left off, I had walked into my sister Cassie’s room while she was taking an afternoon nap. She was wearing a bathrobe, for some reason, and it had ridden up past her hips. I was able to see the full view of her ass in her pretty pink panties.

After seeing that view, my thoughts began to race. I immediately ran around the house to make sure everything was locked. I even locked the bottom locks on the front and back door, so even if my mom did surprisingly come home early, she would have to knock to get in the door. She always got pissed at us for locking the bottom lock because she didn’t have a key for it. She only had a key for the deadbolt. So she would always say, “leave the bottom lock unlocked!” So yeah, I locked it.

I ran back into Cassie’s room and shut all the window blinds and curtains. Once everything looked safe and secure, I slowly approached my sleeping sister’s bed. The first thing I did was touch her smooth, bare legs, then made my way up to the back of her thighs. I then positioned my hands under her bathrobe and raised them up even higher, which gave me the entire view of her ass and the lower part of her back. Now Cassie was a very heavy sleeper, so she didn’t budge to any of this. I was becoming so hard, and sex crazed, that I had sat down beside her, and just grabbed both her ass cheeks with each of my hands. It was plump, firm, and jiggly. Each of my hands was full of her ass meat and I was just spreading her ass apart, pushing it back together, moving her cheeks up and down, in opposite directions, in circles, all for about 15 minutes. It was mesmerizing to finally be able to feel another girl’s ass.

I finally stood up and pulled my throbbing 8” cock out of my pants. I sat back down next to her and played with her ass some more. I then started jacking my dick off with my right hand, and just caressing her bubble butt with my left hand. I got so comfortable that I laid down on my back beside her, while jacking off, and still playing with her ass. The feeling was overwhelming, and I felt the urge to cum, so I shot up out the bed, turned my dick to her ass cheeks, and came on her ass and panties. There was so much fucking cum. I actually fell to my knees and rested my head on my forearm. I got up, ran to go get some tissue from the bathroom and cleaned up all the mess I had made. At that point, I was infatuated with my little sister’s ass.

Once everything was cleaned and the cum dried, I woke her up. I was shaking her and shaking her, and she was still struggling to wake up. Thank goodness she was such a heavy sleeper. I told her it was time for lunch. I made her change out of that silly bathrobe and put some real clothes on. Now I’ve seen my little sister naked before, but I never really stared at her sexually. This was my opportunity to. I found the tightest shorts I could find in her drawer, some clean panties, and a crop top. I threw them at her and told her to change so I could do laundry before mom gets home. She just began undressing in front of me, but something about a young girl’s vagina turns me off. So I told her to turn around, so I don’t see her “private area”, which gave me a full view of her bare-naked ass. It was absolutely magnificent. Nice and round, like an athlete’s glutes almost. She was part of some track team at school, so it would make sense that her ass would be in shape. When she would stand straight up, the top of her ass cheeks would almost be touching her lower back. I couldn’t believe I’ve never noticed it before. I immediately got another hard-on and knew I needed to have that ass. One way or another, I was going to get between those ass cheeks.

Later that day, it was turning into evening, and I found myself playing with Cassie more. I would playfully push her around, then I’d say, “let’s play hide and seek!” As she would run around the house, I would watch her ass just bouncing uncontrollably. I would even let her sit on my shoulders and feel the bottom of her ass cheeks gripping the back of my neck. When I would let her down, I would hold her by her ass just to catch a feel. Her favorite game was “riding the horsey”, so I would get on my hands and knees, while she got on my back, and I would walk around the house. This gave me an amazing idea!

I eventually told her, “Hey, I want to be the one riding the horsey!” while looking sad. She replied, “I can’t hold you up!” Then I said, “Well let’s go on Mom’s bed and you have to act like a crazy horse, and I have to try to control you”. She quickly jumped in joy and said, “OKAY!”

Now the reason I chose to use my mom’s room is because there was already cum on the sheets. And if for some reason Cassie told our mom about this horsey game, I didn’t want her finding cum on my sheets or Cassie’s sheets. I told Cassie to lie down on her stomach and I was going to sit on her butt, and she has to buck around like a wild horse. She agreed, and I sat on her ass cheeks. Just the feeling of her ass cheeks on my ass cheeks felts so good. I then told her to begin going crazy! She began thrusting her hips up and down which made her ass spread open and close. I could literally feel one of my ass cheeks getting eaten by both her ass cheeks. I knew I needed to get my dick between those ass cheeks right fucking now.

I told Cassie, “Okay, I’m going to re-position myself like I’m falling asleep on the horsey because I’m getting tired”. So I shifted my body where I was fully mounted on top of her. Both my knees were off to the side of her hips and my cock was wedged right between her ass. I then prompted her to continue acting like a wild horse. She started bouncing again and I could feel her ass just clapping around my dick. The feeling was sensational. I needed to feel more of it. So I slipped my dick out from the slit of my pants and boxers and laid it between her ass. I told her to go again! And she started bucking. Just the sheer feeling of having those ass cheeks grip my cock over and over again turned me into a madman. I kept telling her, “Keep going! Keep going!” while I was moaning and my eyes rolling to the back of my head. I was on the brink of exploding.

I lost all sense of control. I laid fully on her, and essentially put her in a rear-naked choke (but instead, my arms were under her armpits and my hands were clenched around the back of her neck, with her head stuffed into the pillow). I began dry humping her brains out and she began screaming, trying to gasp for air, telling me to stop. I couldn’t stop though, I just kept pounding and pounding and saying, “Bad horsey! Bad, bad horsey!” after every stroke. It got so rough that the headboard was slamming against the wall. The bed was squeaking and slowly beginning to slide across the tile floor. I was pushing so hard and so deep that it felt like my dick was going to burst through her thin layer of fabric, right through her panties, and straight up into her asshole. After several more strokes, I just spewed cum all over her ass. Cum just kept pouring and pouring out. Her pants were soaked beyond belief from all my jizz. I slowly rolled off of her, quickly whipped my dick back in my pants, and told her, “That was for being a bad horsey!” She chuckled and ran out the room.

I went up to go find her and told her she needed to change her pants because she must have sat on something sticky and wet in mom’s bed. Without question, she changed her pants and panties, and I went into the kitchen to start making dinner. After dinner, we watched a movie, and was getting ready for bed. I made sure to put everything back the way they were before my mom left and I told Cassie it was time for bed. Cassie never sleeps at night though. She always waits for our mom to come home, and she goes to bed super late. I’m pretty sure this is why she is always so sleepy throughout the day.

All throughout the night, all I could think about was my sister’s ass. Finally, my mom came home around midnight and came to check on us. She woke me up and asked how the day was. I told her we just played around the house, watched movies, and had dinner. She kissed me goodnight and went to Cassie’s room and I overhear her saying, “Mommy’s home.”. I hear Cassie say, “Mommy!” all excited to see her. She asked how her day was and I got a little scared, but all she said was, “it was fun, me and big brother played horsey and watched movies”. My mom replied, “that’s nice”, told her goodnight, and then went off to her room. I was so happy I didn’t get in trouble, and this made me want my sister’s ass even more now. I knew I needed to fuck her bare-naked ass, I just needed to figure out how.

To be Continued.

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:4mxe5kdiz

    It’ll be easy to get her bare ass all you need to do is play Horsey like that again except get her while she’s changing give her some new clothes station needs to change into them and decide you want to play while she’s in the middle of changing

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itald1

    Brilliant not knowing a thing yet perverted as hell, no wonder why I loved it so much. Just the way you described her ass is one of my neighbors daughters ass. You could set a tray on it at 9 years old catching the attention of every single grown man. From the day of our sexual contact forward she loves getting fucked in the ass and I hope your story continues and does the same.
    Part 2 soon.

    • Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

      Hallo Gonzo hast du eine Email ich würde gern mit dir schreiben

  • Reply BamaWoods ID:4o6ydgchi

    wow that just hits the spot and brings old memories back to life. Thick legs, smooth plump cheeks. Totaly agree,