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My evil life

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I was born when my father was about 50 and at that time my mom was just 20. At that time she wasn’t my dad’s legal wife. But after he was aware that I’m his first son, my dad married my mom immediately and this was the beginning of everything.
My dad was a famous police officer and had great relationship with all kinds of important person. Inherited him, I have had strong ambition and aggressivity since I was born. All people say I was a bad boy. Of course, even now I keep the same.
I still remember the first girl I have violated. Her name was Eva and she was a white girl. I have forgotten her face but remembered the feeling with her. In my kindergarten, kids slept in a big restroom at noon. She wasn’t the most beautiful girl in my kindergarten, but her bed was just near mine. So, at one noon I climbed to her bed and slept near her. I leaned against her little body on purpose when teacher paid no attention here. Then, I slightly rub my young, hard cock at her smooth ass. At first she was unwilling to do it with me and said she would told the teacher. But after I told her who my father was, she said nothing and let me do everything. I just kept violating her and when the bell rang, I let her go. To be honest, it’s really really nice. You know, hug a little, fresh young girl from behind and insert your cock between her legs. Although I can’t ejaculate, what else can be better in this world?
After that day, I got much braver. When there was no adults in the restroom, I even took off my pants and put my dirty cock on her nakedly and tightly and started rubbing. When I was doing this, she always pretended to fall asleep but I knew she was awake.
Thinking back, she is the most fortunate because she kept her virgin in my hands. But, at the same time she is the most unfortunate because she’s the youngest victim under my cock.

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