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My OnlyFans Mom!

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My mom had an only fans page, so now my school is her fan… and so am I.

Well, I cannot say I didn’t see this coming but still, I was not ready for such a shit storm.
Hi, I’m Sam, 14, and live with my 33 yr old single mom, Tara. My mom never so married and remained single her whole life. There were a plethora of guys just coming and going weekly. No one made it past 2 weeks. She was proud of it as well. She was an assistant to a club manager so she was out most nights and returned early morning usually with someone. Don’t get me wrong she is hot MILF by all means. Height 5’7″, fair skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, 36DD boobs, 38 waists, bubble butt. All the good stuff.

Things changed in 2020 when covid hit and her club closed. She started to take less care of herself. And gained a little tummy. Not much just a little chubby. We were running out of money as well. So choose what most hot women were doing during this time. Joined OnlyFans. And oh boy, initially she was so happy, she used to walk around the house singing songs and buying expensive stuff. I had no idea. She just told me she was doing some only marketing job. But she never allowed me in her room while she was “working”.
By December I started to notice a few more changes, she was always in her rob, with makeup all the time. I didn’t get it. Then she started to get very relaxed with her robe as well. Like even if the robe is untied she was comfortable around me. Like it was not a big deal. Just walking around on phone. It’s not that I’m complaining. It was an amazing view. Her floral print silk robe was open, With her huge boobs poking out. Covered in a lacy teal bra, almost showing her pink nipples and wide areola. Below it was more exciting. Again teal-colored lacy panties just wedged in her pussy, barely covering her pussy lips. A thin strip of pubic hair on top of her vagina was poking out of her lacy panties. mmmm hmmm. She was busy with her phone to even check where my eyes were glued to. Her thick thighs were spread in a stance and making my dick hard. This was becoming more common, her lingerie every day, and me watching her up and down.

The next change came when school started and the lockdowns lifted. She was a little unhappy and frustrated these days. (Later I came to know no one was subscribing to her anymore so less money was coming in. Apparently they got bored of her and competition was too much). One day I reached school and before even I could enter my class, my best friend, Jimmy, pulled me aside to the boy’s room.
Jimmy – “You won’t believe this”
Sam – “What?”
Jimmy – “I found this poster near my house while coming to school on the electric pole. It was everywhere.”
He showed a flyer to Sam. It was my mom with a racy pic and her OnlyFans account ID asking to join to watch more of her.
Sam – “Oh my god! what am I going to do? Is this real? Tell me it’s fake.”
Jimmy – “Well, I thought the same and… and I joined the account.. and…”
Sam – “And??”
Jimmy – “Well it’s your mom for sure. Like doing freaky stuff, all nude and talking dirty” He pulled his phone out and showed Sam.
Sam watched speechless at the screen, as his mom was sucking a dildo and shoving it up her pussy and making lude comments and making sexual noises. Now he understood what online business was.
Sam – “What should I do? If others came to know? They are going to kill me. Make fun of me.”
Jimmy – “I know, and I think even Brad has gotten a hold of it.” Brad was their class bully. And Jimmy was right.
Brad found Sam and Jimmy in the boy’s room and held them in a headlock.
Brad – “Well well well, Sam, you never told me your mom was such a good fuck. That bitch is a one MILFY whore. I even saw from where you came out of, an amazing pink tunnel.” He laughed as his goons were playing a video of my mom spreading her pussy lips and showing her finger in it. This is bad, Sam thought.
Bell rang and everyone reached our class. Everyone was looking at me and giggling. Some passing comments, “Son of a whore, your mom’s a slut, how much for sucking my dick” etc.
By end of the day, the screengrabs of my mom’s video had circulated among the whole school. I’m sure even the teachers got hold of it.
Humiliated I reached home and started crying. Mom was in her room, doing her “Business” She came out for dinner and looked for me. Saw me sitting in the dark and all tired crying.
Tara – “What exactly happened son? Why are you crying?”
Sam – “You know quite well why? Why did you have to post those flyers in our town? Everyone in school knows you are a whore now.”
Tara – “Sam, that’s how you talk to mom.”
Sam – “Mom’s don’t behave like a whore as well” He stomped off to the kitchen. Tara followed
Tara – “Son, it’s just business, and it’s good money. At least it was during last year. Things were falling apart so I thought maybe these flyers will help. And it did. In one day I have 60 new subscribers.” She ran and brought her laptop from her room.
Tara – “Look, we have made more than 40K in last year”
Sam – -“What you are selling yourself for $3.99 a month?”
Tara – “Son you don’t know the competition. It’s very hard to keep your clients.”
Sam checked her account page.
Tara – “Yeah don’t into the posting page, you know, that’s a little personal”
Sam – “Sure, personal. Why do you these notifications unchecked?”
Tara – “Where?”
Sam – “Mom these are personal messages people are sending you offered extra money to send them some videos and they are ready to more money for that. Look.”
Tara – “Wait what? I can make more money? Show me.” She pulled the laptop from him. “My my.. people are ready to pay in triple digits for some of this shit. Nice. How do I respond to that to make more money?” She handed the laptop back to Sam.
Sam – “I guess, you should start from the latest request, chat with them and fix a price for what they are asking to see you do. Then I guess…. yeah here you can upload that video personally to them so no one else can see it.”
Tara – “Oh my go.. oh my god… you a genius.” She kissed his forehead. “I gotta go and make some Monnney” She ran to her room.
Sam knew the new “Subscribers” are mostly from her school. But he couldn’t do much.

Continued…For full story (http://funstories.ga/2022/08/27/my-onlyfans-mom-part-2/)

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