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Taken with the Night

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A fantasy of mine I frequently use to masturbate to

The night was warm and filled with the thrumming of crickets and frogs chirping their lullabies. The moon was absent that evening as I lay snuggled on my bed, loosely covered by a blanket. My fan whirred in the corner of the room, providing cool air and white noise as I peacefully slept. My D cup breasts were naked in the night, and my firm ass was only clothed in my little pink panties. Regular pajamas feel too restrictive for comfortable sleeping and the feeling of my breasts pressed against my mattress and my ass exposed to the air felt amazing.

Hidden away in my dreams, I didn’t hear the dull thud against my window, nor the sliding of the lock, or the small squeak of the window frame as it was slowly pushed up by a pair of shadowy hands. The figure crawled through the opening and into my room, swift and silent. They were dressed in black and carried a small backpack in their hand as they approached my unconscious form on the bed.

Kneeling next to me, they slowly unzipped the bag, grabbing a rag and rope. The figure then zipped the bag back up and swung it on their shoulders before gently climbing onto my bed so as not to wake me. They gazed for a moment at my perky breasts pressed against my bed, reaching out to lightly graze my skin. Their fingers traced the back of my neck and snaked underneath to my chest and titties. My nipples were flicked around as I continued to sleep, unaware that I was being violated.

Tired of flicking my tits, the hands moved swiftly to remove my blanket and expose my ass. Gingerly, the hands squeezed and teased my ass, the figure feeling as it bounced and jiggled with every touch. A bulge was growing in the intruder’s pants, and it was then they knew it was time to put their plan to action. Grabbing hold of my waist, my panties were roughly pulled down and off my ass, uncovering my now-vulnerable holes. The sudden movement was enough to finally alert me to what was happening.

I was still in a sleep stupor until I felt a large weight sitting on my ass and a pair of hands holding my wrists together above my head as a scratchy material was being wrapped snugly around them. My eyes widened, and I began to thrash around in an attempt to get the weight off of me. As I began trying to scream, I heard a chuckle as I felt a hand force my jaw open. A piece of fabric was placed in my mouth and was secured around my head with the rag. My screams were muffled by the fabric, which tasted funny against my tongue.

“How do you like the taste of your pussy, hmm?” the intruder asked. I was confused until they continued with, “those are your pretty little panties in your mouth, baby. They looked so good stretched against your ass.” The tone was feminine, sultry, and teasing. The panties were starting to dry out my mouth, and my voice had started going hoarse from my failed attempt at screaming for help.

The woman made quick work of me, trussing up my wrists nice and tight while placing what felt like cool leather around my ankles. I was scared and sweating as the woman got off the bed and grabbed hold of my ankles, pulling me to the end of the bed. I couldn’t see her as I was still pressed face down against the mattress, but I felt her pull on my legs until my ass was almost hanging off. I felt her stoop down and then throw me over her shoulder, hoisting me up in the air. The situation was serious, and I tried thrashing around as hard as I could. She held me firm and spanked my ass hard before carrying me like a sack of potatoes to the window. There was someone else waiting outside so my body could be passed off.

I panted and groaned, wriggling my exhausted body around as I was transferred out my window and into the night. The figure hoisted me back on their shoulder as their female partner exited my room and closed the window behind her. I wriggled and moaned, tears streaming down my face as the figure marched forward towards the street where a van was parked. The female opened the van door and I was unceremoniously thrown inside. The kidnappers quickly jumped in and closed the doors. I heard the engine start up and start driving. My face was pressed into the floor, which reeked of cum. My wrists and jaw ached from their bindings, and tears were streaming down my face and nose. After driving for what felt like forever, I finally heard the engine cut as we came to a stop. My body was moved so my face was exposed to the ceiling of the car, and I finally got a good glimpse of my kidnappers.

The first face belonged to a dirty blonde female. Her face was undeniably beautiful, in an older, rugged sort of way. She looked to be in her 40s with a strong bone structure. Her eyebrows were thin, her eyes almond shaped with a sultry twinkle, her nose strong but not overbearing, with glistening full lips that wore a smirk.

“How’s my little slut doing? You’re gonna come home with us for awhile and be our little play pal, sweetheart. Your gonna make us feel SO good with every tight little hole of yours. And when you’re all stretched out like a well-used whore, we’re gonna breed you and make new little slaves. So I suggest you stop your crying and get used to your new life!”

With that, she laughed and began stripping off her uniform. First came off the black turtleneck, which revealed large DD breasts that bounced as the cloth revealed them. Then came the black sweatpants that were tented out by a large bulge around her crotch. I soon found out why when she took them off and a thick 8″ cock bounced into view. She chuckled as my eyes widened and wrapped her hand around her dick. “You like what you see, baby? This is gonna rape your tight little pussy here in a moment. Honey, come help me get her settled in.”

Another woman came into view, around the same age as the first. This one, however, was brunette and had softer features. Her face was moon shaped and her dark brown hair draped around her face. Her eyes were big, wide, and green. Her nose was delicate upon her face and her lips were curved into a nasty smile. “Hello, slave! You ready to get your first taste of my pussy? Too bad if you’re not, because you’re quickly going to learn to crave the taste of my cunt as I rape your face over and over. You’re gonna be such a good little sex slave when we’re done with you!” She took off her attire as she informed me of my fate, her E cup tits spilling out of her top and a string of pussy juice stretching off of her cunt as she pulled off her pants.

I squirmed and squealed, but the blonde held down my waist as she positioned her cock at my entrance and the brunette stood over me, her dripping pussy directly above me. She bent over, smiling evilly at my tear-stained face, grabbing the rag still wrapped around my mouth. “Bite me, and I’m having your Daddy Caroline rape your ass till it bleeds. Got it?” I knew they were serious and nodded vehemently. “Good slave.” With that, she untied the gag and pulled my soaked panties out of my mouth. Standing back up, the brunette began to squat over my face. She slapped my face and growled at me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. I did as I was told and she fully sat down on my face, her cunt sliding down onto my tongue. Her pussy was sweaty but sweet, and she bounced up and down on my tongue, fucking it thoroughly.

At the same time as I was being facefucked, the blonde spit on my pussy on rubbed her cock against it. My hips and face were pinned and I had nowhere to go as that thick, 8″ cock was thrust into my pussy unceremoniously. I screamed into the brunette’s pussy, and they both laughed at my squeals as they raped me. A cock was furiously pumping in and out of my cunt, and my mouth was being forced to suck and lick a woman’s pussy. Tears slid down my face as I was raped unmercilessly. Despite my situation, my pussy was making squelching sounds as the cock pounding out fucked in and out of my hole, and I began to feel an orgasm rising. I wasn’t the only one being fucked to orgasm, though.

The woman facefucking me was panting and moaning louder and louder. She reached behind her and slapped my tits. “Suck my clit, bitch! Suck it hard and lick it with your worthless tongue! Make me cum!” I wasn’t fast enough for her, and she pinched and pulled my nipples painfully. I yelped and vacuum sealed my lips to her cunt. I sucked hard on her pussy while I put my tongue to work. She ground her hips against my mouth, screaming in ecstasy until I felt a rush of warm liquid fill my mouth. Her grinding came to a stop, and she slapped me and commanded me with a shaky voice to stop licking but keep my mouth on her cunt. I did as I was told for fear of more punishment.

Meanwhile, my own cunt was still being raped. I was close to orgasm and moaning like a bitch and heat around my mistress’ pussy. My blonde mistress fucked me harder and faster, spurred on by my moans and throbbing cunt. “I’m gonna breed your slave cunt, bitch. Cum around my cock like the cock whore you are and milk my dick. If you spill a drop of my cum, you’re gonna shove your face in the floor and lick it up! Now take it, slut!” With a groan and hard shove, I came in a shaking orgasm around my new mistress’ cock, her dick jumping inside me as her cum flooded my insides.

That wasn’t the only fluid that flooded my hole, as the mistress on my face slapped my tits for my attention and told me to prepare myself. All of a sudden, as I still felt hot cum pouring into my cunt, a stream of hot piss entered my mouth. I was being used as a human toilet! The flavor was horrible and I wanted to spit out the liquid violating my mouth. My head was pinned, though, and my mouth was sealed against her pussy. I had no choice but to drink all of her piss down until she was satisfied.

“Stick your tongue back out and clean my pussy, slave,” I was ordered as soon as the torrent subsided. The cock was still in my cunt as I licked my mistress’ pussy. “Are you almost done with her mouth for now, baby? We need to get home soon so we can start training her,” I heard the blonde say as she began raping me with her dick again. “Yes, honey,” the brunette replied. “I’m just having her clean my pussy now that I was able to piss. Hurry up and clean me, slut, so we can take you to your new home.” I licked faster as I felt her hands twist my nipples again, my tongue lapping her cunt like a dog until she was satisfied. With a sigh, she got off my face, bent down to spit on me and slap me around, and then returned to the drivers seat.

“Next stop, home! It’s time to train you to be an obedient slut!” the brunette crowed. The blonde laughed and slapped my tits in agreement as I sobbed and continued to cum as my pussy was raped over and over for the remainder of the drive.

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