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Oh Daddy, It Hurts

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I was in my bed asleep when I felt somebody pulling down my panties. I was so groggy I wasn’t sure it was happening or if I was dreaming. Then, I felt somebody putting their fingers in my pee pee. All of a sudden it hurt. Then, I realized it wasn’t a dream. Their finger was rubbing me at first, just between my pussy lips. But, then their finger went into my secret spot, where nobody was supposed to go until I got married. Ouch, their fingers going into me and it hurts. I finally said, “Ouch, that hurts.”

Nobody said anything, they just kept sticking their finger deeper and deeper in my special spot. It hurt so bad. They were sliding their finger in and out of me, slowly at first then faster. Then, I felt somebody crawl in my bed behind me as they wrapped me up in their arms. It was a big person. They spooned themself up against me. Then, they lifted my leg up and started pushing something into my special spot again.

Whatever it was was very big. They spread my pussy lips and kept pushing and pushing until they got something to pop through my little spot. I said, “Ouch, don’t do that, it hurts, stop. I smelled liquor, I smelled my daddy. I said, ” Daddy, is that you?” Daddy said, “Hush baby, this won’t take long, just be still and let me do this.” I said, “Daddy, it hurts.” He said, “It won’t hurt after I get it all the way in.” I said, “Daddy, this is my special spot.” He said, “I know baby, that’s why I want it, it’s special, it’s tiny, its never been used, you need to let daddy have this.”

Then daddy started pushing it in again. In and out. It was so big, he had trouble getting it to go in me. He pushed hard and then harder. I started to cry. Daddy covered my mouth with his hand and rammed it all the way in and started going fast as he could. I couldn’t hardly breath. It took my breath away. He held me into his body so tight as he fucked my special spot. Mommy told me that’s what men do, is fuck little girls when they shouldn’t. But, why is daddy doing me? I don’t think Mommy would let him.

Daddy was sweating and breathing hard. He was still going fast and hard into me. Then he said,” Oh baby, I’m gonna cum in your little tiny pussy, it feels so good baby, aarrgghh.” “Ah, that was the best pussy I ever fucked baby.” I just laid there, stuff running out of me. He’s kissing my cheek and rubbing my pussy. He said, “I love your hairless pussy baby. Then, he touched just inside and it made me jump and tingle. He said, ” Let daddy rub your little clit and made my baby feel good.

He was rubbing it and I was liking it. He still had his dick in me. He was sliding it back and forth and it was so slippery. He was getting hard inside me again but, it wasn’t hurting this time. His finger on my clit was feeling so good. He said, “Your clits getting hard and big, is daddy’s baby gonna cum on daddy’s dick?” I didn’t know what that meant but, I liked the way daddy was talking to me.

I was getting a thrilling feeling I’d never felt before. He said, “Come on baby, cum on daddy’s dick, daddy got his dick in your pussy and you need to cum all over it.” I found I was breathing faster and that feeling I had felt like it was gonna explode inside me. Then, daddy started patting my pussy and it exploded. I felt such a great feeling of daddy patting my pussy as he was fucking me. Oh my gosh. That’s a lot bigger than a tingling feeling.

Daddy said, “There ya go, you cum on my dick, that feels so nice baby.” He continues fucking me and I’m actually liking it. He said, “I’m gonna cum again baby, here it comes.” He floods my pussy with more stuff and it’s running out of me. Daddy ask me, “Did you like that feeling I made you have?” I said, “Yes, I did daddy.” He said, “Well, we can’t tell anybody, ever.” I said, “Why?” He said, “Because, they would take me to jail.” I said, “Jail, but why daddy?” He said, “They don’t want daddy’s to love their daughters like I just loved you.” So, I said I’ll never tell anybody daddy, I don’t wanna lose you.”

He said, “Do you wanna do this again sometime?” I said, “Yeah, I would love it daddy.” He said, “Well, okay I better get back to my bed, I love you.” “I love you too daddy.” “Remember, nobody can know.” I said, “I won’t forget, daddy.” Daddy got up and left. I laid there thinking about that good feeling and drifted back off to sleep.

Mommy got up and went to work, it was her Saturday to work. Me and daddy were home. He came in after I got up and took my sheets then, washed them. I said, “What are we gonna do today daddy?”
He said, “I thought we’d do what we did last night again while we’re alone in the house.” I said, “Okay, if you want.” Daddy said, “You’re 10 years old, what would a 10 year old like to do, we don’t have to do what I suggested.” She thought and said, “No daddy, I’ll do what you said, if you get me that feeling again.” He said, “I can do that.”

Daddy was in his boxers and I was still in my nightgown. Daddy was sitting on the couch and said, “Come here, baby.” I walked in front of him and he reached up and pulled down my panties and took them off. He sat me on his lap a straddle his legs. He spread my legs apart and started rubbing my clit.
He pulled his dick out and it was growing right before my eyes. Wow, he was big. I don’t know how that all got in my special spot. He put my hand on it and stroked it up and down.

I was tingling again inside and daddy was making me feel so good. He said, “Stand up and lets put this in your pussy.” I stood up and he put his dick at my opening then, started sitting me down on it slowly. I said, “Oh daddy, it hurts.” He said, “It won’t hurt in a couple of minutes, just keep going up and down on it.” He was lifting me up and down an it was feeling better. Then daddy stood up and held me with his arms under my legs. My hands were around his neck and he was fucking my pussy. He was right, it stopped hurting and felt good.

Daddy did me a long time like that. He said, “I’ve never had a pussy feel better on my dick than yours, baby.” “You’re so tight and you hug my dick so hard.” Daddy said, “There’s so many things we can do to make each other feel good.” I said, “Like what?” Daddy said, “Well, there’s oral sex and other places I can put my dick.” I said, “What’s oral sex?” It’s where I suck and lick your pussy and you can suck and lick my dick, it feels so good.” I said, “Oh.” Just then, daddy bent me over the arm of the couch and fucked me from behind.

He reached around to my clit and was making me get that feeling again. I was gonna cum. Daddy said,
“Cum on daddy’s dick baby So, I did. “Ahh, that felt good daddy.” He said, Good, I’m gonna cum too.” He fucked me hard and his dick swelled up and he cum. He said, “We’ll try some of the other things we can do later whenever you like.” I said, ” That’s good with me daddy.”

Mommy only had to work 4 hours so, she’d be home soon. I was anxious to do some of the thing daddy talked about. But, that would be later……

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