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First time cont…

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Virgin, incest, oral, Young, first time, hand job

My nephew who I shall call George.. (changed to protect the not so innocent)

Georgi Didn’t stop till he had swallowed every bit of my cum..and then cleaned my cock.. Biting the base of my cock gently. Then licking the sensitivite head as he pulled off my cock..it was still throbbing and hard as ever.. (I’ve since found out over many years I am one of those lucky guys that I can cum and still stay hard) gets very sensitive though!

Was that a blow job.. I asked him..

Yes I’ve been wanting to do that for ages..Wow its still hard.. Does it stay that way??

I’ve no idea… Did you enjoy doing that and swallowing what came out..

He looked at under his dark long eye lashes.. Yes I loved it can I do again and some other stuff..

Other stuff..

Yes I’ve got lots of ideas.. With that he kissed me gently on the mouth and ran his tongue along my lips.. Parting them with his tongue..

I heard my sister calling us down to get ready for school.

My head was cock was still in his hand..

As he answered for us..

Cumming mum..

Leaning over he whispered in my ear..

That’s what you have just done cum in my mouth.. I hope you want to do it again..

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  • Reply Cockkr ID:2yvndr4m9a

    Wish there was more.

  • Reply Luis ID:brx1qep0d2

    Did you still do that?