Behind the Mirror

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I’m Sam. I am a mum of one daughter Kayla whom we both live together. Both me and my daughter are nymphomaniacs, Kayla was diagnosed of it when she became a teenager same time as me.

She is now 20 years old and finds it extremely hard to control her sex appetite. Of course I was no angel when I was a teen I had sex with male partners whether they where married or just turned eighteen.
I constantly masturbate during the day even in my car just as I arrive at my work office, after I cumming I remove my thong and slip on another one before starting my office job.

At home my bedroom was next to my daughters, where on the left wall was my walk in wardrobe but one of the sides of the wardrobe slides over revealing a secret passage way that only I knew about.
In Kaylas room was a full length mirror that was permanently fixed onto a hollow part of the wall where I could see through it every time I entered the passageway.
I would watch her in room for long periods of time, whether she was having sex with men she picked up or whether she was masturbating. I would also masturbate behind the mirror completely naked.

Her young body her smooth skin made me jealous of her I wanted a body like hers she is perfect in every way.
When she turned 18 she had just come back from a party with the first boy she picked up, she walked up the stairs looking for glasses to have drinks with him. Walking straight into my room where she found me standing in front of my computer naked as I fingered myself with a porn video on.
“Mum” she yelled. I just looked back at her still fingering myself giving her an evil smile as she grabbed the glasses running back out. I didn’t embarrassed one bit getting caught, cum poured down my leg until it reached my feet as I continued watching porn.

It was since after that unfortunate moment I confessed to her that I am a nymphomaniac. It was only after a few months down the as she was having sex with more boys she realized that she was one as well.

I still haven’t confessed to her about how I watch her behind the mirror, that secret will always remain with me.

We sat down and talked about nymphomania and I shared more confessions of what I did when I was young, even showing her pictures of myself in my younger years.
I even confessed on how I cheated on my current boyfriend by sleeping with other men, and how I destroyed marriages when I kept seducing men for more sex hoping their wives would never find out.

I wanted to send my daughter to therapy but she always refused, all because I never bothered with therapy making me a hypocrite.
I only get my pleasure from porn, toys and of course peeping on her in the passageway.

I continued watching Kayla have sex through the mirror, even on one occasion when I masturbated so heavily I squirted and drenched the other side of the mirror she looked up and said to her partner “I heard something.”

“Don’t worry.” said the stranger just as he went to fuck her anally.

I was now becoming more and more jealous, something had to be done about this the only answer was to turn to the supernatural, where in the earlier days I made a lot of pacts with beings like succubi and other entities.

Following night Kayla was out with a few friends. I decided to get out my dark magic ritual spells out in order to summon a succubus. Placing candles around the living room and focusing my intention, which was to have a young body again.
I laid down on the soft carpet completely naked breathing in the scents of the candles repeating my intention backwards until I soon got it right.

Then I heard a voice. “So it is young body that you want, Samantha?”

“Yes!” I whispered.

“Well in return I will want something from you!”

“Yes name it?” I replied breathing heavily.

“I want to manifest in physical form to feed myself, it has been a long time since I have absorbed the life force of men.”

“Yes I accept that as a deal.”

The succubus being invisible then ran my hands over my body, played with breasts then my clit, soon the hands touched my face and the she took possession of my whole body.

I sat up opened my eyes, seeing them white as they had rolled back then gently rolled forward back to normal.

My skin began to undulate as the succubus hands moved and and touched my body from the inside. Feeling hungry I went into Kaylas room opened her wardrobe and started eating her panties one by one.
“Mmm delicious.” I muttered.

Kayla coming back drunk, walked upstairs opening the door seeing me chewing away at her underwear laughing at me saying. “Mom, you eating my panties!”

Staring deep into her confused eyes now putting her into mind control, her black dress slides off.

“Mom why are you looking at me like that?” she said licking her lips getting aroused.

Placing my hand on the side of her face I started kissing her lips, tonguing her aggressively. I pushed her flat on the bed tonguing becoming more aggressive, kissing getting wetter breathing heavier. My eyes rolled back now the whites showing. Both our clits pressed and rubbed against one another and pussies becoming wet.
The succubus was now going to manifest what she wanted. Both our bodies started merging into one first Kaylas feet merged into my legs, then her hands into my back. Soon the arms and legs fully absorbed then her torso merged. Holding her head with both hands I kissed one final time as our faces merged just before the merge was soon complete.
Fully merged together the succubus had manifested into its real form, at the expense of me and my daughter merging us out of existence. Its sexy young and goddess like body, a beauty that cannot be resisted by anyone.

The succubus had deceived me into bringing it into the physical realm. She stood up looked into the mirror to admire herself with her soft smooth skin, her hair sparkled like stars.
She licked her finger whispering. “Humans are just so naïve when it comes to sex.” Gently masturbating to her own reflection cumming as she licked her lips.

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