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Girls Grow Up and Moms Grow Old

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My wife ages and I lose interest in fucking her and my daughters get sexier every day.

I ran off with my wife when she was 15 and we got married, it was legal in Louisiana. Our first daughter was born six months later. For the next several years another child was born every year or so until there were six, all girls. My wife stayed home and took care of the kids and I got a good job in the offshore oilfield working two weeks on, two off. Being a Louisiana boy I love to hunt and fish. That way I brought home a lot of the meat we eat. My wife would raise a garden which accounted for a lot of our vegetables. The girls would help their Mom in the kitchen and the garden when they got old enough. I had wanted a son but when my eldest daughter was eleven I started taking her with me fishing and hunting. As duck and deer hunting seasons are in the cold weather months sometimes we’d have to stay in a distant camp for several days, usually in a cabin, or camp as they were called. By the time my daughter was thirteen she had started to fill out and I could tell she would grow to be a voluptuous woman. My wife in the meantime had gotten a bit fat, probably from working so hard at home with little time to spend for herself. I knew it wasn’t her fault but I couldn’t help beginning to lose interest and when we did fuck she would usually fall asleep immediately after and that was it for the night. As the camps are poorly heated we had to sleep in sleeping bags while there. At deer camp that year it was bitterly cold, below freezing at night. The first night my daughter complained of being cold and unable to sleep. Unable to think of anything else I told her to crawl into my bag with me and unzip her’s and lay it on top of us. Well it was cozy warm then in my bag, but also very tight. We had to sleep in what’s known as the spooning position to be comfortable. With her lovely buttocks pressed up against me I couldn’t help myself from getting a hard on. The second night my daughter noticed it and wanted to know what that hard thing was pressing against her. Sweetheart I told her, it’s like that hard thing the stallion puts into our mare when we take her to be bred. Oh Daddy, she says, you mean you have one too. Yes Sweetie I reply, I put it into your Momma, that’s how you and your sisters came to be born. Oh Daddy she said, can I see it? I told her I don’t think it would be proper but she insisted. I gave up and said she could see it later because it was too cold to get out of our sleeping bag and light the kerosene lamp. Well then she said, can I feel it. I finally gave up and said okay. I told her to roll on her other side and I would too and she could reach around me and feel it. Well we did, and once she took hold it was like an electric shock ran through my body. Oh Daddy, it’s so big and hard, it feels good. It feels good for me too Baby, I said, but don’t play with it or something might happen. What might happen happens? she said. Okay play with it, I said, and you’ll see. Well she did, and though somewhat inexpertly it didn’t take long for the cum to start spurting out. Oh Daddy, she said, what’s all this gooey stuff? That my Dear is cum, I said, and that’s what makes babies. Oh Daddy, she said, it’s got all soft!. Well leave it alone and it’ll stay that way and we can get some sleep. Well we awoke at daybreak and I climbed out. Naturally I had a morning woody and she said Daddy can I see it now, and so I flopped it out out for her and she gasped, Daddy can you put it in me? Oh no Baby I said, that would be terribly wrong, but you can play with it again tonight. Well after an unsuccessful day hunting we came back to camp and as she was helping fix supper I pulled out the whiskey bottle I’d brought and took a slug. I want one too Daddy, I’ve never tasted it before. Well okay I said, but just one small one. I decided I would try and warm up the cabin, and went out and brought in a big armload of firewood and started a fire in the fireplace. As the fire grew I kept piling on wood and in a half hour it actually started to warm up. Dinner was ready and we pulled our chairs close to the fire and ate. After dinner I pulled out the bottle again and we both took a drink. Then she said Daddy can I see it again? You know where it is I said, and she reached over and unzipped my trousers and pulled out my cock. Well it was instantly hard again and she started to play with it again. Here Baby let me show you how to do that right, and after showing her a few strokes she had it going right and it wasn’t long before the cum was spurting towards the fireplace. Thanks Baby I said, that really relaxes me! Daddy, she said, why does it make me feel funny between my legs when I play with your thing? Call it a Cock Baby, or a Dick because that’s what most people call it. Okay Daddy, but you didn’t answer my question. Well Sweetie I said, because when someone plays with you down there it makes you feel just as good as I did last night when you made the gooey stuff come out. Will you play with me like that tonight Daddy, I want to feel good too. Well I realized I’d gotten myself in a fix when I let her into my sleeping bag but I couldn’t think of a way out so I took another slug from the bottle. Well the fire was burning down so I threw in another big load of wood and we changed into our pajamas and I pulled the mattress and the sleeping bags close to the fire and we crawled in. We got into position like at first last night and she began to play with my cock but not to the point to make me cum. Then she said it was time for me to play with her and she rolled over. I then did took and soon my hand was under her pajama top and caressing her breasts. Oh Daddy, she said, that feels so good! Well next my hand was inside the bottoms and after vigorously rubbing her mound, I let my fingers slip into her already wet and juicy pussy and soon after paying particular attention to her clitoris I soon brought her to climax. She moaned loudly as she cummed add rolling back to face me said thank you Daddy, and kissed me again and again. We must have fallen asleep for awhile because next thing I knew she had my cock out and was rubbing it against her pussy. Daddy she said, I want you to put it in me. Oh Sweetheart that’s wrong, and besides it might hurt. I don’t care she said, as she tugged to pull my pajama bottoms down over my hips. Well I was at the point of no return and I wiggled them all the way off, and rolling over on top of her my dick, with a little push, slid into her already wet and ready pussy. Well I fucked her once, twice, then three times before daybreak and once again after before we got up. I had a little blood on my cock, but not too much, and I asked her if I’d hurt? She said a little at first but it was okay after that. After we got up I realized I’d lost all interest in hunting for this trip and since there was another day we’d spend our last night at a motel and that would give us a chance to get all cleaned up and do our laundry, and to not worry about fixing breakfast we’d eat at a restaurant on the way back, and so we packed up in a hurry, closed up the camp and headed out. I realized we had another wonderful night together before we got home and life had to return to normal and I had to prepare to go back to work. She sat close to me in the truck, snuggled up, put her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. I drove on glowing from the wonderful experience we’d just had but wondering how I’d be able to maintain our newfound relationship once we got home. Oh well I finally shrugged and thought I’d just enjoy another wonderful night and worry tomorrow.

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    Breed her like all daddies should be doing to their daughters

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