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Keep it in the family

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What starts with daughter ends with granddaughter.

When I was just 10 years old, my parents got a divorce because my mom cheated on my dad. She moved across the state and I lived with my dad. He and I always spent time together, and one night he asked me to sleep in his bed next to him. I did, which ended in him spooning me all night. This went on for a year until I was a little over 11. One night he started to rub his hands over my body. He slid his hands over my hips and stopped at the top of my waist band. All I was wearing was one of his shirts and panties. He slid his hand inside my panties and slowly down to my clit. He started to rub it gently which caused a small noise to slip past my lips. He kissed my head as he continued. “My little girl.” He whispered. “I’ve wanted to touch you like this ever since you were 8. Such a Little tease. Perfect Little breasts and an ass.” He said as he rubbed my clit faster. He stopped before he slid one of his fingers inside of me. I gasped at the feeling. He started to finger me slowly before he started to speed up and add a second, soon a third finger. He pulled his fingers out before he sniffed them and licked my wetness off of them. “You taste like a dream.” Je mumbled, rubbing something long and hard against my panties. “Tell me you want it. I know you do.” He whispered into my ear. I felt.. warm and tingly as I nodded. This felt right. “I want it daddy.” I said softly he slowly slid my panties down my thighs before he slid something hot and thick inside of me. I gasped and the noise came back from my mouth. Once the whole thing was in, he rubbed my stomach. “You’re so tight.. so young and tight for daddy.” He mumbled before he started to move inside of me. The noises I made were louder than before now, and they became quicker as he sped up his movements. My body tensed and shivered as I felt a warm liquid fill me up. He kissed my head. “Good Girl.. you’ve started your periods already haven’t you?” He asked. I nodded. “My last one was two weeks ago.” I said gently. He rubbed my hip. “Perfect.” He said lovingly.
A few months later, I found out that I was pregnant, and of course my dad was thrilled. Once my baby was born he never left the two of us alone. Always there. When I turned 18, my daughter was 7. My dad looked at her the way he looked at me when I was 11. He wanted her. One night when my daughter and I were with him, she was sitting in his lap. He wanted to touch her. I simply smiled and told him to wait until she was 10. The day she turned 10 his hands were all over her. I sat in the living room and watched him finger her. I watched him fuck her. I quickly realized as I watched that I wanted to do the same thing to her. A few days later the two of us were home alone. It didn’t take me long to take her pants and panties off. She happily obliged and even kissed me while I rubbed her little clit. I soon leaned down and started to lick her little pussy. She tasted so sweet that it was addicting. It didn’t take me long to realize I wanted to keep doing this for years.

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    Love it!! Spurt!

  • Reply Cindy

    My dad got me pregnant when I was 12.
    He got our daughter pregnant at 12 too. He wants my grandson to get both his mother and me pregnant

    • T

      How can I get ahold of you

    • Jack

      That’s hot you should let the grandson get you and her pregnant.


    Did your daughter get pregnant too you should do a part 2

  • Reply Martin-the-perv

    Turned me on, but the fear of ever getting caught stops me acting out my fantasy, as good as it would be.

    • Donald

      I can help you out to breed young girls. The world record for the youngest girl to get pregnant is five years old. She had a baby boy. We farther is the baby dad. I go to adult breeding parties. The women at the parties bring their kids to the parties and let them have sex. Let me know if you like to join us. Or you can do babysitting and teach them about sex.


    Wow what a lucky bastard. Made me cum.

  • Reply T

    Contact info?