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The Delhi Stud – 2

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So far, the Delhi stud rapes his little Chink boy servant. What else is happening in their bungalow? Let’s find out.

I kept bouncing Chhotu on my dick till I got tired of holding that little fucktoy. The rest of the night is a blur – I remember holding him against the wall and pumping into him, but that’s the last of it. I woke up the next day in my own bed, my naked butt sprawled across the bed atop of my white duvet, which no doubt, had cum stains near where my dick was.

“Bhaiya, Orange Juice, or Protein Shake?”

Kalu was standing next to my bed, with his black cock right in my face. If you recall, I’ve got a strict rule for my floor, and it’s simple – no clothes. For anyone.

“Kalu get the fuck out of my room it’s too early,” I groaned.

“Karan bhaiya just flew in an hour ago, and he’s waiting for you downstairs.”

“Yeah no shit, I can hear him smack Neha.” Neha was my brother’s wife, or as we like to call her, the new family punching bag.

Kalu bent down and got close to my mouth. He whispered, “Karan bhaiya stripped Neha bhabhi as soon as they walked in. I think he was angry with her about something…”

“No you fucker, he isn’t angry about something,” I interrupted, “He just generally likes berating that bitch”.

“Whatever, do you want to watch or not?”

“Obviously. But before that, give me a little taste.”

I grabbed his dick and made him stand up, before engulfing half of it into my mouth. I’m not ashamed to do anything, as long as I want it. And I like sucking dick. Good dick. My brother, the ultimate stud, taught me one good thing – rich people never apologize for their desires. Especially people from Delhi.

But I’m in no mood to get Kalu to climax. I just wanted to tease him, get him all riled up. He usually gets frustrated when I leave him midway, and he’s even more brutal to whoever he inevitably ends up raping.

More often than not, it’s Chhotu (only if I’m not around). Or he wanders into other parts of the house and rapes the maids or their daughters. Most of our servants are female (courtesy, my father), but I wanted at least one of my personal servants to be an absolute bull, who I could use to behave like me when I’m not available.

I sucked Kalu’s dick for like a minute before he got really hard.

“It’s tasteless. Did you already take a shower?”

He nodded.

I had the perfect excuse.

“Come to me when it’s got more flavor,” I said and dropped the dick.

“Yeah, like you ever suck me properly,” he groaned.

I stood up and threw him back on my bed. I straddled him and pushed down, making it impossible for him to escape. “Well I don’t owe you shit, blackie. Now make me a protein shake,” I said, twisting his nipples, “and bring it down to Karan’s floor.”

He convulsed in agony till I left his nips, after which he apologized and left to do his fucking job.

Servants, I tell you.


Karan’s floor was beautiful. It was redecorated to resemble his Bombay bungalow, so it always felt like his home.

But the furniture and fixtures weren’t all. It was Karan’s personality which made it come alive.

I walked in wearing boxers underneath a half open fluffy robe, and found Karan teabagging his wife.

His face immediately lit up when he saw me, and he beckoned me to come closer. I went and kissed him.

We made out for a minute before pulling away. Naturally, my hands were all over his face, and his hands were all over my butt.

“How have you been, bro?”

“I’m good bhaiya. What did she do now?”

“This bitch,” he pushed his balls deeper into her face, “winked at the pilot.”

“Ah well, that calls for a punishment.”

“Oh more than that. I plan to humiliate her not once, but multiple times for this.”

Her muffled cries also came up now. “You already slapped me in front of everyone, what else do you want,” she sobbed.

Karan and I laughed.

“That’s just to get you in line in public, bhabhi. That’s no punishment. That’s damage control. Now your punishment starts,” I teach her. What a stupid bitch.

“Bhaiya, I know you want to deal with her, but we need to go to the gym. It’s already 11. Let Kalu take care of her.”

He nodded in agreement and got off her face. She finally breathed a sigh of relief, but I couldn’t have that. I’d already taken out a large dildo out of my robe pocket, and I just shoved it inside her ass. No lube, no prep. I needed to hold her still till Kalu could come down.


The Delhi Stud has more adventures destined for him, now that his Original Stud is back with his wife. Do you think Daddy would also be involved? Stay tuned to find out.

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