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Local source of care

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Shhh! It’s a secret, never tell !

There was a place like normal, where normal wasn’t so normal, at an after-school care home Where girls only stayed temporarily to long term.

Sometimes up to eighteen years at a time, it was a Private residence and was looked after by the eldest Son during the day he was fourteen and was home schooled.

He had no friends and was pretty poor, most days he Was left to look after these girls, by the time he reached age seven he saw his first glimpse when he was forced to bath them because mom was drunk again on the couch sleeping.

He had the girls in the bathroom one by one as they where much to handle, these girls where various ages, because they where young he needed to stay in the bathroom to watch and make sure they didn’t slip n drown.

The first girl was five and she had no hesitation and let this boy take her clothes off, as his father usually did & she then said “Daddy game ? Daddy game ?” I asked “what’s that?”, she said “u’no where Daddy has fun” as her clothes where off at this point she pointed to her bald vagina, he looked away for a sec then looked back it.

He asked her if it was OK that he keep looking, she said “ya” and so he kept looking at it, he the told her to take his hand and put it where Daddy does, so she did.

He then asked her “how many times a day do you and daddy play this game?” She said usually 2x a day, his hand was now on this littlr girls tiny hairless bald vagina, so he asks “does he do this ?” As he was urged due to noticing the lips on this tiny vagina moved, he then parted them and loved what he saw…

He got done with her, loving what he just saw for the first time, he then opened the door and shouted next girl please!

Stay tuned for pt. 2

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  • Reply Foxx ID:bkbo8eum9j

    Love it. Part 2 soon!