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Nude Family Vacation

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We take a family vacation and find we are close to a topless beach. Fiction. MfFm, teens, incest.

I rented a two week stay in a timeshare condo on one of the small Caribbean islands for our family vacation. It was a three bedroom as there was myself, my wife, Sally, our fifteen-year-old son Frank and our thirteen-year-old daughter Brenda.

The flight from our hometown of Syracuse went smoothly. It was winter at home, so I had been worried about the weather causing flight problems. We arrived at the resort, and it was spectacular. The rooms were big and very well set up. We had a great ocean view unit. The place was right on a white sand beach, but it also had three pools and two restaurants with all of our meals included. The afternoon temps were in the low 80’s and a light breeze made the palm trees sway.

One thing that caught my and Sally’s attention was a note on our dining room table along with all of the other information that said that 500 feet down the beach, started a topless area. Sally and I smiled at each other and told the kids that they could go to the beach most any time they wanted but that they had to tell us, go together and only go right in front of our resort, not past the nude beach sign.

On the second day, frank found out about the topless beach and started bugging us to let him go down there. We said no but he kept pushing to go. We weren’t concerned about him going without our OK as he mostly follows the rules that we set for him.

On the fourth day it was obvious that he was not going to give up on his goal of going to the topless section of the beach. I finally said OK but only if I went with him. Sally then spoke up and said, “If you guys want to go, then we will all go.” I saw a small smile on Brenda’s face.

The next day about two in the afternoon, it was time, and we all got our suits on. Sally and Brenda had matching yellow bikinis. I wondered if Sally would take her top off. If she did, a lot of people would take a look because she has a fantastic set of jugs.

We walked down the beach and came to the first sign. “Be advised – Topless optional beach starts in 100 feet.” We all looked at each other and then continued on. I noticed that maybe eighty percent of the women and girls were topless. The ages of the people on that part of the beach went from probably three to eighty. Chests went from almost flat to maybe 44DD. Some sagged a lot and others stood out proudly. Frank’s eyes were open so wide you would think his eyeballs would fall out as he looked at every female that we passed. A lot of the people were tourists but there were locals also, so it was a mixture of black and white bodies. Almost all of the people that lived and worked on the island were black.

We had been on the beach for about five minutes when Sally reached behind her back and unfastened. Her top fell away from her chest, and she put it in the beach bag that she was carrying. Frank’s attention shifted from all the strangers to his mother. She looked at us and smiled, “When in Rome”. We kept walking. Half the time Frank watched the strangers on the beach and half the time he stared at his mother’s high, firm 34-C breasts as they swayed back and forth while she walked. I also watched her but spend more time picking out the best others.

Five more minutes went buy and then Brenda stripped out of her top, without asking. She put it in the beach bag with her mom’s. Now it was my turn to pay attention. I had not seen Brenda’s chest from back when she was a totally flat chested little girl playing in the sprinkler in our back yard. She was definitely becoming a young lady. She had boobs. They weren’t much bigger than plums, but they were boobs. She looked at her mom and then at me and smiled.

Frank pointed and, in a loud voice, said, “Look, Dad’s got a boner.”

He was right and I couldn’t hide it. I pointed back at him, “Look at who’s talking. That’s a pretty noticeable bump in your swimsuit, too.” The girls giggled.

Later, back in the condo, Sally was cooking dinner and everyone else was standing around when Brenda got brave and said, “It’s not fair.”

“What’s not fair?”

“Mom, me and all those other women and girls showed their stuff, but the guys didn’t show anything that they don’t show every day. That’s not fair.”

Mom and dad smiled at each other and then she replied, “You’ve got a good point, Honey. Tell you what, after dinner we will all get naked for the rest of the night. Does that sound good to everyone?”

Frank was the first one to say that it was a great idea. Everyone agreed. “Is dinner ready yet?”

“No. It will be another fifteen minutes.”

“Can’t we start now?” Frank started to unfasten his pants.

“No, not till after we eat.”

Dinner was served and Frank cleaned his plate faster than he even had. “I’m ready. Everybody get naked.” It took less than a minute and Frank had all of his clothes off and was showing off his almost six-inch erection. It looked rock hard. You probably could have used it for a coat rack. He rushed over to his mother and started to undress her.

“Hold on boy. We agreed to nude but not to touching. No touching, we are just all going to be naked for the rest of the evening, nothing else.”

I looked away from them and saw that Brenda had also stripped and was standing there, naked. My heart jumped, or maybe I should say that my cock jumped. I love looking at little naked girls that are just past puberty. I spend a lot of time looking at nudists websites. You can’t find little girls on porn sites, that is illegal, but you can find hundreds of them on nudists sites because they say that nudism is just fine. I would love to take some pictures of us and send them to some of these sites for others to enjoy.

Sally and I finally finished getting naked and the kids looked and smiled. I was only half hard but already over six inches. “OK everyone. It is just a normal night except that we don’t have clothes on. Remember, no touching.” Sally and I sat on the couch and the kids sat on the floor as we watched a comedy movie on TV.

Everything was normal for about ten minutes. The kids leaned over and whispered something to each other and then they jumped up. Brenda leaped onto my lap and wiggled her butt against me. I got hard, instantly. She felt it and giggled.

Frank got next to his mother and grabbed a handful of her right breast. We tried to push the kids off, but they had their minds made up. I looked at sally and she looked back. “OK, touching will be allowed but don’t even think about having sex.”

Brenda reached between my legs and grasped my dick. “You sure have a big one, Daddy, and it’s so hot.” Frank bent over and started nursing on his mother’s nipple.

I’m sure that you have guessed where this was going. It wasn’t long before my cock was inside of Brenda’s pussy, and she was bouncing up and down on it. Sally was on her back, on the floor and Frank was stabbing his dick in and out of his mother’s hot cunt. It turned out that neither Brenda nor Frank were virgins. They had been screwing each other for several months, and Frank had fucked several other girls.

Frank came inside his mother, but I pulled out and shot on her chest. She told me to rub it on her, especially on her boobies.

For the rest of our vacation, we spent more time having sex with our kids than doing anything else. We told them that when we got home, everything would be back to normal. Our family incest fun would be just a fun memory.

Well, we got home, and that rule lasted exactly one day before we were all screwing each other’s brains out. Brenda’s cunt is so tight, and Sally says Frank has the best tasting cum.

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