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Bad Samaritans II: Commando

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I had to switch PoV to Juphram, or “Joey.” Just FYI, because it sometimes confuses readers when I alternate Narrator. #RolePlay #ForcedFem #FemDomme

She sent me a text, [What are you doing for Halloween?]

[I thought I’d dress up as someone scary, like Jesus.] I joked, because my family. They kinda hate Christians, but it’s like Homophobia, I guess. There’s as much fear as persecution complex, because they’re Samaritans. That’s one thing they, and Jews have in common, they like playing the victims of history. Except for that 1 good story from the Bible, and the bad one, where the Samaritan women were converted, and took Christian names.

I guess Sarah converted me. I don’t know God, and honestly, she’s right. “Anyone that says they know God, and what He wants is lying to themselves. So, they can lie to you even better, because they believe it.” The power of denial, I guess. She says, but she’s not an Atheist, she’s Agnostic. So, I guess that makes me Agnostic, too. “The 3 wisest words ever spoken, in any language is: “I Don’t Know.” Anything else is Hubris.”

[I’ve got chores to do,] she texted back, [so can you cum over, while my folks are at work?]

She sent a picture, wearing her maid’s costume. She’s only 17, so anything like flashing her underwear might be considered Sexting underage, even though that’s old enough to consent, and we’ve been doing it even before either of us was technically legal. You don’t want to take pictures, though. That’s just manufacturing evidence for the cops if you ever do get caught.

She got it for Halloween, but it’s not a “Naughty Maid” outfit. It’s just a uniform a real hotel housekeeping uniform, but that’s the point. She doesn’t have to wear sexy clothes, and act naughty. She’s naughty, and she can make anything look sexy, but she likes to role play, and hates doing chores.

I don’t like doing chores, but it makes me feel sexy. Being a guy, you have to work extra hard to look sexy, when for girls, it just comes naturally. Girls are just naturally sexy, especially in their teens, but even when they get older. It’s not like they have to buy their own drinks, at the bar. Not when there’s always men to buy them drinks, to get them drunk, and drive them home, for sex.

It’s fucked up, really. When you think about it, the fucked up games people play, and believe it’s normal. The mating ritual of the north American red breasted singles. The mating call “I am so drunk!” and the male call, “I better give you a ride home.”

It’s sexist, and it leads to Rape. Mixed signals, and yeah guys get the wrong idea, because they want to. That’s no excuse “I was drunk, and look what she was wearing. She wanted it, she just felt bad after.” Yeah, after he raped her. Being so drunk you can’t see the signs, except the ones you want to is no excuse. Especially if she consents, and then passes out, rape is rape.

[What should I wear?] I got home to change, and pulled back the clothes in the middle of my closet, to go through the fetish wear I had collected on 1 end. The end where you probably won’t spot them, behind winter coats, especially since most of them are small, tight, and skimpy.

[Whatever you want, Commando.] She’s not calling me Commando, that’s code for no underwear. So, I kicked those off, and pulled my pants back on. Adjusted so the head of my penis wasn’t right on the rough edge of the seam, and zipped them up. It’s uncomfortable, but I only have to get over to her house, before she takes them off.

She didn’t say we had the house to ourselves, she said her folks were at work, and I didn’t pick up on it. So, I was a little surprised when I knocked, and Suzy opened the door to let me in.

“Uh,” she’s only about 12, or 13. If you ask her, she’s going to say 13, because she’s going through that phase where little girls can’t wait to grow up. With Sarah draped across the coffee table, like a piano, with her mom’s cocktail dress hanging off of her, jewelry, and perfume filling the air, her hair done up.

“It’s about time you showed up.”

“I have an idea,” Suzanne ran down the hall to the bedrooms.

“You’re late, but it’s my usual servants’ day off, so you have a lot of work.” She got up, slinky in that loose dress. Hanging down over the tops of her stockings, but I saw the strap of a garter belt before the slit in the side hung over it. She picked something up, and it unfolded, for her to hold it up. “So you better get dressed.”

“Guys,” down the hall, Suzy looked out the door to the classroom. They’re home schooled, but they don’t have any brothers, and the other room is a small classroom, with 2 desks, and a white board. She held a dry erase marker, clutched to the trim around the door. “You want to play hot for teacher?”

“No, go ahead and play with yourself.” Sarah turned back to me, and said. “Where were we?” She grabbed my pants. “Oh yeah,” and stuck the button through the hole with her thumbnail. “Take off your clothes, and put on the dress. Now.”

“Yes maam. Uh, you mind making sure she closes the door?” I backed up, but the closest bathroom was down the hall, and I was already getting a boner. She doesn’t wear the pants in the family. Okay, we’re not married yet, but I’m working, saving up, and we both live at home until we can afford our own place.

“Huh, fine. But you better be ready for work when I get back.” Those heels, also her mother’s clacked on the hardwood before she got to the rug in the hall, but she looked in on her, and blocked the door so I could get out of my pants, before my boner broke the zipper.

That’s really uncomfortable, without any underwear on, but it helps to shave there. So there’s no pubic hair to get caught in the zipper, but as soon as I got my shirt off. I pulled on the dress to cover me, a little.

Oh yeah. As I was saying, she doesn’t wear pants. At all, she hates them, but she loves dresses, and skirts. I never cross Dressed before, but I felt half naked. Because I was, even sticking my dick up, so I could pull the hem down, I definitely felt a draft. It hung down low enough to cover her underwear on her, but I’m taller, and even without her curves, it still isn’t quite long enough to cover my butt in back. My balls hanging down in front, and my dick keeps sticking out to rub the rough fabric inside.

“Huh!” I closed my eyes, and heard the door shut. Her heels on the rug in the hall, and listened for them hitting the hardwood when she stepped out to see me, trying to cover myself, and feeling just about as sexy as I’ve ever been.

Then, the wheels rolled across the floor, and snapped me out of it. “Well, don’t just stand there.” She stood up the vacuum, and held up the plug, “I don’t pay you to stand around, get to work.”

“Okay, maam.” I couldn’t cover my raging erection, but she didn’t even look down, she flopped the cord back over her shoulder, and turned to look behind the couch. “The plug is back there.”

She handed it to me, and warned me, “Don’t move the couch, you’ll scratch the floor. Get down on your hands, and knees.”

I crawled back, which made the dress ride up, and expose my ass. I even gave it a little wiggle, and felt my junk swing back and forth. Risking a look back to see her standing there. Watching, holding the straw she cut off, like a cigarette.

She doesn’t smoke, it’s a filthy habit, and even if she did, she couldn’t in here, or her parents would smell it when they get back. They don’t work weekends, they volunteer with all kinds of charities, political activists, and honestly, I could care less what they’re protesting this week. All I want to know is how long we have, because she always waits for the end to have sex.

Until then, I have to do everything I can to look sexy for her, feel sexy for her, but god damn if I don’t love it. Every minute of it, and we know this couple. This married couple that can’t have kids for some reason or other, but they took us under their wing, and shared their secrets to a long, and loving sex life.

“Nothing sexier than a man scrubbing the floor, doing the windows, or washing dishes in an apron.” And nothing else, I guess the closest thing I’ve ever done to playing the maid is cooking her dinner in an apron and nothing else. Then washing the dishes until she couldn’t take it any more, tried to tear it off, and jumped my bone right there on the kitchen counter. It’s so passionate, and exciting that I know it’ll never get old for years to cum, because if it ever does, there’s a million other games we can play until we die together.

“Huh?” Her toe on my back, and the heel slipping down, until the hem slips off, and the hard rubber tip presses into the top of my ass crack. Right over the bone, she didn’t dig it in, too hard.

“Find something interesting back there?”

“No, miss.”

“It’s Missus, Menasseh.”

“Hhhhuh!” She stomped behind me. call it topping from the bottom, or passive agressive if you want, but I love it. So much when she says that. I can’t wait to make her My Wife, and even though the tradition is Matriarchal. My father took my mother’s name, for an example. She’s willing to take mine, and even talked about converting until I confessed my agnosticism, and doubts about all that spiritual ritualism, and bullshit fables. And stuff.

“Sorry, miss.” She slapped me. “Uhn!”


“Yes maam.”

“If you’re going to work for me, you have to learn respect, your place, and you will address me as Maam.”

“Yes Maam.”

“Hhihihn!” That killed the mood.

“Ugh!” She rolled her eyes, and turned around, but I covered myself before I saw her little sister behind her, or she me.

“You’re right, he looks super sexy in that dress.”


She covered her mouth, and giggled some more, “This is way better than Hot for Teacher.”

“Huh, look. I know you’re maybe a little young to understand what’s going on here.”

“No I’m not. I’m almost 14, and in high school.” She looked back, “Classes, or I’d be in high school, if I wasn’t stuck in here, all alone.” She looked up, and pouted. “And horny.”

I almost felt sorry for her, before Sarah snickered, “You little nympho,” she mussed up her hair. “Huh, I’m ashamed to admit it, but I was pretty much just as horny, when I was her age.”

All of 4 years ago?

At least that broke the mood enough for the swelling to go down. “Well, is it okay if I watch? I won’t touch him, or anything, I promise.”

BOING! “Uh, I guess that’s all right with me. If it’s all right with you, I mean.”

Sarah’s so tall in those heels, it’s not really hard to imagine her being so much older, but I felt like a little boy. A naughty little boy, and that made me feel sexy.

“Sit down.” She pointed at the couch, and grabbed me shoulder. “Not you.” I went over to the vacuum, to figure out how to turn it on. “Sit up straight.”

“Sit up, or sit down?” She mouthed off.

“Sit on your hands, and behave yourself, if you want to watch. If you can’t behave, then you can go to your room, now Zip it.” She bit both lips, and nodded, but she still had the rebellious streak, I remember in her sister, even before we met.

“You, what’s taking you so long?”

“Uh, how do you turn it on?”

“There’s a pedal on the side.” She pointed, “That one releases the head.”

So the red one, I touched with the toe of my shoe. My boy’s shoe, of course I never wore heels before. Not even flats, but if I’m going to keep my hard-on swinging back and forth, so the calloused head rubs the rough inside of the dress. I didn’t even know that you could get callouses on your dick head, before I started going commando, rubbing it hard on the insides of zippers, and getting rubbed off roughly in a handfull of lace panties. Snapped tight under her bra strap, so her hot sweaty tits…

‘huh,’ don’t overdo it. You don’t want to waste it wetting the inside of the dress.

“Don’t stop.” She grabbed me, from behind, goosing my nuts sack, and pinching it between 2 fingers to swing it back and forth like a switch.

“Uh, fuck uh!”

“Watch your language in front of my daughter, and don’t cum yet. Hold it.” She knows I can’t. “Hold it as long as you can. Don’t move, don’t even breathe, and don’t you dare cum.”

“Ngh hn! HhuhHhuh!”

Even over the whine of the vacuum, I could hear the giggles from the couch. It was so embarrassing, humiliating, sexy, exciting, and thrilling, I came like I haven’t in a long time.

“Huh, good. You did good.” Her hand slipped out, so my drained balls could drop, and the dress stuck to my shaved privates. “Huh, but you have a lot of work to do, and if you get it up again, then you can fuck me.”

I swallowed, and nodded, but now it was running down my legs. “Of course.”

“Yes. Maam.”

“Yesmaam.” That took the edge off, though. So I could finish vacuuming.


Hot for Teacher (Van Halen)

Finally! Norman came over, so I ran to the door, wiped off my hands, and unlocked it for him. Hugged him, and whispered. ‘Don’t look in the kitchen.’

“Why not, uh!” He looked away, but it was just my sister, and her boyfriend, cooking dinner. In an apron, with a big boner holding it out when it’s not stuck up between the drawers, and the lip of the counter. “You guys are fucking Weird!” He laughed at his own joke.

“Never mind them,” I pulled him back to the classroom, and sat down, while he pulled the cap off the marker, and wrote [Mr. Wendt] up on the whiteboard. Then, he took off his hat, and gently set it on the desk. So it didn’t rumple the felt, and then he took off his coat, to hang it over the back of the chair.

“Awe!” I wined, “I don’t even belong here. I wasn’t fighting, and it’s not fair getting detention when the girls that beat me up didn’t. When I didn’t even do anything.”

She stopped writing [Sex Edu;] And picked up the eraser to wipe it out. “Huh!” He put the cap back on, and came around the front of mom’s desk. “Well, why don’t you tell me what happened, and I’ll see if I can let you go.”

He told me about sitting in class, and he’s got this one teacher, that makes it hard. To concentrate on what she’s saying with her body moving around under her clothes, but I took a deep breath. Which is hard in the girdle, the way he’d put it, ‘corset is. That means I have to breath up in my chest, which just stretches the top of my dress tighter, and I can almost feel the fat squeezing out of my tummy, into my chest.

Just more to love, he says. Yeah, more tits, but when you’re 12, those biggish boobs come with a tummy too. I’d probably have the biggest boobs in class, if I wasn’t studying with my sister. She’s taking pre-college courses, and I’m reading at 10th grade level, but I can only imagine what it’s like in school, with a big fat teacher, and her ass stretching the seat of her pant-suit so tight that you can see the lines in her underwear.

“Well, I was just sitting in the bathroom, minding my own business, when these 2 girls came in, and they tried to keep their voices down, but they were talking dirty, about last night, and I heard they’re lesbians.”

“Uh huh!” He grinned, and his cheeks filled up with blush before he even got a boner in his pants, but he was right there. Leaned up against mom’s desk, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else, but he pushed his glasses up, and I think the stubble’s growing out around his neck. Maybe he’s growing it out for winter, I can just imagine him with a big bushy beard, cutting wood for the fire out in some cabin to keep us warm.

“They got a new toy, for 2. A double dildo, and it’s 14 inches long, so that’s 7 inches for each of them, with their fat asses slapping together so hard, it makes their big tits shake bent over fucking it, but then they heard me in there. Uh.” I had to think, “I pulled out some toilet paper to wipe after peeing, and before I could even pull up my underwear, then broke in the door, and pulled me out. They took my panties, and pushed me out in the hall, but they said if i told anyone they’d rape me.”

I uncrossed my legs, and put my foot down, with my knees spread, wide open. “So, you’re not wearing any underwear.” he got up, and went around the desk, but not before I saw his boner. Telling me I got it just exactly right. He sat down.

“Hm.” He held his hands up, after adjusting his trouser snake. “Well,” he looked down, and I pulled my dress even tighter across my lap. Between my thighs, I was so wet I could smell it, knowing full well he could see my pubes even between my soft hairy thighs. “Ah, actually.” He likes me hairy too, while most guys, especially his age would rather you shave everything. So you look like a prepube girl down there, he likes hairy legs, and armpits too. He’s really a woman trapped in a man’s body, but if he hadn’t been born that way, he would have been a lesbian. “Well, I can’t have you not wearing underwear in school.” He picked up a pen off the desk. “So, I’m going to have to report you for violating dress code.”

“No, please. I can’t get another detention, I’ve got chess club tomorrow after school.” I got up.

“Well, rules are rules.” He sat back to show me that he wasn’t adjusting his boner when he sat down. He opened up his pants, so his boner could stick out.

“Huh, well it’s not fair that you get to cum to school without any underwear on, and I get in trouble?”

“Well, life isn’t fair.”

“Well, maybe I should ask the principal, your boss whether it’s okay for you to sit around with your dick out, where I can see it. Is that what you want?”

“Don’t you dare, you lying slut.”

“I won’t, I promise. I won’t tell anyone, it’ll be our little secret, but I’ll do anything to get out of detention. Anything.”

“Huhuh.” He chuckled, but he’s so smart, and I’m just glad he took time off from teaching middle school to cum tutor me on weekends.

Pro-bono, so to speak.


Sarah (mf)

“So,” he wiped his hands off on his apron, “Who’s the neckbeard?”

“Oh, just some guy that’s teaching her algae bra.”

“Well,” he pushed up imaginary glasses, “Actually.” With his middle finger, “I’m sure he can teach her all about the Friend Zone, and how girls try to trap men in loveless relationships, but not all men.”

“Stop, stop,” so I can breathe, “I’m sure he’s not really like that.”

“Well, does he cosplay as Stranger Danger just to hide his chins, or is it a role play thing?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I should ask him, later. Right now, we’ve got buns in the oven, and a few minutes before my folks get home.” I fished the rubber out of my bra. “Come here, you’ve been so good today.” He held up the front of the apron, to pick out the lose ends. “No, leave that on. You look so sexy in that apron.”

“What’s with you, and aprons, anyway?”

“I don’t know. Call it a fetish, what with anyone, and bondage, latex, pvc, or leather?”

“I saw this leather apron, at the hardware store.” He winked, and grinned.

“Hard, wear?” I rolled it on.

“Huh, yeah. It’s smooth on the outside, but rough on the inside, like swede.”

“Uh huh?” I got my undies down under the dress. The cock tail dress. He pulled a chair out, and hopped up on the table. So, I gave him my hand, to help me up on the chair. He goosed me. “God, you’re wet today!”

“Huh, yeah.” He held my hips guiding me back to his lap. So, I held up the hem, and pulled out his cock to aim it. “You worked so hard today.”

“Do I really look that good, in that sack of a dress?”

“Sh.” I closed my eyes, and slowly relaxed my knees. To enjoy every inch of penetration. “Huh! Yeah.” She was right, and I have to give credit where it was do. That outfit at the Halloween store is so fake, it looks like a costume, when the real thing turned out to be cheaper, and it’s built to last. Naughty maid outfits are made to last maybe 1 night, of trick or treating. This one could last us for years, and years. “Uh! You can cum, you can cum whenever you want you’re. NGH! So, good! Fuck ME! So good.”

“Huh, yeah. You want it?”

“YeaAH! Huh, give it to me. Give it to me hard. Pound it in me!”

“Say it.”

“No. Don’t cum. Don;t you dare fucking cum!”

“Uh!” He’s close!

“Don’t move, don’t even breathe!”

“HhuhH!” He held his breath.

“Huh,” I stopped, held still, and felt under his balls. The sweet spot, the twitch in his taint, and the bulge of semen pumping out. “Huh!” To fill the rubber. “Huh!” I can;t wait, honestly. “Huh! you did good.”

“No, I’ve been bad.”

“Oh yeah?” When I got off, he rolled over, but I had to take off these death trap shoes to climb down without twisting an ankle, and breaking my fucking neck.

“Yeah, so bad you wouldn’t believe. Uhn!” I slapped his ass. Right when he wasn’t expecting it. “Huh, one?”

“Well, I’m going to have to think of a better punishment, if you keep acting UP!”

“Uhn! Yeah.” I was having so much fun, I lost track of time until mom, and dad got home.

“Shit! Where’s your pants?”

“Huh!” He just crawled off the table, and sat down. On his hot little ass. i ran back, but he just took off the apron, and set it down.

“Hurry up, put them on.”



“Check the pockets.”

“We don’t have time for this.”

“We do, just check the front pockets.”

“What are you looking f. Huh?”

“Girls?” The front door opened. He just pulled the little box out of my fingers, and opened it. Turned around so the sparkle dazzled my eyes.

“Will you marry me?”

“You want to do this now?”

“Yes, or no.”

“Uh, yes of course, now put your pants on.” I turned around, and threw them in his lap, but my parents just stood there, smiling.

His parents standing next to them, nodding.

“Oh my god. You guys!?” I tried to hide in my hands, shaking my head.



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