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Nudist Family Experience 2

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We asked Zoey and Holly to come say hi to our new friends and their children. As they came up to meet them I just realized their daughter was about the same age as Holly and the two sons seemed to be more older than them.

Also I realized that little girl was wearing a larger size butt plug and it seemed to stretch her little butt hole a lot

So I asked their mom Mrs. Melinda about their daughter and she said she’s only 10 but she had been trained from a very young age.

I asked what training means? And Mrs. Melinda laughed and asked me “don’t you guys have sex with your girls?”

I was shocked when she asked that and my Husband was completely shocked too. We started to Blabber our words and somehow Mrs. Melinda understood what we were trying to say.

She said “as Nudists it’s up to you to have sex with them or not but as parents it’s our duty to teach them” she continued “also its good for them trust me, it makes them more strong and smarter when they grow up”

We smiled and said “OK we understand but we are still new to this, we’ll learn more things in the future”

So we spent our whole evening till sunset at the beach and when it started to get darker we said bye to our new friends and we went into our Rooms to get some rest.

When we entered the room Zoey and Holly jumped on the beds saying they were so exhausted and I carefully removed their butt plugs to let them breathe a little bit.

Since they kept it inside from afternoon, little red butt holes became a little wider and seemed a little swollen too.

So I lay them face down on the bed and rubbed some oil on it to make them feel less irritated.

I saw my husband was looking at what I was doing and I asked him to pull out my plug and rub some oil on my butt.

He came and sat down on the bed, pulled it out gently and without even warning he started to lick my dirty butt hole.

“huny we were at the beach all day I haven’t even washed up yet don’t put your mouth down there yet”

He replied “it’s k babe, I want to do this”

So I just raised my butt more so he can taste it better.

He sent our slurping noises while he suck it with his mouth and he even tongue fucked me while holding on to my hips.

The pleasure just Sent me into a different place and without thinking twice about it I grabbed little holly up and I started to lick her pussy for the first time. She didn’t knew what was going on but she stayed knelt down like I wanted her to stay.

Then I grabbed Zoey and put one of my boobs in her young mouth and asked her to kiss and suck it.

I was so excited and also with Mrs. Melinda’s instructions I really wanted to try this out one day but since my husband made me go crazy the opportunity showed it self to us.

Then I asked my husband to sit down and I told Holly to put his hard cock inside his mouth. Since Holly was the youngest she had to open her mouth wider to take it in. But without saying no to it she took half of his rod inside her mouth and I instructed her to go up and down.

With my husband’s reactions I knew Holly was rubbing her little teeth on her daddy’s cock but he was in love with it so I didn’t stop her.

Then I took Zoey aside and pushed my larger butt plug I had on earlier inside her tight butt hole. She sent out a tiny scream since it ripped her butt hole a bit. But I pushed it in till it went deep down.

Then I asked Zoey to go and kiss her Daddys whole body top to bottom.

She kissed him everywhere like I asked her to while her baby sister was blowing him off.

Then suddenly my husband let out a huge Groan and Holly’s mouth started to drip with his white semen..

I ran towards her and asked her to swallow all of it and asked Zoey to lick off the rest around her dads thighs and balls.

Holly made a funny look while she swallowed his load and I told her “it’s good for you huny, it’s very healthy”

Then Zoey said “I want more then, I only had a little, Holly drank it all”

Me and my Husband laughed really loud at how cute they both were and I told them both “from now on you girls are going to drink so much of it and we are going to make sure you do”

-to be continued-

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