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Oh Sarah, you made me so happy

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I found a young girl masturbating in a wooden den and couldn’t resist the opportunity to give her a good time.

It was the middle of summer on a very hot day, I was 57 years old, retired from my work as a mechanic and enjoying whatever years I had left, after lunch at around 1pm I took my dog Benji out for his afternoon walk across the fields behind my home.

After a good run around playing fetch for half hour or so we headed down towards the stream, Benji likes to run in the water to cool his legs down, as we were walking across the bank of the stream I heard a voice, it sounded like a girl in some sort of distress.

So I made my way up a shallow hill between the dense trees, after a few minutes I made it to a small clearing where I saw a den made out of old wooden pallets and covered in blue plastic tarp, the sounds got louder as I got closer, thinking there was someone in trouble I peeled back the tarp covering the front of the den and I was not prepared for what I discovered.

Inside was a young girl, dark blonde hair in a ponytail, blue eyes, little button nose, short, skinny, she was still dressed in her school uniform, white shirt, blue and white checker pattern pleated skirt, black shoes, white ankle socks, and she was laid on her back on top of a pile of old blankets and an old dirty pillow, her knees were up, her legs were spread apart, pink panties were tangled around her left ankle, skirt rolled up over her waist and she was masturbating.

When I peeled that tarp open I got a clear view of her fingering herself, Benji ran inside, stuck his nose between her legs and licked her pussy, that is when she realised I was there, when she did, she immediately pulled her skirt down, sat up, and scurried backwards away from me looking both scared and very embarrassed.

“Benji! – Come here!” I shouted, then we just looked at each other for about a minute not saying a word, her eyes were looking around, she kind of looked like a frightened mouse that had been cornered by a cat, “It’s okay…” I said, noticing she looked scared and I wanted to put her at ease, “…I’m not going to hurt you.” I said.

“Wh – Who – Who are you?” she asked.

“My name is Chris. What’s yours?” I asked.

“S – Sa – Sarah.” She replied, her voice shaky.

“Hi Sarah. What are you doing here all by yourself in the middle of the day?” I asked.

It was a school day, looking at her distinctive uniform I could tell she went to the local school up the road, she should have been in class not hiding in a den playing with herself.

“I just wanted to be on my own.” She replied.

She had covered herself up, but not enough, and my eyes kept looking between her legs, I could still see her pussy which was bald, beautiful and soaking wet, and it was making my cock twitch to life.

“To play with yourself?” I said, she blushed, “its okay I’m not judging you, I play with myself all the time. its fun isn’t it?” I said.

She cracked a little smile, “Yeah.” She said.

“How old are you, Sarah?” I asked.

“Eleven.” She replied, “Well, I will be next month.” She added.

I could have left her alone to get on with it, I should have left her alone to get on with it, but she was a very pretty girl, half naked in a damp and dirty wooden den, she was clearly horny and her pussy looked very nice from where I was standing, I’m also a warm blooded male, I may be old and retired but I know a good thing when I see one.

I looked around to see if anyone was about, the coast was clear, “Benji, stay.” I said, getting my dog to sit outside, then I went inside the den on my knees and dropped the tarp behind me, it went a little dark inside but still had enough light to see clear enough, “Playing on your own is fun – but wouldn’t you like to have someone to play with.” I said, as I slowly unzipped my jeans.

I exposed my cock to her and she sat up on her knees looking at it, she didn’t know what to make of it, I could tell by her expression she’d never seen one before, and the twinkle in her eyes told me she wanted it, “Go on – touch it.” I said.

She tentatively moved her arm out and with her finger tips she kind of stroked my shaft, and when she touched it it twitched and started to harden, she quickly recoiled her hand in surprise at seeing it move, she looked surprised and then she smiled and giggled, then she reached out and touched it again and continued to gently rub it with her small delicate fingers until it was fully erect.

I reached out to touch her and she flinched back, looking a bit scared, “I won’t hurt you – Can I touch you?” I asked, she thought about it and then nodded giving me permission, so I reached out again and caressed her face with my palm and then rubbed my hand down her arm, “You’re a very beautiful girl.” I said, which made her blush and smile.

After a while she got used to me touching her and became more comfortable with it, I shuffled myself closer to her then I leaned down and gave her a kiss on the lips, her lips were so soft and tender, she closed her eyes while I kissed her and I started to unbutton her white shirt.

When her shirt was fully unbuttoned I peeled the sides open, she had no breasts, flat chested, but it was the most beautiful chest I’d ever seen, I kissed her neck and she leaned back on her hands then I kissed her collar bones before moving down and kissing and sucking on her little nipples, I could feel her heart racing and she gasped out breath feeling pleasure from what I was doing.

Her skirt was held on by a single button so I popped it open and removed her skirt, then I helped her out of her shirt, she was completely naked apart from her black shoes, ankle socks and still had her tiny panties around her ankle.

I kissed my way down her short body, when I reached her belly-button she laid herself all the way down on her back, then my head went between her legs and I tasted her innocence, it was sweet tasting, her pussy was wet, soft and smooth, “Ooh – Ungh” she moaned.

Her body warmed up, she was breathing heavily and moaning, her pussy was dripping, she was ready for it, oh boy was she ready for it.

I crawled between her legs, up her body, she lifted her head up off the ground and watched me rub my cock against her pussy, her legs opened wide, she was inviting me in, so I obliged, I gently nudged the tip of my cock in to her slit and after a few slow but hard thrusts I penetrated her, her hole expanded around my girth as my cock slowly slid inside her, “Ungh – Oooaaah” she moaned, holding her breath as it went in.

I was inside the little girl, she felt like an extension of my own body as I rubbed my hands all over her, and started to fuck her, her pussy was incredible, without a doubt the tightest hole I’d ever fucked, and it was soaking wet inside, smooth and lumpy, in all my years I’d never felt anything like it, it was incredible, my cock loved it.

Someone could walk by at any moment and I knew there was no time to waste, so I started thrusting in to her faster.

She clung on to me with her hands and legs, her soft youthful flesh providing the perfect bounce, she was moaning loudly with pleasure, “Oah – Oah – Ungh – Mm – Oah.” And Benji was barking outside hearing her high pitch squeals of orgasm.

Her legs sprung out to the sides, she did the splits, the soles of her feet pressed against the sides of the wooden den, it gave me room to go further and I went balls deep in to that little girl, pretty sure my cock actually went inside her cervix at one point.

She bit down on my collar bone as I fucked her faster and harder, “Oh my god I’m coming…” I groaned, feeling the pressure building and trying to hold it in for as long as I could, my cock went both numb and ultra-sensitive, and then I could hold it no longer, “…I’m coming – Ooooaaaaaah!!!” ejaculating and flooding her pussy with my seed.

Her arms and legs went floppy and fell to the ground, her brow was all sweaty, but she was in good spirits, “Now, wasn’t that better than playing with yourself?” I asked her, she giggled, smiled, blushed and nodded.

I pushed myself up and pulled my cock out of her, my seed flowed out of her hole, she took her panties off her ankle and used them to wipe my seed off her pussy, I pulled up my jeans and fastened myself up while she put her clothes back on.

“We should go before someone sees.” I said, then I leaned over and gave her another kiss on her soft lips, “It was very-very nice to meet you, Sarah.” I said.

“You too.” She replied, then she giggled when I shook her hand.

“I don’t think we should be seen together, so I’ll leave now. Are you going to be alright?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She said.

I got out of the den feeling pretty good, but before I walked off I leaned back in, “Can I give you my number?” I asked her, hoping she would call me if she needed someone to ‘Play’ with in the future, “Sure.” She said and I gave her my number.

Then I got Benji and made my way up to the field and home, I turned back a few minutes later and saw Sarah with her backpack on walking in the opposite direction, she turned around and waved to me and I waved back.
Sadly I never did hear from her, and after about a week I realised that I’d given her the wrong number, I always seem to get the last 3 digits mixed up.

So every afternoon I kept looking for her, going to the den but she was never there, after a month I gave up, I never heard from or saw her again, I don’t know why, but I hope she is alright.

Sarah, if you’re out there, I want you to know that I loved our afternoon together, you made an old man very happy, god bless you.

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  • Reply John ID:e5w0yxia3tf

    Damn !!! This was great …..Congats !!! ~ on being so lucky to find a :”Tween” girl
    ~~ { “finger-fucking” } herself … Experimentng, Enjoying her newly discovered sexual sensations a.k.a. { “Solo-Self- Sexual-Pleasuring!” }

    ~~~ You fondling her flat chested Breasts and tiy Nipples ..
    Damn I wish that I was the person playing with her ~Tween “Titties” ~..Loved the story .. but ..

    ~~~ I wish that you didn’t ( “Screw” the little 11 year old ) ~~ and let her stay a “Virgin”
    ~~~ “Eating – Out” …her Bald, Smooth, Juicy, Wet, Pussy is Wonderful ..
    even rubbing ther tip of your “Cock-head” over her Virgin Twat ! ..For myself that is as far as I would have went !

  • Reply 12yo ID:gnrvcvoid

    damn is this real

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Oh my god . when me and my friend Debbie were coming home from school we went into the woods to our hiding place and we kissed and finger banged each other as we both were moaning as we came through our school tights and we saw this old pervert guy watching us as he was jerking off his cock toward us, I yelled out to him ! Did you see enough you pervert and he took off laughing at us ! That’s why this story reminds me of that . Good story !

  • Reply Angel1000 ID:1dwc8ev2ytp2


  • Reply Daddy Love ID:1etsxjme3bjj

    I wish she had started her periods so you could have swelled her little belly. Then you have seen your work a few months later.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenbb0a

    Story of my life on many times over. I have been extremely lucky over the years but like always a few really good ones got away.
    Loved the story very much indeed and the most perfect age ever. Budding bodies are perfect for her and a grown man to share each other.

  • Reply Peter ID:2rdls2goq2k

    Yes its pity you never meet again each other, who knows. Anyway nice story my friend.

  • Reply Hebist ID:sif22joj4du

    Oh I love this story. I’d like to love a ten-year-old. Gently and softly.
    I’d like to discuss eith people loving kids [email protected]

    • Monkey ID:1esdgob4yura

      Hello Britney. If I would have been that pervert I would have come over and asked you two beautiful young ladies needed help. If you said yes I would have eaten you both till you cum. Because I enjoy eating vajaja