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The Peeper Part 2

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Read “The Peeper” to understand the story. Starting from where I left off.

“Yeah baby. You know I love you right?”, she nodded with my dick in her mouth. I stroked her hair. Pulled her pants down and exposed her cute little baldy.

“Am I going to be punished?”, She asked.

“In the worst way possible”, I said. We laughed

I opened up her beautiful slit and licked her little dot as she sucked my dick. She paused, having a thought: “Your thing is not going to go off in my mouth is it?”, She asked.

“Is that a problem?”, I asked. She bit my head gently.

“Ow! What the fuck! That is sensitive! I don’t do that to you!”, I exclaimed.

“Well you ask dumb questions! I don’t want a mouthful of that stuff!”, She said

“Why not?”, I asked. “It is good for you.”

“Great then you eat it a-hole!”, She said and giggled.

I grabbed her legs and blew a raspberry on her pussy. She giggled and squirmed. I kept doing it. Tickling her sides as well. She was laughing uncontrollably. I started licking her again. I shoved my thumb into her pussy and fingered her in and out. She started showing signs of reaching her climax. When she did I blew a raspberry onto her clit sliding my tongue across it. She orgasmed and I did it again. She was laughing like a crazy woman. She orgasmed again. She was fighting me. Trying to push my head away as she orgasmed a third time. She just went limp. She just stared at me. I laughed. “You ok?”, She stuck out her tongue and gave me a raspberry and laughed. “Oh you little brat!”, I said and tickled her unmercifully.

“Come here. I know you’re a little scared about taking my stuff into your mouth. I am going to jack off and when I am about to finish I want you to open your mouth and eat it.”, I said.

She shook her head no. “Please for me?”, I said, “Come on big girls do it all the time.”

“Good they can do it for you then.”, She said sarcastically.

“I am going to give you raspberries again!”, I said

“Ew I am scared.”, She said. She stuck her tongue out and spread her legs. “I dare you!”

I laughed and looked at my little angel. “Don’t ever grow up ok?” She laughed.

“Alright. Before you get all mushy with me. Let’s do it and get it over with.”, She said

“Nice positive attitude there. Ugh nice to see.”, I said. She stuck her tongue out at me. “I am going to cut that tongue out!”, I said.

“I will do the same to you then!”, She said

“Well I cannot eat your pussy anymore if you do that. Haha!”, I said. “Ugh! Jerk”, she said and gave me a smug face because I won. I started jacking off. She helped things along by letting me finger her. Her little hands helped me a long as I fingered her. I was about to come and she put her head over my cock and took in the sperm as I came. She swallowed it. She said smugly “Happy now?”. I felt bad making her do that. “I just wanted you to like it. I am sorry!” She giggled and went down on me again cleaning it off. “Sneaky little brat! You made me feel bad!”, I said.

She pointed down at her crotch. “Raspberries now please. I did you a favor……..FUCK!”, She said as mom and dad came home. We quickly got dressed and I went to my room.

I took a shower. I was shaving and felt a tug on my dick and she was laughing hysterically as she fell on the floor trying to escape. I grabbed her by the legs as she was laughing and held her upside down. “Do the raspberries again on my pp! I love that! Please. Please do it again.”, She begged.

“Later our parents are home!”, I said

I set her down. She kicked me lightly and I stuck out my tongue and blew a raspberry. I put my underwear on and chased her to my room. “Please!” Giving me the puppy dog eyes.

“No! I don’t want to get caught and neither do you.”, I said. “Ok let’s go somewhere then!”, She said.

“Tonight. Ok?”, I said, “Errrr!”, She said and stomped off mad.

I went back and shaved and got dressed. I saw her lying on her bed on her phone. “Good morning! Lovely day isn’t it?”, I said. She flipped me off. Lmao. I laughed. She was so adorable. I whispered. “You know you can do that stuff to yourself right?”, I asked. “Might tide you over until tonight.”

She palmed her head like I was stupid. “How am I going to lick my own pp?’

“You rub yourself.”, I said.

“Will you show me how?”, She asked.

“Nice try! Later ok? Try what I said ok?.”, I said.

I went to baseball practice. I came home and went on the garage to put away my equipment. I went and grabbed my swim trunks to go swim in the pool. No sign of my step sister anywhere. I look under the bed. “Really? I show my thing all the time and you still have to spy on me?”, I said.

“It is our game.”, She said

I laughed. “No it is your game!”

We were swimming together and playing games touching each other as much as possible. Our parents said they were going out shopping and that I would be in charge. “You know she is always in charge right?”, I asked them. My sister said, “He is learning.”

As soon as the car left the driveway she dried off quickly and bolted inside all excited. “Come on let’s go!!!”

I laughed, shaking my head, I dried off and walked to the house. She went and hid. “Ok… where are you? They are not going to be gone long.” She pokes my crotch from under the bed and tries to run away. I grabbed her and threw her on the bed. I took her bikini off exposing her beautiful body. I started kissing and licking all over her stomach and legs avoiding her pussy. Just to tease her. “Come on asshole! I know what you are doing!”, She said.

“What did I say about calling me an asshole? Now you get raspberries.”, I said. I can see the excited look on her face. She spread her legs wide and I put my lips to her slit and blew a raspberry. She started laughing.

“Do you wanna suck my dick?”, I asked. She said “Sure.”

She got on top of me and grabbed it and put it in her little mouth. It was so cute watching her do that. She was doing good at it too for her age. She really listened to what I told her to do. “Um asshole we agreed to do this together.”, She said.

I did not do anything. She was so much fun to tease and play with because she was so cute.

“Um hello! I called you and asshole. I am supposed to get the raspberries on my pp!”, She said. She looked so cute looking at me holding my dick in her hand. I stuck my tongue out at her. She clicked her teeth together like she was going to bite me. That’s when the teasing stopped. LOL. She put my dick back in her mouth and went to work. I spread her lips and blew a raspberry on her pussy sliding my tongue side to side as I did. A couple of those and she was bobbing on my dick hard. She sucked hard as she came. I blew my load into her mouth as her little hips shook as she had her orgasm. I kept it blowing and licking as her legs squeezed my head. “Shit!!”, She said. As she came again. I stuck my thumb in her as and fingered her. She was wet as can be. She squeezed my dick hard with her little hand. Her legs locked again. She had no more energy. Her little cunt was soaked. I kissed from her pussy all the up to her forehead.

“Why don’t you kiss my lips? Come on Lukey! Kiss my mouth! I heard somewhere it’s good for you.”, She said. I pushed her head down into the bed and she kicked me. “Asshole!”, She said and spread her legs wanting a round 2. Unfortunately our parents’ car pulled in the driveway. She slammed her fist into the bed. “Can’t we live together or something? ALONE!”, She said. “I wish.”, I said. “I wish”. She kissed my forehead. “Love you Lukey!”, She said. I hugged her and said the same. She ran to her room to get dressed and I did the same.

My buddy helped me discover porn. We had the parental locks on our phones so we couldn’t get that crap. He didn’t. I went to my step sister and and asked about fucking her in the ass. As usual with her trying something new is a bad thing.

“I am not an A student but I am smart enough to know something that big going into something that small cannot feel good! Plus that seems gross.”, She said

“Well I am an A student and I am telling you that there are things called lubes. May I point out everything I wanted to try you said was gross. Sucking dick, coming in your mouth, you even fought me when I ate you out the first time. You like all of that now. I will do the raspberry thing on your pp you like so much before hand if you agree. Come on I would never hurt you.” , I said.

After I ate her out she was stalling for time. Going to the bathroom. Making excuses up. “Come on you agreed. It is not that bad.”, I said.

I lubed my cock up as she nervously got on hands and knees. I slowly pushed my cock into her asshole. She let deep outward gasp. “Shit!”, She said. “Oh my.”, She said. I slowly pumped in and out of her until she got used to it. She was making deep guttural noises. I slowly picked up pace. I slammed my cock into her. “Ahhhh. Oh oh. Crap. Do it again.”, She said, I slammed my cock into her again. “Oh man. Again come on. Do it hard. That feels good actually.”. I slammed my cock into her hard now. “Aw Luke do it. Do it”, she said. After a few reps of this I felt myself about to come. I arched back and blew my nuts up her tight little asshole.

She curled up into a fetal position holding her stomach. She covered her head with a pillow. She was whimpering. “What is wrong?”, I asked. I lifted the pillow and rolled her over on her back. She stuck her tongue out at me and blew me a raspberry. I tickled her and we laid together until our parents got home.

More to come

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    I’m sorry, but with all my ladies, I have never blown into their vaginas as I felt ANY risk of an air embolism waa too high. “Blowing a raspberry” on the surface of their vulva I felt and was told it was pleasantly ticklish.

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    That more like I

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    Ich hoffe da kommt noch viel mehr er Gedanke wie du die kleine kahle fotze deine 11 Jahre alten stiefschwester leckt ihr deinen Schwanz in den Mund steckst und dann ihren süßen Arsch fickst hat mich die ganze Zeit wichsen lassen ich freue mich schon darauf zu lesen wie du die endlich in ihre kleine fotze fickst und was du sonnst noch mit ihr machst lass sie von Schwarzen benutzen lass sie von pennen Vergewaltigen benutze sie als piss Ecken es gibt so viele sachen die du mit ihr machen kannst

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    Good story. Hope you get to breed her, watching her belly swell with your baby

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