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First time with brother

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First time with brother I was 11 he was 12.

The first time I felt a hard cock in my vagina. I was 11 and my brother was 12, he snuck into my bedroom one early morning when parents were out grocery shopping. That was my parents routine on Saturday mornings. My brother was mateure for his age very handsome all the girls at school thought he was the cutest in the whole school. I new he was handsome, I had been rubbing my clit on the regular and fantasized about him taking my innocence. This particular Saturday morning he heard me moaning in my bedroom and came in to check on me thinking I might be feeling sick. The only sickness I was feeling was I wanted a hard cock in me. My brother was tanned from playing sports outside. He had a very good looking body with broad shoulders and quite the bulge in his tight jeans. He said are you ok sis. being very horny at the moment, I said no my belly aches, what was really aching was my clit wanting to be rubbed and my pussy fucked. I asked him if he could rub my belly for me so he came on my bed I pulled off the covers. I had on a t-shirt and white cotton panties. My panties were soaked my pussy was very wet. he noticed the big wet spot on my panties asked if I had peed myself. I said no girls get like that when they feel horny he did not know that of course, he had no experience with girls. I lifted my t-shirt up exposing my A-size breasts and told him to rub my belly as he started rubbing I was very horny asked if he could go lower rub my pubic mound. I pulled off my panties he couldn’t believe how wet my pussy was he couldn’t resist but to start massaging my vagina. I started moaning again just the touch of his hand on my pussy made me orgasm, that was the first time someone else had touched me. I had to get a look at his big bulge it was bigger than ever. I had him take his clothes off, was amazed how big and hard his cock was for his age. I had been watching porn on the computer since I was ten. I had to feel it in my hand very hard felt hot like it was ready to explode. I jerked it up and down just like Ive seen in porn I bent over to give it a suck it was so delicious. Never thought it could taste so good he was moaning like he might cum I wanted his hard cock in me. I spread my legs wide had him lay on me, took his hot hard cock rubbed it up and down my pussy lips getting it very wet. Push it in me I whisper in his ear, push it in like you mean it. I wanted my vagina full of cock. He was balls deep in me couldn’t believe how amazing it felt, he couldn’t last long maybe five pumps, started grunting I new he was filling me full of brotherly sperm it was amazing. He left the room sperm was oozing out of my vagina I used it to rub my clit and got the biggest orgasm of my life. This was the beginning of a wonderful few years.

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  • Reply Bronco ID:brwzhz1fii

    Fine story.
    I like to share your experiences with mine.
    Email me at [email protected]

  • Reply Alexa ID:1ah770lfzra

    Wow nice story

  • Reply Ray ID:3zxjrenn49k

    I was 7 and my sis was 8 . Our first penetration of many

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    Absolutely perfect story it reminds me of how I started fucking my sister very similar ages.

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Good story, could have been much better with more details. Hope he breeds you, that’s the ultimate form of love

  • Reply Michael ID:pvw1pjoii

    I did the same thing to my sister when I was 16 and she was 14 it just happened I knew I was addicted to her p**** I used to smell and lick her underwear and finally I got into that sweet nectar we still do it to this date

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      Lucky guy

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