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Bloody kids next door 4

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Further sex with the young boys thru blackmail.

I have been away working for a few days. I had some texts and calls with Karen but now I am fully up to date I thought you may like the same.

Jason text Karen to go to an address and to wear stockings and suspenders, he must have been looking stuff up on line. Karen purchased some with matching bra and pants, as cheap as she could find, and wore them to the meet, under a simple summer dress that buttons at the front for the whole length. On arrival at a council estate block of flats she found the right door and knocked. Jason opened it.

Karen was told to hand him the dress before entering, no discussion. Hesitantly she complied. As soon as he had the dress he shut the door. My wife stood stock still in disbelief for what seemed a long time. Eventually the door opened and a grinning Paul let her in. He grabbed her arse as she passed him. In the longe were Jason, Shaun and two others youths Karen didn’t know, Nev and Gerry. There were whistles and comments, Karen was very nervous and a little turned on.

All the boys were soon feeling her all over and touching her breasts and lower regions firmly. Someone began learning how to undo a bra while Shaun removes her panties. Nev, a short grubby little scrotum on thin legs shoved two fingers up her and started thrusting in and out, and Jason rubbed her clit. In almost no time she had an orgasm and her legs went weak, making it easy for the lads to steer her to the settee.

Sat down on the edge of the settee Karen was quickly being fucked by Nev who knelt in front of her and just went straight in. Paul spoke up. “So guys, this is Karen the milf slut we told you about. She likes being fucked very much and you can do what you want to her. Karen this is Nev, with his cock in you, and Gerry who will have his cock in you soon. The rest you know as you have already had those cocks, and will do again today!”

Karen responded with an expletive or two, and after Nev had put a load in her, Gerry took over and soon brought her off, the lads cheering as usual. This went on until all of the lads had fucked her twice and then they took a break. Karen went to the bathroom to clean up. It wasn’t long before the young cocks were hard again and it was blow jobs all round with two or three fucking her from behind while they waited.

In all Karen was there for five hours and a bit, and was used more than she ever has been before. When she was let go she was knackered and had lost her bra and pants.

Two days later Paul and Shaun popped round in the evening for blow jobs, telling Karen it was better to let her do the work than to masturbate. Before they left Karen told them there was something she needed to tell them. There followed an explanation of the woman’s periods. Karen made it as graphic as possible and the boys squirmed. It has been agreed that during that time My wife will be left alone completely. Is this progress?

The boys decided that they should fuck her while they could so my wife was fucked on the floor by both of them before they left. Next day was another visit to the council estate. Jason, Nev and Gerry were also going to get there fucking in before the week off. Four hours of spit roast and riding young cock left Karen tired but as she told me all this last night I swear she was far less annoyed than at the start of it all, and even a little boastful.

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    Update on this slut please.

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    A poor effort very stilted doesn’t floe