The kiss part 4

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A who is who of Warriors and Cummings on.

The premier program came and called me telling me that if I and the affair with my dog that I was going to be able to go back to my program. I was going for premed for forensic pathology as well as my friend now and a may Jenny. Period I said yes of course so stop having affairs with my dog but keep Jenny away from me.  That was one lie I could not have told better. Because I wanted both my career and also be with Meridius. Meredith was a very loving individual I wouldn’t say dog or animal I’d say in the red door. That I couldn’t just get a rid of so I ended up saving my bets and ended up putting on fancy underwear a nice G string and I put it inside while wearing it and loud him to lick me like ice cream. I have his head down not to force him by to let him go deeper into me with his tongue and snout. The next thing you know I was riding his tongue and face as he was kissing my bets. And I decided I was gonna be a full on zoo and lie about it. I decided it was gonna be well worth the time to have relations with Meredith.  As he was licking me and amazing love to me with his tongue I started moaning very loud and I started to hold his head down just let me enough for him to get deeper inside me his tongue penetrating me as if he already didn’t penetrate me before. As he was doing so I was licking my lips hoping that he would lick my lips later and I could taste my own cum.
It was very hard that I worried about my not having relations with Meredith again. I called them again saying that I put them in a kennel that he wasn’t going to be around anymore. But I only a few select people knew that I was with him still. As he was making love to me I was like thinking he could Very much impregnate me I was a more or less real life X-file.
Why do I say that because I was a doctor that was going to be giving birth to mutant children one day. His children his pops. As I was holding his head down he started nibbling away at my Bitch and I started the arch my back with one hand as he was making love to me with his tongue. It was very hard tongue fucking a dog.
Sunayana job going on all over the place and I couldn’t help but let him continue I grab them or the car with gently and started to make out with him feeling and tasting my come drop off his face and on my tongue. As we were making out I got undressed my big boobs came out as I was getting undressed. He had a field day with him he played with them with his tongue. I love them very much doing bad playing with my boobs with his tongue. I ended up getting really excited as he was still doing missionary with me as he was letting my breasts teasing my nipples something I never thought a dog would do to me. I was still out of wonder of who I was I didn’t know who I really was but I knew I was going to be a zoo. As I couldn’t help but be attracted to him in many ways not just sexually but emotionally and romantically.
I never really like dogs until I got Meredith he was something special I got them from a Canel and brought him home with me and I was just history from there I never really liked dogs before hand I was more of a cat person but never tried anything fun with them.  But dogs to me you’re like my equal they were no more than humans with four legs and I was gonna date my dog. And they Tamar was just sexually and then pretty soon I was going to take them to the park. But that was going to turn out to be a disaster Servantez he was going to start sniffing my crotch and started wanna lick me under my skirt. I couldn’t help but do you with the fact that I was having public sex and a dog park. But I was enjoying it at the same time. I love them very much I couldn’t and I am the sex that I was going offer him at home.
” come on Meredith this is getting embarrassing I’m going to get in trouble. “He ended up still licking my panties and then found a way to get them aside and started licking my bits again. I thought people were going to snicker and stuff but they were gasping and shocked at what was going on. I thought I was in exhibitionist but I wasn’t. I was just trying to take my dog for a walk at the park and he got a little rowdy. It was gonna be very soon that I was going to making babies with him actually having offspring with him I don’t know what they would be like if they were going to be smart intelligent or slow. But I knew that they were probably gonna be a humanoid. He kept letting me in places that I didn’t even know existed. I said that this had to stop because I was in a public place. And soon the actual Exhibitionist in me came out.
” oh fuck my ass you’re missing me common public and I want that I sat on his mouth tongue fucking him in the middle of the dog park and then it up having to go to a secluded area just to have sex with them to make love to him. I wouldn’t say have sex for to make love. As I was dating him. Call it what you want deviant or otherwise it was world war is Lauv and a sexual relationship at that.
I bit my lamp and said fuck wants more. And started grabbing my breasts and pleasure

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