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Me and my pretty cousin

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I was 15 she was 11 we had so much sex we are now both adults and last had sex 2 years ago

So every weekend my cousin would stay at my house so our mums could go out for a drink and they would share a babysitter.
She would stay in my sisters room in the bottom of her bunk beds I have always been an early riser
It was Sunday morning and I got up went down stairs and was watching tv and very horny so I got out my cock and started to wank as my cousin walked in and said what are you doing I jumped covered it with a pillow and said nothing she said you was you had your thing out I said I didn’t and denied it and tried to cover it up as she walked towards me she was in her nighty and was a tanned brown very pretty girl and long brown hair she said can I see it I said no she said I am telling I said ok quick so moved the pillow and it was now soft she said make it big again I said no you want it big you make it grab hold of it and shake it

So she did and it was hard in seconds to which I said can I see yours she said ok and took off her nickers and I said lay on the sofa and lift up your nighty and I touched her little pussy and it was wet then I thought omg I want to fuck as we was both virgins had no clue what to do I said shall we try sex she said ok without a clue I pushed my cock in her and it went in she screamed and said stop I took it out after a little rest she said be careful so I put it in slow this time it went in slow gentle and all the way in and I started to thrust her and after about 3 minutes I knew I was going to cum so I pulled out and cummed on a pillow and she said wow that was amazing can we do it again so I said we need to keep it a secret forever and we still have but we did it every weekend and it got better every week I can write more

Please request parts 2 3 4 5 6 and so on

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  • Reply Brent ID:1ftmz4qd9i

    Me and my cousin Kathy I was 13 she was 9 we started playing on the pool when she noticed my cock swollen she swam over and grabbed it then I put my hand down her pants and felt her smooth little pussy I sat her on the edge off the pool and eat her little pussy out she asked me to put it in her little pussy it slid straight in it felt hot as and I could feel her pussy throbbing around my cock afew weeks later she got her little sister to join us she was 8 she loves watching me put it in her little sister pussy to

  • Reply Tweenlove ID:2px1ogomkqz

    Hot story..
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  • Reply Strong Lord ID:1ei9mpwwvh1i

    I want to read more