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a true story that really happened to us, thankfully

We are sister and brother, we are in our 30’s now and have kept our “partnership” active since we were young, we live together, everyone thinks we are a couple. A few nights ago we were nude in spa just watching the stars. Alan told me about this site, taking our security into account, here we are.
We live in Australia, we love photography (sexy) and have no inhibitions at all and we mean none. We swam as kids, as a result we had young bodies that were slim and tight, I think we still have, we love to pose. We photograph what i call the supermarket ladies. We have all been shopping and found a woman or teen that has that mystical something that makes us horny. They are not super models, they are everyday stunners. Housewives, the checkout chicks, male and female.
Alan and I were models for the couple next door, we adored it. The couple owned a photo shop and held photo group instruction every other night. But Friday nights were reserved for a “special” group, usually around 12 people of both sexes. Mum and Dad did not have a problem with our friendship, considering the couple next door would never be a threat to us. They were correct.
We still meet with them but they moved far away.
We hope to meet with like minded people to discuss our truths and fantasies on the site, we are both bi and as I said before totally open.
Willing to give you our email if you are interested in receiving photo’s. We will not send anything illegal, sadly not allowed.
We learnt so much and still are, love imagination and our sweet couple had a super load.
Oh in case you are wondering we send all totally free, we are about fun, money we have enough.

Jewel and Alan

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    Hey you lucky ones. You have kik or anything similar to get in contact?

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    Interested, private message?

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