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Young girls loves her dog

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A young girls helps her dog get over his frustrations

Im a 12yo girl and i love to get fucked by my dog. . When i was 11yo my parents got me a male bassatt hlound puppy. I named him snoopy. He became my best friend and then my lover. Over the next year we became almost close. He followed me everywhere. He also grew quite big. Bassatt hounds are short but heavy and they have big cocks and balls.. I noticed snoppy humping pillows and some of my stuffed animals. He would hump them and leave his cum all over them. I was very curious and looked up dog sex on the computer. iT told me all about dog and their urge to mate. This and watching him made my pussy wet. i knew that snoppy was fustrated and needed a mate. I loved him so much and hated seeing him act the way he is. I even watch dog fucking women on the internet. I was so horny and decided i would become snoppys mate. So one day when my parent were gone .i saw snoppy trying to fuck one of my stuffed animals. I removed all of my clothes and as he was humping the teddy bear i jerked it away from him. He continued hump even when the teddy bear was taken away,..i noticed his big red cock was sticking out about 3 inches. i teased him with the bear . He would grab it away from me and hump it again. I got an idea on how i could get snoopy to fuck and mate with me., i took the bear away from him and got down on all fours and put the bear under me but where he could see it. He tried to pull it out from under me. i slid it back under me and he jumped on my back and tried to hump the teddy bear. i reached back and grabbed his cock. When he felt my hand on his cock he humped harder. He grabbed around my hips and fucked my hand. I moved his cock up to my pussy . and put it at the opening. As soon as he felt the wet hole he slammed most of his cock into me. I let out a scream as the destroyed my hymen and took my virginity. His cock grew larger as he mated with me. His cock felt like it was in my stomach. He pound me and took all of his frustration out on my pussy. I knew about the knot . I didnt feel it go in so it was inserted when he first started fucking me. but as he fucked i felt it grow and soon he could only hump with short jabs. As i relaxed i felt him filling me with his cum.,.,Trying to inpregnate me and give me his puppies. He felt so huge in my 12yo pussy. but it felt so good. He soon he turned on me and we were ass to ass. i could feel his cock throb and pumping more cum into my pussy. After about 30 minutes i felt his cock go down and he pulled out of me. A large amount of bloody cum followed his cock as he pulled cock and knot out of me. His junk was still quite large even after he pulled out. i could not beleive i had all of that in me. His cock was still 8 inches long and the knot a large lemon. He came over and licked my pussy clean. All dogs do this for some reason. He then laid down and cleaned himself clean. Licking his and my juices off his cock. It soon retreated back into his sheath. He laid there panting and looking at me with a think a smile on his face. I felt really good . His fucking me for the first time is something i will never forget. i just stayed on my knees trying to recover from the royal fucking i just received. His cum was stlll escaping from my pussy. forming a small puddle on the floor. In my after glow i didnt notice that snoopy had got behind me. All of a sudden i felt him licking my pussy. It felt so good and i didnt stop me. Then out of blue he mounted me again. He gripped me so hard i couldnt get away. He humped me a couple of times and slid his cock into me again. He knew what to do now. He hammered my harder this time and longer. This time i felt his knot when he put it in me and locked inside. We stayed knotted longer this time. but with the same results. When i got free and put my hAnd over my pussy and made it to the toilet. A lot of his cum fell into the toilet. The next couple of days were a little painful. My pussy hurt all the way up me. But it was a turn on thinking back on how it got that way. Of course i let snoopy fuck me for years. Even when he passed away at the age ot 13 he could still fuck , knot and fill me with his cum. Now at the age of 28yo i own 2 basset hounds and they are very happy dogs . Mating with their bitch owner quite often.

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    very hot

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    That is soo hot, i only been licked so far but iam def go all the way soon..

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      I helped my daughter her first time

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      Love to see that

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    care too here sum similar stories from a dad?

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      Yes plz

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    what a greate storie. Wish mom would let me have a dog

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      hi Lina ..wanna hear sum stories?

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      Session me lets make it happen lina.

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    Thats hot. My sister did that with our lab when she was younger.

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