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Kelly – sleeping beauty

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Drugging 10yo Kelly and taking liberties

Kelly was my first. My dad had moved in with Kelly’s mum after dating for a year. I was sixteen when I had sex with Kelly. She was ten and had the cutest face and an incredible body, tight and firm with a plump little butt. He skin was smooth and her hair was platinum blonde.
Kelly and I got along great, we talked and shared the computer, we both liked gymnastics and cheerleading so often ended up at the same events and social turn outs.
I was completely infatuated with her since the first day we meet but kept my cool and never really let on. I had been taking Kelly’s underwear and jacking off with them from the first week we moved in together. Her smell was addictive, one sniff sent blood rushing to my cock.
I was horny for sex but I was a virgin and aside from watching porn had no idea how to go about it. I was always surrounded by girls at the gym but they didn’t seem to show interest in me and I was too shy to ask them out.
Kelly was a great girlfriend substitute, we had a good relationship, always chatty and happy in each other’s company, and I was having a sexual relationship with her underwear. I wanted more but didn’t want to get in trouble, I made a million plans but none that seemed feasible, until one day an opportunity……

Dad was at work, I was getting ready for school when Kelly’s mum came into my room and asked if I could stay home and look after Kelly, she was feeling sick and didn’t want to go to school, Kelly’s mum had to work and that left me with Kelly for the entire day. Of course I said I would look after her.

An hour after Kelly’s mum had left Kelly finally got up and came into the living room. She had on one of her mums tshirts and a pair of pale yellow underpants. I loved the sight. Her hair was messy and she looked warm and sleepy. She sat next to me on the sofa and we talked for a bit. I offered to make her breakfast and she gave me a big smile.

I began making some pancakes and while waiting for the pan to heat up I looked back into the living room and saw Kelly lying on the sofa on her stomach. Her shirt had risen right up over her hips and her perfect arse was fully exposed, covered in her snug little yellow underwear. I watched silently and thought about how much I would love to shove my face in that young butt.
My mind ticked over and arrived at a thought, sleep. If she was asleep and really asleep, I could shove my face in her arse. She would never know. I could shove my face wherever I wanted. I could shove my hands wherever I wanted, my cock even.
Sleeping tablets. Dads sleeping tablets.
Dads sleeping pills were in the cupboard with all the other medications and stuff. I opened the packet and got two pills out. The full adult dose.
Back to the breakfast.
Pancakes are done with a large blob of ice cream on the side. Some crushed up pills in the ice cream and the rest in the glass of orange juice.
My heart is racing as I deliver the meal to Kelly, the thoughts of the potential fun I will have are running wild in my mind.
Kelly loves her breakfast and smiles at me while she eats it all up.
“I’m feeling much better, thank you” she says.
I smile back and clear her plate.

We talk and watch tv for a while and she begins to get a bit slow and slurs a few words. I suggest she lies down and I will get her blankets and pillow. By the time I return with them Kelly is asleep.
I give it ten minutes, it feels like an hour. I nudge her, I poke her, I put my hand on her face. She doesn’t flinch. She is very asleep.
My heart is pounding and I’m running scenarios in my head. I know I will need lube, and I will need a towel to clean up. I’m back in thirty seconds with both those things.
Standing next to Kelly I look down at her body, asleep on her stomach, her butt exposed from under her shirt. I kneel down and rest my face on her pale yellow underwear and breathe in deeply. The familiar smell of Kelly’s crotch floods my senses and sends electricity to my spine.
I stand up again and strip off my clothes. I then roll Kelly over onto her back and reposition her so she is lying down with her legs off the sofa, feet on the floor and I lift her shirt up to her armpits.
Her smooth flat stomach and chest are beautiful. Her pubic mound is risen up in her underwear. I kneel down between her legs and rest the side of my face on her stomach, I listen to her breathing and look down her body to her mound. I reach a hand out and touch her mound thru her pale yellow underwear, I feel for her slit and run my finger around her mounds outline. I kiss her stomach and bring the kisses lower, past her belly button, to the top elastic of her underwear. I kiss the flat area above her mound and then lower my open mouth over her entire mound.
Kelly’s underwear smell rich and warm. Like she has worn them all night and all morning. Her body is soft and her skin is smooth and warm.
I extend my tongue into her underwear and feel for her slit. I taste her thru her underwear and I need more. I lift my head and reach my hands to her hips and pull her underwear down, rocking her side to side to get them over her butt. Once they are off I pause to admire the view of Kelly’s young, smooth, perfect mound. A tiny fold at the top hides her button the rest hidden behind puffy pale cheeks.
I reach out my hands and gently spread her legs some more, exposing her hidden gem. Pink and with a slight glisten of moisture, it is the most perfect pussy I had ever seen. Her tiny opening right there, no one to stop me and no one to find out. I look down at my hard cock and can’t see how it will fit in such a small opening, but the thought of her tightness makes me even more excited.
I lean in and kiss the top of her mound, then I begin to kiss and lick her pussy. It was sharp and tart in taste and struck the tastebuds on the side of my tongue, it was her in her natural state.
I needed to get my cock in Kelly and positioned myself in front of her and guided my cock towards her tiny pussy. It glistened with saliva and her juices, I rubbed the head of my cock over her mound and up the length of her slit. It was so warm and I could have cum in that instant.
I aimed my cock at her tiny opening and gently pushed, my cock bending and slowly forcing its way forwards into her hole. My head now in it felt tight, it was hard to forge ahead, I noticed blood as I pulled my cock back a little. I reach for the lube and the towel. With the towel under her hips and my cock well lubed I aim up and lean into her. My head pops in and as I lean forward my cock slowly disappears into Kelly. It’s incredibly warm and so tight that it’s near uncomfortable, but with slow thrusts I get a few inches into her.
Looking at Kelly’s sleeping face as I gently fuck her tiny pussy exceeds my fantasy of months of masturbation with her underwear. My entire body is alive with energy and adrenaline. My balls are loaded and ready to fire but I maintain composure with slow thrusts into Kelly’s tight, smooth opening.
Thoughts enter my mind of where to cum, not inside her, she will know what has happened.
I pull out of Kelly’s pussy on the last stroke before I would have surely cum. I breathe deeply and resist the urge to just plow straight back into her.
I lift Kelly’s legs and place her feet on the sofa with her knees high in the air. Kelly’s anus now exposed. I run my cock down the length of Kelly’s slit and onto her anus in an attempt to lubricate her tiny brown hole.
My cock is desperate to cum but I have to get it in her butt, it’s too tempting. Deep breaths and forward momentum sees my head enter her anus, it is too tight, my head is in but that’s it. I plop it out and add some lube and try again. The tightness is much greater that Kelly’s pussy and is not comfortable, her anus gripping my cock so tightly. I pull back and then thrust forward a few more times and her anus is still so tight that it’s impossible to get more than a couple of inches into her. I gently rock and embrace the discomfort of her tightness, I feel the train racing from my balls, I pull right back to the tip of her asshole and then push forward one more time and cum as hard as I ever have, right up her inside her anus.
I stay inside her till my softness is squeezed out by Kelly’s ass muscles.
I put her legs back down and see the blood and cum now pouring out of her pussy and her ass.
I lean forward and kiss her sleeping lips. Her perfect young face looking peaceful and quiet.
I spend the next half hour cleaning her up and mopping up the cum that continued to leak from her anus.
I put Kelly’s underwear back on and positioned her on the sofa will her head on a pillow and a blanket.
I went and had a shower and some soda and checked the clock. 10:30am. There’s hours till anyone gets home.
I get a thought, I wonder how long those pills last?
Then I get another erection.

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