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Letting my dog rape random girls

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My dog Zeus loves to rape women anytime anywhere. And i love to watch

I got my dog Zeus from a shelter when he was only a puppy. He wasn’t neutered and I never felt the need to get him neutered. All my life even as a kid I was i to zoophilia, so fucking hot watching men rape dogs or dogs rape women.

Anyway, as Zeus grew up he was so horny all the time he would even start humping me or desperately trying to fuck anything that was female. Sometimes I would give in and either jerk him off aggressively which sometimes hurt him, or I would let him throat fuck me. Depended what mood I was in.

One day though, I was out on a walk with Zeus and we walked past this girl who seemed to be about 19 or 20 and she was on her phone. Zeus smelled her as he walked by and got really interested in her pussy. She was wearing a very skimpy skirt that allowed him to get a real nice smell of her juices. She squealed and put her phone away before stepping back and stumbling on the sidewalk. We were in the middle of a trail with woods surrounding us. “Dude get your dog” she said to me. I just stood their quietly and let go of the leash. I had a feeling about what Zeus was gonna do. She leaned to get up but Zeus growled at her and bit her neck to keep her from getting up. “DUDE get your fucking dog he is going to kill me!!” She screamed at me. Too scared to move. I just shrugged and said, “He just wants to play, as long as you let him do what he needs to do, you should be fine young lady.”

Zeus then really started to get to work and I could see his massive red cock start coming out. He tried finding her hole but couldnt due to her panties. I came up and ripped them apart so he would have access. He started panting and thrusting trying to get into the tight pussy. “Mister please this is completely wrong, get him the fuck off!!” The lady screamed. I ignored her and just continued to watch until Zeus finally found the target. She squealed and was thrown forward by Zeus’ powerful thrust. Damn this was amazing. Her face was pressed into the muddy ground and he dominated her.

I pulled out my cock and started jerking off to this. Eventually Zeus came really fast, but he knotted her so they stayed put.

Still i had not cum yet and desperately wanted the girl to get raped a bit more. So, I got up behind Zeus and pushed by cock into his asshole. He whined and tried to get away, but I dominated him by slapping his face and gripping his neck telling him to shut up. “Oh my god! Get away from me! Tell your dog to let me go, I dont want to be apart of this!!” The lady screamed while thrashing. I slapped her ass and just continued to thrust into my dogs tight ass. While I fucked him, he fucked her. I picked up the pace and zeus was so overstimulated and was nearly falling asleep. The girl was wide awake though, even started moaning. “You like this you little slut, admit it!” I laughed and just slapped her ass again and again till I blew my load deep in my dogs ass.

From then on, Zeus would fuck any girl he saw, and i certainly never stopped him. Anytime anywhere.

Hi! Im f and if you want my age feel free to email!!
I love incest, rape, zoophilia, etc. I would love to talk with any of the readers, especially girls!!

My email is [email protected]
I usually reply during the night as during the day I am at school and sometimes I have work. But i will reply asap.

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    Are these supposed to be real in the first place? why people mad?

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    Sexy Hot

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