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My first time with my dog

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For context, daisy is my dogs name and I took this from my diary. I wank to it quite often as it brings back good memorys.i was about 16 at the time.

I looked upon daisies body as I stoked her tummy. She rolled over, utterly subdued. I Looked down her belly to her vagina, it was expectedly hairy yet surprisingly wet. It glistened, almost inviting me in. “I shouldnt” I thought to myself. I stroked daisy rougher and harder as my hand crept down to her forbidden treasure, and then suddenly I stopped. I had reached it . My breathing deepened. I lightly caressed it with my sinful fingers. Daisy froze as I playfully tickled the entrance with my hand. I pushed against it with my finger, it slid in, so warm and tight. I could feal her contracting around me. I revoked my mischievous finger and placed my head between her hairy legs. My toungue found its way, I Licked and sucked vigorously, and daisy panted heavily in response. Her little body went numb as it yearned for stimulation of the lewdest kind. I tore my clothes off and pulled out my raging erection. “I really shouldn’t do this” I thought, “but I know she wants it” I reasoned. I pull my foreskin back and layed by human glands upon her animal sex organ. She was soaking from the head I gave her, but I still had to push hard to fit it in her doggy pussy. I looked upon her, she was sprawled out on her back with my dick half inside of her. She layed still yet panted heavily as I began to thrust deep inside of her. My cock was gripped by her gaping vagina. Although I thought I would be plagued with guilt, I infact loved it, so naughty and so wrong but it felt so good. My shaft was covered in her juices. I kept pounding. Her pussy was beaten and pulsating, her body made me feal so good. I could feal it coming. I was about to bust. I came deep inside daisy’s vagina. The fluids of man and dog mixing turned me on. Daisy began licking her pussy clean and acted like a dog again. I understood that I had used her for her body. For her tight doggy pussy. For her warmth on my cock. I knew it was wrong, but I knew I’d use her again.

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    My friend had shown me how he fucked his dogs pussy and with his guidance i fucked his dogs pussy too.
    Later, I lubed my girl up really well after tongue fucking her and then pumped her deep and full

  • Reply kik-rinnybb/f13 ID:5rht6ftj8l

    i wish i had a dog too :/

  • Reply Uncle Tony ID:4mxdnkkzk

    Great story i am a big time dog lover

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    this story is awesome i would love to fuck a dog’s pussy but sadly i dont have a dog just the imagination from a small dog laying underneath me while i push my fat cock inside her tight pussy

    • MyName ID:pvlx7jd9i

      I have a dog but her pussy is just so tight sadly..

    • Jenny ID:4c9s0tty499

      Stick it in. Their little pussies can stretch just like ours. Its warmer. U will enjoy. My hubby does. Lol

    • Jason ID:99uwotzm

      I’ve done it two of my German shepherds it is amazing you have to try it myname

    • Jason ID:99uwotzm

      Jenny have you tried dog dick