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Pay back is a bitch

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Those slutty bullied going to pay part 1

This a true stories my real name is Thomas. I’m 29 year old. I’m a black man. Since little kid I’m being fat and I being bullied. I’m remember there were this three girl bullied me all the way to high school. Calling me name like the penguin from Batman. They take my lunch throw to the floor and force eat my food like a dog. Their boyfriends dress me like a girl because I have big man boobs and take me to the bathroom pay the janitor to blind fold him thinking I’m a girl to suck my man boob, suck his cock then fuck my ass then swallow the nasty janitor cum. Then janitor took his blindfold out saw I was a teen fat guy and didn’t care and rape me again this time cum inside my ass. I was destroyed. I want kill myself. I didn’t have parents because they left me. I went to a bridge to kill my self. This old lady stopped me and told don’t do it my child. I told her everything. I was 17 and she was 89. She took me to her home feed me, dress me with grandchildren clothes. She told me how she lost her only child with his wife and grandchildren in a plane crash. How her husband died in a heart attack find the news about the plane crash. Then I feel her hand touching my crotch. She kiss me put her tongue inside my mouth. She whispered my ear I love big fat black guy. She unzip my zipper and started sucking my cock. I push her to the bed removed her clothes suck her huge tits. And we fuck almost a hour. Calling me master while I was fucking her. She swallowed all my load. When I was 18 I married her. She was great in bed. We fuck almost three time a day. One time she told there were a box in her safe for me not to open until she died.In ten year of marriage I was 28 and she was 99. She was laying in bed. Told me that she was sick and doctor told her that she can died any minute or day. She ask me to fuck her one last time. I fuck her as she wants me fuck her very rough. As we done fuck I thought she was resting with a smile on her face. But she died on her sleep. I call the ambulance and pronounced dead . Her lawyer gave me her Will. She left everything to me. House, Car, her vacation house and 500.000 dollar from her husband and Son death. Plus the number to open her safe to get the box. I open the box I was surprised. There is were three pictures of the girls that bullied me and all girls information. There were a letter in there and the letter said. Dear master I was a cafeteria woman in the school. I see all bad things this bitches did to you. My brother is a retired cop and I ask him to give all the information of that girls. Go take revenge. I even didn’t know the names but this information gave me everything time for revenge. I sold the house but kept vacation house. With all the money I remodel the vacation house to a sex house. That vacation house in the middle no where.I hired a group of guys to kidnap this girls with all the families and bring to my house and they kidnapped everyone. Now time for fun

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    This big fat black boy turns me on. I love that you still gave that dirty old bitch a really rough fuck on her deathbed! Very considerate and thoughtful. But didn’t you enjoy the janitor’s rape just a bit?!

  • Reply Drachenlord ID:7sp1xnqj

    How about you are going to pay? To pay for a good grammar and writing course

  • Reply Blacknight ID:7ylren2d9c

    Bring it on brother !

    • wild77er ID:3zxjhpc049b

      Great story so far. Be a shame if you leave it unfinished, especially with all the possible directions for different family members. Forced incest, rape, bondage, exhibitions and torture, pleasure and pain, bestiality, prostitution and slavery. Have fun with it…

  • Reply Apex ID:nnmnhdkk8

    Great story can’t wait for part 2

    • A. ID:5u1d7cg6ii

      Question for you, are you ready? Here it is WHAT STORY DID YOU READ? The grammar in this story was exactly as I stated ATROCIOUS, it’s an insult to the English language

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg6ii

    Go back to school, retake your your English classes, learn f*cking grammar and apply it to your writing, this would be a good story if it wasn’t for your atrocious grammar

    • Marcel ID:1ghnn6s9m9c

      Sh*t up dumbass nobody fucking cares about grammar are you a god damn teacher or what get a life bitch

    • A. ID:5u1d7cg6ii

      Marcel, grammar helps make the story believable and understandable, and believe it or not more people do care, you might not care, hence why this story has such a low rating. You don’t like my comment because it’s the truth, so deal with it.