Asian Bitch And Sugar Daddy

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I’m going to collage in Sweden. My family lives in Sweden but far from my school. So I live with a really big dicked sugar daddy.

Hi, my name is Sigu. I come from Japan but have lived in Sweden my whole life. I have a very big but pretty firm butt. And my tits are large C cups. I’m 17 years old and going to collage. I live with a man in Gothenburg who is my sugar daddy. He buys me everything I want and even bribes the teachers from time to time. Just to give me higher grades. His name is Sebastian. And he’s 35. So let’s get into my story.

It’s Monday and the first day of school of the week has just ended. I step off the bus close to where I live. I step into the house and shout “I’m home!” And instantly get a respond back “Great!”. Sebastian was always kind of an asshole. But I’ve gotta live somewhere and if I have to take a 8 inch cock every day, then so be it. He comes downstairs and looks at me “Turn around” he says. I just nod in response. I turn around and he walks up and cups my ass in his hands. “Come on daddy I need to study” I say. “You study when I say you can study” he responds as he bends be over. He leans over so his face is right by my ass and starts kissing it while I still have my jeans on. He then pulls me back up and walks with me to the kitchen.

He once again bends me over just now against the kitchen counter. “You know. When you turn 18. We are going to merry. And this is where you will spend a lot of time. So you better get used to be fucked here.” He says as he smacks my butt. “Yes daddy” i respond while I moan. “Do you know how many men would die for an Asian girl with a large ass?” He says. “You’ve told me a lot” I respond. He starts pulling my pants down. “And I have such a gem. Right here agains mt kitchen counter. That belongs to me” he says as he slams his large cock into my ass. “Ahhggg!” I scream out in both pain and pleasure. He’s continually slamming his massive cock into my ass, as hard as he can. “You *hmpf* are *hmpf* mine!” He screams out. He’s pounding me so hard that it feels like my ass is touching the back of my head.

He continues to ram me for several hours. He has came several times into both my ass, pussy and mouth. He usually only fucks me for maybe 20 minutes. But now he was like a furious bull. I felt my ass jiggle and fly around. It was like I could feel his dick in my stomach. And I was not complaining.

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  • Reply Bigun ID:60aa7938m

    Unrealistic story written by a man with little serial experience

  • Reply [email protected] ID:ndpwgw549d

    Need a sugar daddy who’ll use me whenever, however and wherever he pleases🥺🥺

  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    bitch belongs to him, she better submit that asshole daily to him!

  • Reply Tom ID:fx7itadzl