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Sex Journey

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Part one of my life as a sex addict and how it first began. I was a little girl and was unaware of what I was really doing. It started with my cousin.

I saw my first orgy porn when I was a little girl. You just remember stuff like that. At the time, I was starting to come off my bottle. But when I saw this orgy porn, I thought that I would have to get milk from a boys “snake”(that’s what it was referred to as in my home). It must have tasted better too because these girls drinking it looked like they were having the time of their lives. So one particular night, I didn’t get a bottle and wanted one. I waited for my big cousin to go to sleep, as he would be there to babysit us when my dad went to work. I woke up from my light sleep and found him there on the sofa sleeping in his blue boxers and t shirt. His big fat dick was hanging out of his boxers so I kneeled down and held it in my hands like a bottle to suck it for the milk. It wasn’t the same as sucking a bottle because it couldn’t fit in my mouth, but I kept trying to suck it anyway. As I began to suck it faster, growing impatient, his dick started to grow bigger. He placed his hand on my head and opened his eyes to see me there. He pushed me back and said to me, “no kymme, you can’t do that”.. I looked up with a sad face and said, “but I just want the milk”. He paused for a moment, places his hand back on the top of my head and allowed me to suck the tip of his big hard dick. He moaned and began to pump slowly. He whispered, “you can have my milk anytime, but if you tell anyone you can’t get it anymore, ok? I looked at him, still sucking the tip of his dick and nodded, “mmhmm”. He moaned and closed his eyes. We did this every night he had to babysit.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    If you want to see another one send me a message at [email protected] 👍

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      Such a good little one already hungry for cock! How old were you when you started running your tiny pussy

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    Oh such a good little baby toddler sucking his cock to get his cream I bet you looked so cute and depraved with his cock in your pretty little tiny baby toddler mouth I wanna hear more

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    Such a good little baby how young was you at the time

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    It’s not too bad I wish someone would suck and lick my pussy so bad idk why

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      I can do that leave your SC, IG, or email?

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