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Bully 4U

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This is a continuation of 4G Cuntry, but from her first victim’s PoV. Also, it’s back home, in the suburbs…

“Hey,” the 6 grade boys ran up, and cornered me, but I looked around first. “What’s wrong with your sister, she stupid or something?” They weren’t going to beat me up right in front of the teachers.

“Why don’t you ask her?” You don’t want to get beat up?

“Yeah, cuz she gots ta do 6 grade over.” W elbowed Karl. Westly, trying to be black. I hate to say that transracial isn’t really a thing. Unless you’re Jesus, or Michal Jackson, and they’re both dead. So, I kinda doubt it.

“Don’t your mom buy her new clothes for Christmas?”

“Yeah, of course. What do you know about fashion, man?”

“Well, I’m just saying, she wore that top out last year.”

“Yeah, her favorite shirt? Because all the tops from this year fit her better, so you can’t see her bra through them.”

“There’s a dress code here, you know.”

“Yeah, and the faculty know that too. If there was a rule against wearing tight turtle necks then they would have sent her home to change by now. They let her get away with it, but you really complaining about that?”

They looked back, and W shook his head. “Yeh, nah. Man, she just want the D.”

“No, man. She doesn’t just want the D. You know what? Why don’t you ask her? About that.”

“She a Lezzy then?”

“No, she likes dicks. That’s just not ALL she wants.”

They all shook their heads, looking confused.

“Tell you what, I bet one of you can find out. How much you got?”

“Money? I ain’t given you shit.”

“All right, then talk to her about it.” I waved them off, cutting between a shoulder and the wall.

“Hey watch it!” He shoulder bumped me.

“Give me something to watch, and I will.” I pushed his shoulder back with mine, and jogged away.

“Yeah, you better run!”

“Yo, wait up.” W fished around in his pocket. “I’ll bet you a buck fity.”

“What? If you strike out I get your lunch money, or if you don’t?”

He shook his head. “Just take it, man.” He and his wussy posse’ can hit up the 5th graders to get it back. “Just tell me what she want, a’ite?”

“You have to play hard to get,” I waved him down, and looked around, so I could lower my voice. ‘a girl like that, what she really wants is power, and control.’

“Shit, you sure about that?”

“Yeah, she’s my sister, so I’m pretty fucking sure. She likes to wrestle, but you can’t just walk up to a girl, and challenge her to a wrestling match. What you should do is ask her the same thing you asked me, and run.”

“Aks her what, exactly?”

“You stupid, or something? What you wearing the same turtle neck from last year for. Or something like that, and run. You don’t want your boys seeing you get your ass kicked by a girl do you?.”

“Man, I ain’t afraida that skinny bitch.”

“No, but she’s afraid of you. Boys traveling around in gangs, because she doesn’t want to get raped. She’s got a temper, though.”

“Yeh, I know that!” He rubbed his stubbless chin, like he’s got something to rub. “So?”

“So, piss her off, and run. So, she chases you to someplace private. Where she can catch you, and you can let her win, without anybody seeing it.”

“Man, that shit won’t work.”

“Suit yourself.” I finished uncrumpling the wadded up bill, and folded it up around the quarters. “Here’s your money back.”

“A’ite.” He straightened up, and looked around like I’d just bought. I don’t know, a couple cigarettes off him. I guess, that’s what you could get for $1.50 from a drug dealer on the playground. If he was a drug dealer, instead of trying to act like one all the time.

11 year old Gangster, yeah right. “Yo, West!”


“How come you go by W, instead of West?”

“What’s it to.” I ran off laughing. “Get back here, you big mouth little.”

“Westley. You’ve been told not to chase the little kids around the playground.”

“Yes, Mrs. Kleinfelter.”

“I’m not going to warn you again.”

“No wait. He was just playing. See?” I ran up, “No harm, no foul.”

“Yeah, see?”

“And pull your pants up, for God’s sake.”

“Yes, Mrs. Kleinfelter.”

“Just like that.” I turned back, to look over my shoulder, but she was just texting someone I guess. She didn’t have that look she gets when she’s writing, but then. She can’t get on the sites for one of her nasty sex stories either.

Nope, she stopped to read the reply instead of looking up to think. So I looked around, and he was gone.

I sure hoped he got the message. And believed it, of course if he wants to find out if it works on her, as easy as it did on him, then I just hope I get to be there to watch.

See how he likes it. Of course I knew bullies, I grew up with one. Bet she’ll beat him black and blue, just to smack the black off him. Thinks he’s so tough.

Well, we’ll see about that…


“West” (G/bb Femdom Rape Lies. This is an unreliable narrative, because sadistic sociopaths are like bullies: Every time they tell it, the fish gets bigger, and he doesn’t actually want to play the Victim. So, it wasn’t rape, right?)

“Yo, ho!” I ran, but she didn’t even get up. Barely even looked up from her phone, so I came back around to her, kicking it on the wall. “What you even doing in 6 grade, you stupid?”

“That what W stands for, Pimp?”


“Oh, what.” She nodded.

“No, West.”

She looked up, and scoffed. “Pch, I bet you wanna be Kanye, Dumpster fire’s black friend in the White House.”

“Nah, it’s short for Westley.”

“I know.” She finished putting her phone up, and put on her book bag. “Huh, so where’d you want to go?”

“Oh, I don’t know, around. You?”

“Well, my little brother told me all about your little plan. So, I bet you had some place picked out for the Rabbit Trap.”

“What’s that?”

“You know, Briar Rabbit? Oh no, don’t throw me in the Briar patch mr. Fox. Ringing any bells? Where’s your boys?”

“Well, you know they had shit to do.”


“Yeah, something likeat, so it’s just you’n me.” Didn’t really want to fight her and let her win, anyways. This’s much better.

“Well,” she slung her bookbag down between us, but she didn’t hold it up like a shield. Some boys started doing that, so you gots to be careful, or you bust a knuckle when you hit they books. You get it? Hit the books. “You know what you need is a belt.” She pulled out a cloth one, tan but as wide as a cargo strap, and let it roll out so the 2 boxy brass buckles clinked together when they hit the ground. “Pull your pants up.”

“All right,” I looked around, but down in the gully by the bridge, I could barely see over it to the playground behind the fence. Then, she stuck her arms around my back, and I hear the clinks stop.

“Huh?” She stepped back, but it wrapped around my elbows, and pulled tight. “What the phM?”

Somebody put his arm around me, so I tried to bite it through his sleeve. “Huh!” She bent over, then stood up. Put her knee down underneath her skirt, and held up her underwear. “Don’t scream. Open wide, and if you try to bite my fingers, I’ll bite your nuts off one bye one, and tuck them up your ass.”

“NWH!” I just let her put them in my mouth, while her brother locked his hands together behind my neck.

“Get down, on your knees, and crawl under the bridge.”

“Yeah,” her brother slapped my ass, “You like it, fag?”

“NWH?” I ain’t gay, I ain’t even a little gay, and the way he acted, I shoulda known he wanted it too.

“Sit down,” she said, and then turned me around, pushed me back so my elbows dug into the concrete. “Huh!” She got up, and sat on my legs. Her hand between them, and humped her wrist. “Well, if you’re not gay, you must have some problem with pussy?”

“Nwh?” Of course not, but it’s a little weird with her gay ass brother right there, watching.

“Huh, well if you can’t get it up, then I’m gonna have to fuck you. Hand me the buttplug.” She held out her hand, and that little cocksucker pulled open the zipper on her bookbag.


“You better get it up. Close your eyes, and think about something sexy, like big booty black bitches shaking their tits in your face.”

“Mhn!” She pulled her turtle neck over, and it was dark, and warm. Her boney chest hard on my nose, but something warm, and soft squishing around my cheeks.

“HhuhH! You feel my heart, beating on your face? Yeah, you know I want it. My brother was telling me all about your dick. That’s what the D stands for, right? Yeah, you’re getting a little harder, huh. Harder.”

“Uph phuh! Snh, phuhuh?” I think I can stick the soaked cotton out of my dry mouth with my tongue. “Aphuck. Huh, you don’t have to do this, I’ll let you. Do whatever you want just untie me. Ah god, my elbows hurt, you’re too heavy, get off me!”

“Uh uh!” She just humped me harder, so they scraped.

“Ah get off, ah! Fuck it hurts.”

“I’m close, Uh! Fuck, struggle more, harder. Struggle harder, fight it. Fight me back huhUhUH! HhHhHhHhH!”

“Uh!” My head slipped out, and it was bright. So damned bright, the sunlight shining in the end of the tunnel. The other end of the tunnel, but when I closed my eyes, they scrunched up so tight, it made my eyeballs hurt, and I liked to fall out, but it was too late. “Uhhhhh, fuck. Huhhhh! Fuck, yeah.” I ain’t never busted a nut like that in my whole entire life. “Huph? Stbph! Ugh!”

“You like that, you sick gay fuck?”

That little faggot wiped more up off my abs. “No, don’t! You’re the gay one, you sick mhn! NMH!” I turned away, then the other way when he followed me, and wiped it on my face when he couldn’t stick his jizzy fingers in my mouth.

“Huh,” she stood up, and patted her crotch through the front of her chest. “Well, that’s one way to get my panties wet. Let him go.”

“Roll over.”

“Don’t touch my butt.”

“I’m not going to touch your butt, you stupid fuckhead. I’m not gay either, that was just part of the scene.”

“What scene?”

“Oh,” she laughed, “He didn’t tell you? Since he doesn’t have a girlfriend yet, he wanted to watch me fuck another boy, and pretend I’m his wife.”

“You’re a cuck?” I wiped my face off with my sleeve, once I got the chance.

“No, stupid. She just told you it was pretend, weren’t you listening?”

“Yeah,” I checked my elbows, “But you didn’t have to actually be so rough, lookit this!”

“Oh, you got a little boo boo.” She pouted, “You want me to kiss it, and make it better?”

“No, leave me alone, don’t touch me. You tricked me, you stupid psycho bitch.”

“Well, at least I’m not a ho, pimp.”

“Yeah, but you own me a buck 50, so pay up.”

“I ain’t got it on me, I spent it on lunch.”

“Well, you owe me, so you better have it tomorrow on lunch.”

“All right! Just leave me alone.” I don’t wanna start crying “JUST LEAVE!”

“Yeah, we better go before he starts crying like a little baby, come on.”


Bro (bF False Report, bb Snuff Threat)

“Uh, nurse.”

“Come in, son. Sit down.”

“I’d rather not, but. It’s embarrassing.”

“What is it?”

“I think I’m bleeding a little, at least I hope it’s blood.” I finished undoing my pants, and turned around. “Huh, Wes. Westley Graham, he. He grabbed me in the bathroom, because I told his friends he was gay, and he pushed my face down in the urinal, and bent me over, and raped me.” I bent over, and spread my butt cheeks. “Am I bleeding?”

“No, I don’t know, but it is inflamed, and let me take a swab of this, fluid.”

“Uh, is that what I think it is?” As if I don’t know all ready.

“I don’t know, it might be mucus, but I’m going to have to do a rape kit.”

“For the police?”

“Yes, you might have to report it to the police, and maybe even testify in court. Are you willing to do that?”

“Yeah, I think I can do that.”

“Okay, you can pull your pants back up.”

“Um, I better go, before lunch is over.”

“I’ll write you a waiver, so you can talk to the police.”

“Okay, but. I better go tell the principal in the office.”

“Yeah, I need to do some paperwork anyway, but come right back.”

With any luck, his big mouth will get him killed in jail. I bet the real hard core gangsters aren’t gonna like a snot nosed 11 year old trying to talk tough, and making fun of black people. I mean, he doesn’t think that’s Cultural Appropriation, but go on ahead, and “aks” them what they think about it.

I went right to the lunch room, and looked around. “Yo, J!”

“What up?”

“You hear what happened to Karl Woldarzyk?”

“Which one izat?”

“The one that hung out with that wannabe West.”


“Yeah, his beta.”

“What about him?”

“Well, what I heard was, he went out to the wrong neighborhood, trying to act all ghetto, and maybe he had on the wrong hat, or maybe he wore the right one turned the wrong way around, but they gutted him with a steak knife.”

“Damn, man!”

“Yeah, really ripped him wide open.” I showed him sawing with my empty hand, “Hip to hip so the blood, guts, and shit came out all at once.”

“You seen it?”

“No, just pictures on the internet.”

“Then how’d you know it was a steak knife?”

“Oh,” a little bird told me. “I don’t, that’s just what I’d use. Hey, you know my sister, Robin?”

“No, what about her?”

“Well, she asked me, if maybe I thought you liked her?”

“The cutter, with the turtle necks?”

“Oh, she’s not a cutter, she just wears those to keep warm. She doesn’t have any scars, or bruises from choking herself with a belt.”

“Who said she did?”

“Well, you thought she was a cutter, just because she wears long sleeves in winter. So, the next logical conclusion might be that she’s some sort of gasper.”

“Well, I had heard that she some sort of S&M freak.”

“Yeah, but not like that.”

“What’s she like then?”

“Well, you know.” Serial Killers, bondage, pegging, CBT, rape play, and getting rid of witnesses if you don’t cooperate. “Being on Top?” Maybe interested in trying Interracial soon…

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