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Rats! (Part 3)

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Part 3 of Rats! Read P1 and P2 if you haven’t’!


Even if Judy HADN’T seen us “making out” last night, her
older sister’s bubbly cheerfulness and bouncy demeanor would have
given things away. Not that Cathy is normally a grump. It’s
just that she usually was never THIS happy and contented; like a
cat who had just imbibed a whole pitcher of cream.
Well, it wouldn’t have escaped Judy’s notice that her big
sister had taken a lot of MY cream up inside her where it
belonged, even if she hadn’t woken up and seen us going at it
like a pair of laboratory rats, with her own eyes. Judy may be
little, but she’s NOT dumb!
Neither is our mother. Looking at her two youngest
daughters in such obviously disparate moods, Mother knew I had
popped her little girl’s cherry during the night, and she was
annoyed; to put it mildly.
It seems, Mother had hoped to see me take each of her little
girls’ virginities and she felt as if I had cheated her, by
sneaking a poke in Cathy, in the middle of the night, when she
couldn’t see it.
Mother did NOT figure on being left-out again. Neither, for
that matter, did Judy.
When confronted, Cathy and I both admitted it. After all,
we weren’t ashamed of what we had been doing. We had just hoped
to keep it a secret for a while. Fat chance, as it turned out.
So, I guess you can figure out pretty easily what happened
next. Uhuh. Judy insisted on being fucked too, just like Cathy
and I figured she would.
And Mother made sure I did it. She didn’t want to take the
chance on missing out on seeing her youngest daughter being
fucked for the first time, and since Judy so obviously wanted to,
she insisted that I do it right then.
Well, insisting that a man fuck a girl, is a lot easier than
getting him to do it. Especially, if he’s scared of hurting the
kid like I was.
For all the eroticism of the thought of fucking your own
7-year-old little sister, I couldn’t get a hard-on. Mother
finally had to get Marsha to climb on my lap, and work her sexy
body against mine, until my prick finally got erect enough to
slip into her hot slippery hole. Once it did, the sucking heat
of my big sister’s vagina had me proudly erect in almost no time.
Then, once I was erect, Mother had Marsha get off me, and
had Judy get on.
Being so slippery with Marsha’s juices, and my pre-cum, I
was able to get the head of my prick into Judy’s little crack,
even though she was as dry as a bone from nervousness, and a
little scared too. Still, she didn’t even think of “chickening
Mother had us do it in the big leather chair, that everyone
tries to get when watching TV, in the living-room. It was more
comfortable, and there everyone could see, and besides, a chair
would be better for a little girl like Judy; especially the way
Mother planned things.


Yeah, Mother planned it. Just like almost everything else,
except my sneaking Cathy’s virginity in the middle of the night.
Mother wanted to be there, the first time I tried to
impregnate her little girl, and she wanted to supervise, to make
sure we “did it right”; as if breeding her own kids was some kind
of sexy experiment.
Yeah, sure. Mother’s just a sneaky pervert, who likes to
see her little girls get fucked, and we all love her for it. I
actually regret that Cathy and I didn’t let Mother know we were
going to fuck, so she could have watched.
Being so old, (33) Mother just doesn’t have the chances to
have sex, that a teenager like myself, or even a pre-teen like
Cathy or Judy has. I mean, can you imagine an old woman of 33
trying to get laid?
Yeah, funny, isn’t it. Not that Mother’s all that ugly.
Actually, Mother’s pretty good looking, for an old woman. I
mean, her breasts don’t sag, and her skin is still smooth, and
even her tummy is still flat and fairly sexy for a woman who’s
had five children. Still, who would want to fuck an old woman,
even if she DOES look fairly good?
OK, I’ll admit it. . . Before I started fucking my own
sisters, I probably would have. Uhuh. As horny as I was, Mother
didn’t look all that bad to me. Actually, she still doesn’t, for
that matter. Still, don’t you lose all sexual interest, when you
get old?
Well, obviously, Mother hadn’t. Maybe she’s got a higher
sex-drive than most women. Anyway, we all felt sorry for Mother
being deprived like this, so if she got pleasure vicariously by
watching her kids “get it on”, then we were all happy to have
Mother watch.
After we both got undressed, (Actually, Mother had EVERYBODY
get undressed, even her, so we were ALL naked when we started.)
she had me sit back in the big chair, and wanted Judy to get on
top of me, so she could control how much prick she took, being so
young and small. Only we ran into that little problem I told you
about, before Marsha helped out.
Once Judy got the tip of my prick inside her tight little
crack, there were no further chances of me “losing it.” Seeing
my little sister’s tiny little slit so obscenely stretched around
my invading prick, and feeling the tight little hole clasping and
squeezing on the head; it would have taken a bucket of ice-water
thrown over the two of us, to “dampen” my enthusiasm enough to
make my prick wilt again.
Judy didn’t even have buds of tits, like Cathy, and her
little hips were thin and boyish, but her tight little hole was
all woman.
Her smooth little tummy was sexy too. It was quite a turn-
on to imagine that smooth little tummy sticking out like a
basketball, and changing shape as I watched; from my baby
squirming inside her.
So little girls her age don’t get pregnant; it was STILL a
turn-on, just thinking about it. Mother told me she wanted Judy
to have a chance to at least FINISH the first-grade with a big
belly, even though it was probably too late for that, even if I
COULD knock her up.


I think Mother just said that, to get me harder, so that
when I came inside Judy, the little girl would get a bigger
helping of her big brother’s cum. If so, then it worked. I
lurched upward, and a second inch of incestuous prick vanished
into my little sister’s hole.
Judy let out a squeak of pain, but didn’t pull away, either.
I tried to pull out, to get a little more lubrication, but
Judy was so tight I couldn’t. So I tried pushing again, instead.
There was a jerking/rubbing sensation, and another half inch
went in. It felt like I was trying to fuck a garden-hose.
With each push, there would be a squeaky/rubbing sensation,
like the feel you get when rubbing your finger on a squeaky-clean
glass, and another quarter to half-inch of my prick would
disappear into my little sister.
When I would try to pull out, it would feel like my prick
was trapped in one of those “Chinese handcuff” finger-toys, and
grab my prick so tightly it wouldn’t move. Quarter-inch by half-
inch, by quarter-inch, my prick kept going farther into Judy’s
unbelievably tight little slit.
I kept waiting for the yelp of pain, that would announce I
was up against her “cherry”, but it never came. Oh Judy did
squeak with a little pain, each time I got another fraction inch
of fat prick inside her, but she never did let out the squeal you
would expect from a deflowered virgin.
I guess Judy just didn’t HAVE a hymen. (Some women don’t.)
Or perhaps she had ruptured it in some game she had played as a
child. (As a CHILD?!?! She was only SEVEN years old NOW! Oh my
I didn’t even have a full half of my prick inside Judy, when
I felt the little girl’s cervix pressing like a hard bump against
the head of my prick; and I knew the little girl had taken all
she could inside her.
Once this happened, we both rested for a minute, with my big
prick buried halfway up in my little sister’s belly; getting more
and more horny at the incredible sight of the tiny girl being
fucked, and her tight little snatch squeezing and pulling on my
prick, while her cervix was a slightly distracting bump rubbing
against the head.
Judy lifted up, and at first nothing happened. Her hole
just clamped-down on my prick, and her body just seemed to
stretch a little; allowing about a half-inch of my prick to
retreat from bumping up against her womb.
Then she dropped down again, and her tight little tunnel
caressed the sensitive skin around the head of my cock.
Up and down twice more, until the stimulation of her vagina
rubbing against the glans of my prick caused me to release a
spurt of pre-cum inside her.
This loosened things up a little, and this time my prick
stretched her little body almost a whole inch; spreading the
lubrication around even farther.


By the time she made two more strokes up and down, I was
helping Judy rise and fall on my prick by lifting her butt with
my hands, and then dropping them to lower her, while the dry
tightness of her opening had suddenly become slippery with juice,
after one slightly painful pull, that allowed the lubrication now
running in great gobs from the tip of my prick to make the
journey easier.
After about 5 minutes, Judy was sliding up and down my
prick, like she had been doing it for months. It was STILL like
fucking a garden-hose. Only NOW, it was an incredibly tight and
slippery garden-hose. Not to mention, a short one, with a knob
at the end.
Still, even the slight pain of Judy’s cervix bumping
repeatedly against the head of my prick, did little to cut down
on the eroticism of the moment.
It WAS however, enough to slow up what would otherwise have
been a much-too-fast orgasm. Judy probably couldn’t “cum”
herself, but she did seem to finally be enjoying the feel of my
prick stimulating her vagina from the inside.
For sure I was enjoying it! Only I didn’t want to take too
long. I knew my little sister would be sore from the pounding
she was taking inside, even if she DID enjoy it. Better for me
to cum right then, and let Judy enjoy it more some other time,
when she hadn’t just lost her virginity. The trouble was: I
couldn’t quite cum.
I tried. I really did; but I couldn’t.
Feeling only half my prick being squeezed, her cervix
bumping against the head of my prick, and the garden-hose
tightness of her little hole were all distractions that
repeatedly kept me from cumming. I was about to say, “Uncle,”
and stop, when Mother bent over and whispered in Judy’s ear.
Being so close, I heard her, even though it wasn’t meant for
“Now?” asked Mother. Judy nodded; not slowing up for a
second, her sliding up and down on me.
“Are you sure?” asked mother, somewhat worriedly, it seemed
to me.
Judy nodded again; too involved in gasping for breath, to
say, “Yes.”
Now some of you may know what is coming, but I didn’t even
have a clue. I had never heard of such a thing, and if I had, I
wouldn’t have done it with my own little sister. Especially not
my LITTLE sister, Judy.
As I’ve said, I wouldn’t hurt the little girl for the world.
It was stretching things, to even be fucking her.
[Oh my God! If it hadn’t been unintentional, I would
deserve to be shot for producing a pun like that! Maybe I should
be shot anyway.]
Well, if I was “stretching things” by fucking my little
sister, [Hey! If I’m going to use this pun at all, I might as
well go whole-hog.] then what was I doing when Mother finished
pushing down on my little sister when I was just starting to push


By now, there was so much pre-cum oozing out of my abused
prick, that it was running in streams down Judy’s left leg. Pre-
cum is about the slipperiest thing I know, and Mother used that
to do what she did. When I felt my little sister’s cervix
mashing into my prick, like the head of a hammer, I tried to pull
back, but the chair wouldn’t let me. I figure that’s the REAL
reason Mother had us use the chair, instead of the bed.
Mother pushed down even harder; throwing almost her full
weight on my little sister’s body.
I was barely able to yelp, “Mother! What. . .?” when Marsha
and Judy leaped to our mother’s assistance, and added their
weight to hers. My prick, which had only managed to get about
three inches inside my little sister’s body, vanished another
inch inside her.
It wasn’t enough. The strain was incredible, and I thought
my prick would snap off for a second, or I would really hurt
Judy, by tearing a hole in her vagina. Well, for a second, I
thought I did tear Judy inside.
There was an incredible straining sensation, and I felt a
hole open around the head of my prick, as I was SURE it was
tearing my little sister’s vagina wide-open, as my mother and
sisters all added their weights to that of my little sister; to
try forcing every last inch of my prick up inside the little
Well, it almost broke my prick; it almost tore a hole in
Judy, but neither happened. My little sister’s vagina slowly
stretched under the pressure, until the muscles of her uterus
could stand the strain no more.
I felt an INCREDIBLY tight ring slip over the head of my
prick, and come to rest about 1/3 of the way down my prick, as
over two inches of my cock slid into my little sister’s womb.
Judy let out an involuntary yelp of pain, as it happened,
but didn’t even try to pull off. For that matter, she had done
her best to help; pushing down as hard as she could with Mother’s
Mother had previously heard of this; had checked to see if
it could really happen, and then had suggested it to Judy. (Judy
being the only one of my sisters small enough for a barely six-
inch prick to reach that far.)
I never would have gone for it had I known, but it was too
late now. My prick was buried all the way up in my little
sister’s womb; leaking pre-cum inside her, as my mother looked at
the two of us, and sighed with satisfaction.
“There,” she said; waving our sisters away, now that their
help was no longer needed. “Now you’ve got your big brother’s
cock inside your womb, so he can squirt his sperm inside it, and
get you pregnant, just like your big sisters.”
Mother looked at me with a glare that silenced any
objections I might have. I knew that if I “wasted” this
opportunity, after risking so much, and hurting Judy to get
there, Mother would never forgive me for denying my little sister
the chance she had worked so hard to get.


The trouble was, my prick had wilted at the very thought
that I was causing Judy pain. I did my best though. Closing my
eyes, I concentrated on the feel of my sister’s vagina sliding up
and down on me.
Only that wasn’t much better. The rubber-band-tight ring
rolling up and down the last-inch-but-one of my prick was
actually painful.
Erotic as heck, but painful. The feeling of the rest of my
sister’s vagina sliding up and down the bottom of my prick,
almost made up for it, however.
I opened my eyes again, and looked directly into the smooth
little belly of my 7-year-old little sister. I could actually
see a slight bulge marking the spot where the head of my prick
was distending the little girl’s womb.
The thought of my prick being in the spot where our baby
might grow was quite erotic. My prick bulged for a second;
bringing a slight “Ow” from my little sister. Still, there was
another side-effect.
Flexing my prick, either tore Judy inside, or forced the
muscles of her cervix to relax slightly. In either case, the
painful ring around my prick eased slightly, and became just
another incredibly sexy part of my sister’s body working to get
her big brother to ejaculate his seed in her womb.
Even with over 1/3 of my prick buried in her womb, I STILL
didn’t have all of my cock inside my little sister’s body.
Still, what I did have inside the little girl, was being treated
to a sexual-massage that was incredible.
THIS time, it didn’t take me very long. I started to cum.
Only I couldn’t. Judy was too tight! The pressure built
and built; like the feeling you get when you stop pissing by
squeezing the end of your prick. Like that, something had to
Luckily, it was the pressure on my prick, as ripples of
relaxation then clamping of my sister’s vagina had started
milking on my cock. The first ripple allowed the sperm to start
up my prick; and from there on, there was no holding back.
Squirt after squirt of thick sticky sperm slid into my
little sister’s womb, in what felt like long greasy ropes of
incestuous cum.
A whole string of semen would ripple through my prick in one
big spasm, like the rope of cream you would get if you
accidentally stepped on an open tube of hair-cream. Rope after
rope of goo squirted out the head of my prick and into the
welcoming belly of my own little sister. By now, I had both arms
wrapped around the little girl’s waist, as my prick jerked again
and again inside her. I could feel her little tummy swell, each
time I jerked another big gob of cream inside her. I’m not sure
if it was just my prick jerking, or if I actually felt the bulges
of my sperm squirting in the little girl’s womb.
It felt like I sat there an hour, with my little sister in
my lap, and my swollen prick pissing sperm in the child’s womb.
Realistically, it couldn’t have been over two minutes, and I
doubt if I managed to give Judy over four really good squirts of
cum, but it FELT like it went on for hours.


Talk about what heaven feels like! I almost revised my idea
of heaven to spending eternity spasming my little sister’s womb
full of cum, just like that.
Well, two hours, or twenty seconds. . . two gallons, or four
good squirts, it finally ended. My prick shrank just a little;
and with a sigh of satisfaction, Judy slid down that last half-
inch, until our pubic bones met. She had finally taken all of my
prick inside her.
For about five minutes, we both sat there, as my prick
slowly wilted inside her. Every once in a while I would shudder,
and clasp Judy tightly to me.
Twice, as the pressure inside her became less, I felt
another drop of cum ease through the tube on the bottom of my
prick; up inside my sister’s body, and ooze out the tip of my
penis, into her already flooded womb.
Even when my prick had fully shrunk down to a bare shadow of
itself, Judy’s tight little cervix kept the head of my prick
trapped inside her womb, like an over-tight cork in a bottle.
Neither one of us wanted to take it out.
It was only when our sisters started showing signs of
impatience, as we seemed to be just sitting there doing nothing,
that Mother finally made us pull apart.
Damn, it HURT, as my prick uncoupled from my little sister’s
womb. I could hear the sharp intake of breath, as Judy felt a
similar pain inside her. Still, we couldn’t have stayed locked
together all night, could we? Thinking about it, I guess we
could have. Maybe sometime we would.
Well, that was it for that day. In fact, it wasn’t until
two days later, (Never mind Mother’s injunction to “practice”
with Marsha every day.) that I recovered enough to fuck any of my
sisters again. And then only Marsha, as her slippery hot wet
hole was the only one that wouldn’t squeeze the still-sore head
of my prick too hard.
I must have given my big sister almost as much sperm that
time, as I did the first. Waiting two days between fucks had
built up quite a load in my balls.
It’s funny, I went YEARS without sex, and it didn’t really
hurt me. NOW, going two days without sex seems like torture, and
the pressure in my balls is almost unbearable. Strange, isn’t
After that first time, I was afraid I’d hurt Judy, if we did
it again, but the second time she just climbed on me and slid
down until the head of my prick was butting against the back of
her womb, and her cervix was milking my prick like a second
From then on, That was Judy’s “thing”; to do what none of
her older sisters could do: Take my prick all the way up inside
her womb, and have me fill it with squirt after squirt of
incestuous sperm.
A couple of times, I fucked her on the bed, but Judy seemed
almost to have a fetish about fucking in the same chair, and the
same way as the day she lost her virginity. (Well, OK, she
didn’t HAVE a virginity to “lose.” Still, it was the first time
she got fucked, and that amounts to the same thing, doesn’t it?
Well, it did to her, anyway.)

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