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me and my cat

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i can’t stop thinking about fucking my cat, what should i do?

i’m f15 and i can’t stop thinking about fucking animals, especially my cat.

i’ve never written one of these and it’s more of a spur of the moment thing so it won’t be that good, but i need your thoughts x

i’ve been looking into zoophilia and ever since i can’t look at my cat the same. the amount of times i’ve wanted him to lick me, or i’ve wanted to put something in his butt is crazy. i thought that maybe if i put food or milk on my pussy he might lick it, i havnt tried because i’m scared of being caught.

it wouldn’t be the worst thing if i risked getting caught, turns me on more. one time i masturbated under a blanked while my step dad was in the room watching tv together but that’s a story for another time.

please tell me your thoughts and what i should do. if you’d like me to write more i can and i’ll make it better xx.

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  • Reply marry_jane ID:1qkwn188rc

    i’ve just written an update and will hopefully be uploaded soon. i currently don’t have any socials other than snap but i’m looking into getting kik and wickr for you guys. for now, here’s my snap bxby_2583

    • Zerefjay ana Dylan ID:314jjybxt0d

      Hey so my account is permanently banned Form Snapchat so If you do get wickr Or Kik please let me know🥺

  • Reply Annonymous ID:2v44j3yj6ib

    Hmu snap ddinamighte2019 for some advice

  • Reply Yummy ID:2auer1820d

    U should definitely try it great feeling would love to watch

  • Reply C ID:2c40yw2k0k

    Any socials to contact you through?

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1darjpbt09

    Send an email my way and ill help you out. I have 30 yrs experience in Zoo

  • Reply Me ID:3uvai4iqhri

    Hit me up on wickr I’ll give you some advice


  • Reply Brianna ID:8b9drldqrb

    Try letting him lick you. I wouldn’t put anything inside your cat though, he might not like it and I wouldn’t want you to get hurt. Milk or a little tuna juice will work, just make sure to shower after.

  • Reply Zerefjay ID:314jjybxt0d

    Yes please definitely write more and I think go for it
    Anyway to get in touch I would love to hear if you go through with it

  • Reply I need an IPhone ID:2vqwhzgik0c

    Yup, do as you thought.
    Put a large amount of milk and let him lick your pussy(obviously when no one is home)