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Mom had an old car, a Towncar, and it was a classic. It wasn’t hard to find out what she was using it for, because she blogged about it.

She kept a sort of sex diary online, about all her experiences. Starting with prom night, her dad drove her and her date, but that’s what he did for a living. We’re talking about the kind of car they stretch out into a limo, only he never did.

He used to tell us all stories about driving rich and famous people around. Mostly rock stars like Eddie Money. He’d pick them up from the airport, take them to the hotel, the clubs, or the recording studio. I know, that’s not what you came here to read, but that’s what mom grew up with.

At the prom, grandpa just parked the car, and went off somewhere to smoke. So, mom snuck back and used the code on the keypad under the door handle. It had one of those, just 5 buttons, power locks, and windows back when that was a big deal.

Then, she gave up her virginity in the back seat, and went back to the dance with grandpa none the wiser. When he died, he left the old town car to her brother, and she was so upset at the funeral, because the Hearse was a Ford Taurus. If she had her way, he would have been buried in that car, but that’s not how it worked out.

So, my dad (He used to have sex with her in the old car before they got married) got her another one for their anniversary. Not a new one, an 84, but it looked just the same as the old one. Dark blue, with a clear-coat, so it was almost shiny when she polished it. He got a chauffeur hat so he could drive it with her riding along in the back seat, and she wrote about that in her blog, too.

It was a sex game, of course. She dressed up like a rich and famous woman, so she got picked up in the towncar, and taken out to have an affair with her driver. Which is a little fucked up, if you think about it. Her dad was a driver, and now sleeping with my dad dressed up like that. I don’t know, it’s a fetish I guess. Especially the car, I’m not even going to try to explain how she felt about that car, either you get it by now, or you don’t.

So then, my brother got to drive it next, because he got a learner permit, and they had little hatchbacks for driver ed, but mom practically insisted. “If you can handle this boat, then you can handle anything but a tractor trailer.” He actually became a trucker when he grew up, but first he got a pickup truck. So, he could work construction, and pick up furniture, and stuff.

I got to ride along in the back seat, but mom told me to buckle up, and my brother was sweating by the time he got us home. So afraid of putting a scratch or dent in it, but it was almost a mythical place for me. The back seat, but I kept asking “What’s that?”

When we’re stopped at a light, it came with a tape player, and an adapter she could plug into her phone to listen to music, and stuff. A phone holder on the dashboard, and another one for the Garmin, since it didn’t have a GPS satellite screen in the dashboard. And finally, it had a new rearview mirror, with a tiny little lens in the bottom, where the old one had a lever to flip it up and down. Just in case somebody had their brights on behind you at night, or one of those lifted trucks so the headlights shine over the trunk, and through the back window.

I didn’t notice it, so I didn’t ask about it, because that was the point. It was a hidden camera, if it had a big arrow, and flashing lights pointing it out, that would defeat the purpose. I didn’t find out about that, until she came home from a drive, alone, and gave dad the thumbdrive. Then, she got out all her cleaning stuff to go detail it in the garage.

I read about that, in her blog too. She doesn’t particularly like cleaning, or “Woman’s work,” because she grew up back in the day when a woman’s place was in the kitchen, unless you got paid for it. If you’re a man, you could be a chef, but if you’re a woman, you stayed home to take care of the house, and kids. However, cleaning up after her, and her affairs was something else, entirely.

I knew, well I had a pretty good idea, what kinds of things she was up to when she went out for a drive that day. She usually kept it in the garage, she only really drove it for special occasions, but that included sex stuff in the back seat. The fact that she left dad at home, and then took her detailing kit out to clean up the back seat was a dead giveaway. If you ever read any of her sex blog.

Sure enough, we heard dad grunting, and fapping through the bedroom door. By we, I mean me, and my brother, but mom didn’t write about what happened until she was done getting rid of the evidence. My brother couldn’t watch the video until dad got done with it, but I’d seen the flash drive. When mom gave it to dad to watch, so I knew what we’re looking for when we found it.

The first time, she drove out to the corner where there were a bunch of Mexicans standing around, waiting for work. Real work, like construction, not sex work, but it wasn’t hard to see it the way mom did, even before she wrote about it. If the roles were reversed, and a man drove up in a nice car, a bunch of women were standing around drinking coffee on the corner…

“Hey, you looking for work?” A bunch of them came over to the rolled down window, but she pointed out the youngest looking one. Behind the camera, on the driver side, she used the Garmin mount to set up a phone. A cameraphone, but if you didn’t know what you’re looking at, you wouldn’t notice. He didn’t even look at it, he just leaned down to grin in the window, when the older men got out of the way.

“You speak English?”

“A little, you speak Espanish?”

“Poquito?” He nodded, “You better get in back, so I don’t have to move my computer, and things.” She had her laptop set up on the passenger seat, but first she hit the door lock, and turned the camera mounted up on the dashboard, to aim it back between the seats.

He just sat on the passenger side, and looked out the window. They didn’t speak, so my brother skipped ahead past the boring part, where she just drove to a private spot where she could make him her whore.

“Huh, that’s fucked up.” My brother tried to cover up his boner, he untucked his shirt, but I pulled it out to take a look. He pushed my hand away before I could touch it, bulging in his pants. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Come on, you’re horny, and I’m horny. You’re going to turn down a blowjob?”

He shook his head. “You’re my sister.”

“Yeah, I know, but you don’t seem to mind watching mom get naked with some beaner, so what? It’s just a blowjob, try to think about somebody else, if that’ll help.” Actually, I wanted a whole lot more, like a dick inside me. Any dick, but I settled for him blowing his wad in my mouth.

“Mhn!” I blinked, because I barely even got the head in my mouth, before his leg started shaking, and he pumped a spurt out right in my cheek. “Snh!” I just shrugged, and closed my eyes. Smelled his sweaty pubes, and tasted his premature ejaculation before he finished.

Then, I sat up, so it pooled up in the bottom of my mouth. Rolled it around with my tongue while my brother zipped up, and got out. He took the computer with him too, but I finally swallowed, and licked my lips. Scooting over to the middle of the seat, I put my legs up, and smiled for the camera.

I wanted more for my first time, but at least we did it in the right place. “Uh, I’m so wet!” It hadn’t soaked through my panties, but they were definitely damp. “Huh, so hot, and wet. And horny. Huh, come here, big boy, and fill me full of your big hard cock! Uh!”

It hurt, when my fingers went in too far, but not for long, then it felt better, and better…

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