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My 2 nieces part 2

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Now was the time for them to learn that they do as they are told

The next morning we were all up at the breakfast table Elia was in her t shirt and shorts and Sofia had some pj’s on I sat down and said let’s get to know each other .
What schools did you go to as we need new ones as too far away, Sofia said she was in high school and Elia told me she had been going to fashion college .
I said well today we can go around high schools get Sofia a new on and Elia we can see about you going to University not college so after breakfast Sofia get ready and Elia I need show you something ,Sofia went get ready and I told Elia time for a bj and as she got down on her knees I knew I had her doing what I want, her hand reached in my shorts and pulled out my cock she wanked my cock to get it hard and her mouth opened and she put her lips around it ,it felt so nice as her little mouth moved up and down and soon my balls were ready to shoot down her throat.
She licked her lips as she stood and went to get ready.
Sofia came down in a short denim skirt and white tshirt and Elia came down in jeans and t shirt both looked good enough to fuck as we went to the nearest high school .
After sorting out the school we headed to the shops as I promised new clothes for them and I wanted to spoil them as was going to want them look good as I let people drool over them .
When we got back I made some drinks with a few drops of sleeping lotion in as it was time to fuck Sofia again .
We sat down to watch a chick flick and I watched them slowly drop of to sleep as Sofia did she lay back and her Denim skirt had risen up her legs showing off a pair of white panties with little flowers on I moved over next to her lifted her up and carried her to her room as I lay her on the bed I took off her tshirt and she had on a small bra size 30a which I left on and I undone her Denim skirt pulled down her legs And then pulled her panties off her,I got down between her legs and started licking her pussy my cock was now hard so I moved on top of her placing it at her entrance and pushed it in ,it felt tight so nice warm tight as I pushed right in her body jumped as I thrust up her pussy in and out it felt as if her pussy had a hold like a hand so tight as I fucked her and I couldn’t stop my balls exploding into her womb stream after stream I to her little body .
I pulled out then I used her mouth to clean my cock getting it ready for Elia I walked back down to the lounge leaving Sofia on the bed nearly naked as I walked into the room I found Elia lying on the sofa I had decided I was going to stick my cock up her little arse tonight, I pulled her jeans down her panties came down with them I pulled them off her feet and opened her legs her little bum was so nice looking as I put a small amount of gel on it and put my cock head against it ,it opened a little as I pushed and the head popped in like a vice gripping it I had never felt anything as tight as I tried pushing and it went in up to my balls her body shook as I was balls deep in her arse everytime I pushed in she was shaking a few minutes later I was pumping my cum I to her bum for the first time .
I stood there Looking at her a 17 year old I had just taking her anul virginity and her 11 year old sister lying on the bed full of my cum ,,, how lucky was I and all its costing is new clothes and looking after them and hopefully soon I will have my own little baby from Elia in a years time .
I went back to the bedroom Sofia still asleep I just had to have one more go before I cleaned her up and put her in the bed she is a great cum bucket and Elia is just a great sex toy who will do anything not to split them up .

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Avenger ID:g0zwlg8rc

    Using drugs to fuck someone, what a loser

    • Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

      Lesen wichsen und dann Moral Apostel spielen was für ein schwuchtel

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Make a new house rule, no clothes allow, collars must be worn at all time, pussies must be waxed or shaven clean, and that they are yours to breed