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Lexi’s trip home

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After her fun adventure on the bus she made it to the store. Wearing her hot outfit and still riding the high of the ride out she runs into a friend.

Starting her trip she was a nervous wreck, she could feel every eye upon her. Several mothers giving disapproving glares, men had lecherous hungry eyes. Her body was burning hot, it didn’t help she hadn’t cum from her bus adventure. She was on sexual overload and wanted a release. Pushing a cart around she was careful with how she picked up items from the shelf. Bending over at certain angles would cause her shirt to lift up. A nip slipped out for a brief second, in an empty aisle creating a moment of heart pounding excitement. Her little buds were outlined by the black fabric, as she passed one boy he openly stared at her chest. Fumbling with the box he grabbed from the shelf as she rounded the aisle. The place was busy, thankfully some people kept to themselves but the men and boys were more open to staring at her body.

One aisle had a man oblivious to her presence, he was too busy reading the back of some box. His eyes occasionally darting up comparing the difference between his selections. He was dressed in a simple polo and khakis, a little average in build but nice looking to her. Shifting her purse against her side she adjusted herself and came in close behind him. Looking at the shelves there wasn’t anything she actually needed from here but she spied something that would be just out of reach near him. Stretching for it and giving little hops to make it look like she was really struggling she managed to get his attention. Eventually his eyes gazed over and went from a curious glance to full attention. She felt the black top creeping upward but her hard nips kept it in place. The edges of her areolas flashing out, her clit also stood out from all the hopping. “Would you uh… like a hand? ” He asked sweetly as she just smiled and nodded. Taking the item after he effortlessly grabbed it she took a long moment to dramatically set it in the cart. “Thanks. ” Leaving him to just stare at she walked away leaving her clothes just the way they were.

With all the things her mother asked for in the cart she thought about going over to look for a shirt to wear home. Feeling more eyes on her body as she debated on that thought she knew getting back home on the bus would be best done wearing a new shirt. Walking toward the clothes she saw there were far fewer people in this area of the store. She started browsing the girls’ clothes, but wasn’t really finding anything that spoke to her. Looking around she spied the sleep wear and t-shirts. Being alone in this area she didn’t always react immediately when her tits would slip out. What she didn’t know was that she had an admirer. He noticed her when walking down the center aisle running from one end of the store to the other. It was just from behind but he felt he knew her. Then as she adjusted her top thinking no one was watching he got a glimpse of her face realizing it was Lexi!

He sat back at the edge of the men’s clothing aimlessly flipping through a rack of shorts. He wasn’t really shopping though as he watched her. She reached high to get a graphic T in a fairly large size down from a shelf and her little breasts pulled free from her top. He felt his jeans stretch from the sight of her young hot body on display. She spent a good 30 seconds looking at this shirt before folding it back up and putting it up. Once she was done she finally tucked her breasts away. Carter couldn’t take much more and quietly walked over to her.

“Hey Lex…. Love the outfit.” His bulge was prominent between his legs as his eyes went up and down her body. She gave a startled jump as she didn’t even notice him walk up behind her. “Fuck Carter… you scared me.” She was already blushing as he couldn’t stop staring at her chest. “A picture would last longer…” she teased with a sly grin turning to look up at the stack of clothes again.

“That’s true but i certainly don’t have a picture of your perfect chest…” he was now looking at her ass drinking in the entire outfit seeing so much more than she ever showed before. Had she always been like this when not at school, he wondered, pulling out his phone to take a picture. She spun around and saw his phone in hand,with a grin she did a little pose for him. He snapped a pic and was rewarded with her step in close to see the results. “You show that off and I will kill you by the way.” She said it with a fairly serious tone letting him know she didn’t want to be shared and it was just for him. He simply nodded too stunned by how close they were now. “I take it you like what you see? ” Like one of the porn stars she watched Lexi push her arms against her chest. Perky breasts squished together, they started to spill out for him.

“Fuck Lex… ” he muttered staring at her body his cock raged against his khaki shorts. She giggled looking around them she felt his cock against his shorts. He felt to be of an impressive size. Longer than the man on the bus by a few finger widths for sure. She remembered then that Carter was able to drive and could take her home.

“Hey… think you could take me back home so i dont have to take the bus back? I was wearing a t-shirt and it got a bit messed up on the ride here…” she played couy not planning give up the details of how exactly her shirt was messed up. “Oh for sure. But it’s going to cost you. ” He smirked as she fixed her top pushing the cart towards the check out. Rolling her eyes while leading the way, “Hopefully it won’t cost too much.” She replied playfully, making their way out to leave. The checkout process went awkwardly, people kept staring at the pair. Lexi went about using the self checkout as quickly as possible. It wasn’t long before they were walking out and she left the cart inside opting to carry her groceries. She was going to carry them to and on the bus to start with so it wasn’t a big deal to her.

Carter just kept watching her, “I’m parked a little ways out, dad let me take the mustang, he said it needed a short drive. ” Lexi shrugged as she followed along, with her hands full she couldn’t really do much about her top wanting to ride up and flash everyone. Thankfully it held out till they were away from the door and walking amongst the cars. Carter just kept staring at them, “I’m guess you like to see them?” Playful with a wink she teased him making him look awkwardly away. Her tits were out the entire walk to the car, one man noticed and did his best to distract his wife from knowing. That made Lexi giggle as they finally reached the car.

“Thanks for this by the way. Makes it so much easier.” She climbed into the passenger seat of the old mustang. A restored fastback that she had heard Carter’s father loves more than anything. The fact he let Carter drive it must have meant he trusted him to be good. Adjusting her top so as not to be a distraction her shorts didn’t help. With her clit peeping out Carter was at full mast and wouldn’t take his eyes off it. “Get me home and you can do more than just see it…” she teased him, a hand running over his shorts. With that motivation he fired the car up and started the drive home.

“So uh… thinking about it. ” Carter started the conversation awkwardly, “I saw you with Baxter…” he paused mid sentence paying attention to traffic around them. “Oh god! I was praying no one would see us… I had no panties on and he started to lick me and it felt good then he climbed me and wouldn’t get off.” She looked over at him as they were stopped at the red light, the look of shock on his face told her he hadn’t seen that much. She turned bright red at that moment as she realized she just confessed to being fucked by a dog.

“I was going to say I noticed you were walking him again and was going to mention I saw Mrs Finch fucking him. I went to mow their lawn like they ask me to do this time of year. I went into the backyard to get their mower out of the shed. I heard her moaning like crazy. Her window was open and I saw her there with Baxter going to town. That little guy really fucked you?” He asked with a look of curiosity on his face.

“That’s why he was so dirty and mean when I tried to make him stop! He went to bite me when I tried to push him off… so i just kind of let it happen. ” Lexi let out a sigh watching the city pass by. Carter’s hand went to her thigh sliding up till it came against her wet crotch. “Well… did you like it? Because it feels like you have been liking something today. ” Pushing the shorts aside a slender finger felt her wet slit.

“Mmm… I did cum so fucking hard from it. That’s why I was rushing off from yall and why I was red in the face. ” She leaned back enjoying his touch moving her own shorts further to one side for better access. “Damn Lex, when did you get so dirty?” Chuckling the fingers kept feeling her body as he drove carefully. “What you never noticed? Maybe I always have been.” Giggling she teased him and was rewarded with a finger sliding into her cunt. A heavy moan as she shivered with excitement.

“Have you ever done it with Max then?” Carter asked point blank and to the point. “Nope Baxter was the first and only dog to fuck me. Not that I asked him too.” His hand removed itself from her body to make a hard turn. “Would you?” His curiosity asked the hard question it would seem and she saw they weren’t far from home now. The bus lines zig zagged and made so many stops it took twice as long as driving. “Mmm…. I wouldn’t stop him if he wanted to. after getting fucked by one dog why not let others? I doubt Max would ever do it though, especially since I have been naked all over the house and not once been jumped like Baxter.” She answered truthfully which was met with a smirk on Carter’s face. His cock was still rock hard and she hadn’t seen it budge the entire drive. The rest of the drive passed with more conversations about random things and Carter touching her body when he felt confident to do so. With his family’s driveway next door he pulled in there. Lexi collected her stuff and kissed Carter’s cheek. “Come over for that payment….” She left smiling wide to strut the groceries inside. He went into his own house to make sure everything was put back where it belonged. Using her time wisely Lexi first put everything away that needed to be and let Max outside. Then she stripped completely naked tossing her slutty outfit under a pile of clothes to hide them for cleaning later. Carter came right into the house finding her laid out on the couch. It seems he too changed into something more comfortable as he had easy to remove athletic shorts on now.

As soon as he was inside he saw her there smiling. Sitting next to her she quickly climbed into his lap and started to kiss him. It wasn’t hard to feel his cock standing at attention below. “So what is it blowjob? Cow girl? What’s my price for the ride?” She asked seductively into his ear, his hands were all over her body. Feeling her ass, tits and pussy never settling with one spot for long.

“Given how big of a rescue that ride was… I would have to say both. ” This time he smirked as she started to kiss down his neck. Delicate hands went down his shorts finding a lack of boxers underneath. His large manhood sprang free as she crawled off his lap and onto her knees before him. She had watched plenty of porn while masturbating to have seen how girl’s suck a cock but hadn’t put any of it to practical use. Now she was getting to do just that as her lips hugged the squishy tip tongue grinding against its base. He was already moaning, a hand running through her hair. Precum from how long he had been hard was leaking, leaving a salty taste upon her tongue. Relaxing her throat and jaw she started to sink her lips lower and lower. Soon a gag as he brushed her throat and backed up. She kept doing this as he watched, drool was quickly building up and rolling down the shaft. Several more attempts to take his entire cock but it was just too big. He had to be at least 7 inches the biggest she had seen or touched in person. Regardless of being able to take the entire thing she was working his stiff member imagining all the ways she had seen in porn. She was trying it all and he was loving it, red hair a mess tangled with his fingers.

She took a few minutes to get into the groove of things tasting his cock. She even licked down his shaft and licked at his balls jerking his cock hard. When she licked back up taking his cock in her mouth he pushed in it. Both his hands behind her head shoved the beast deep into her throat. She was so surprised by it but turned on from it as she groaned and then gagged. He didn’t release her as she tried to push back still gagging eyes beginning to water. She felt him twitching and her throat felt hot with liquid. He was cumming straight into her throat and she tried her best to swallow it. She kept gagging and could feel the cum filling back into her mouth gushing around his shaft with each lurch of her throat from gagging. His balls on her chin were drained within a few blinks. Drool mixed with cum created a sloppy string between her lips and his tip. She sucked in air after having swallowed his spunk tears rolling down red cheeks.

“Fuck Carter… a little warning next time this was my first time sucking.” Her chest heaved as cum dripped upon it. She held him with one hand licking the cum from his cock savoring the flavor. “Bullshit Lex that was way too hot and good” he genuinely didn’t believe her, she was a fucking natural with cock.

“I like to watch porn… I just did what those girls did. ” She giggled, getting up with a stretch. Her thighs were soaked from her pussy leaking sweet juices. She hadn’t touched herself that entire time and was eager to get fucked. “Let me go get a condom. My Mom and Dad should have some tucked away upstairs and shouldn’t notice one missing. ” She was already walking away heading the stairs horny and wanting more.

“Alright, but if that was your first, more girls need to learn from porn because that’s the best blowjob I have ever had. ” Grinning, he sat back against the couch feeling euphoric from how good it felt. She had him on edge the entire ride over. The pair had been so wrapped up with themselves they hadn’t heard Max paw at the back door. With Lexi upstairs fetching a condom Carter went and let Max in squatting down to pet him as the two said hello. Max went to his dog bed and laid down, Carter took his place back on the couch. Moments later Lexi came down with a condom in hand.

“Sorry they moved them so it took me a little longer to find one. Oh thanks for letting Max back it. ” She came over to Max and scratched his head as he shifted in bed tail wagging when he saw her. With her good boy satisfied she moved to satisfy herself. Climbing into Carter’s lap they started making out again. His cock was flaccid by the time she returned with a small wet spot from it having leaked cum onto his shorts. While making out his hands went between her legs and he started to finger her. It was effortless to slip two fingers in deep to the eager hole. She started to grind her hips against his hand moaning loud, loving the feel of his fingers buried deep. It didn’t take long for Carter to get hard again, once ready she wanted him inside her. With a groan she climbed free of his grip and pulled off his shorts. Tearing the condom free she wasn’t exactly sure how to even put one on so she left it to him to do. She watch him unroll the lubricated latex down over his tip eyes hungry with lust. The condom stretched around his thick member and barely seemed to reach his balls. It must have been a size small for him or maybe it’s how they were made she didn’t know.

Climbing on top she grinded her little slit against his tip feeling her body stretch open. It started to hurt a little as he was the biggest she ever would have inside her. Pushing through it she sat down hard feeling his cock knock into her body. Biting her lip out of reflex she moaned, his lips were kissing her breasts as she leaned back grinding on his cock. She was so eager to fuck and rocking her hips hard, the small tuffs of pubic hair tickled and rubbed her clit. After being edged earlier she came hard but didn’t stop riding his cock. Her breath and moans were caught in her throat as she made a silent face of pleasure. Then she slumped against his chest slowing her grinding motion he started to thrust. “Oh fuck Carter… god your cock is so big… keep fucking me.” She moaned and muttered hearing him breath in her ear as he thrust fast. He couldn’t do long hard thrusts as she sat in his lap but she was so tight he didn’t need to.

“God damn Lex… you’re so tight and perfect… ” he groaned, lifting her up, placing her ass up on the couch he mounted behind her. Starting with slow deep thrusts listening to her moan and groan. The tight slit stretched and hugged his cock gripping him so tight and was mesmerized by the way his cock pulled and pushed at her wet opening. He gave her ass a heavy slap as his pace picked up. The red print on her pale skin quickly fading. She was moaning with each thrust, his thick head hit deep knocking against her cervix driving her wild. Her legs felt like jelly as her first orgasm had hit so hard and didn’t stop for a while the little fireworks of pleasure burst through her from every touch. It wasn’t until the pleasure went from a roaring wave back to a normal euphoria that she realized he was behind her. His hands groped her chest as he proceeded to pound against her. Balls wet and slapping on her clit had her body quivering.

“Fuck we should do this more often…” Carter moaned, having trouble thrusting as hard as he wanted with her body clamping down on his cock. She didn’t have the breath or desire to answer then instead she just bucked her hips and moaned. Within minutes she felt him slowing down then there was the odd sensation of the condom filling with cum. Ballooned tip rubbing at her sensitive button spoke that he was once again done. Carter slumped back panting hard from giving all he had to fuck her. She took the pounding better than some of the girls from school. Lexi let out a soft sigh as she got down on her knees in front of him. Pulling the condom off she licked his cock clean. It was still stiff and hard as her mouth popped off from the suction. With his cock clean and still stiff she wasn’t done with him and climbed back on. He was shocked she went up on his lap and sat down on his bare cock before saying anything.

Her hips rode him hard, “Fuck! ” She yelled out grinding on his manhood with it filling her entire pussy. “This feels so much better god yes …. Almost…” he could feel her pussy quiver and twitch. To help her have another orgasm he suck on her tits and slapped her ass. The sounds of their fucking filling the entire house. She erupted in a long hard moan, legs locked up, toes curled hips stopped completely. She buried her face into his neck, finding it hard to moan and breathe as the orgasm rocked her. Once she could move again she slipped off his cock and slumped to one side. He was already going limp so she didn’t have to move much to get off him.

“Fuck lex… that was good. ” Carter was grabbing his shorts to slip them back on as Lexi collected herself. She knew she needed to get up and handle the condom but wasn’t sure she could get up just yet. Her legs felt like she just ran a marathon and hips burned from all the bucking. Looking at the time she had a small panic attack. “You gotta go! My mom will be home any minute…” that was all the motivation she needed to leap up. She made sure the condom and wrapper were all hidden away in the trash. Carter didn’t need much more explanation to leave, “See you around Lex.” He called to her leaving her to get ready for her parents to be home.

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