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Incest at 10

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First experience with my sister. I wanna fuck my sister read to the end

When I was about 10 my sister was 13 she was in that phase where you started getting horny. And she would watch porn on her phone and on the living room tv when our parents weren’t home. And she would show me. One day after watching porn she had asked my if I wanted to play family. (A game where me and her were husband and wife). So we were playing and then it came time to sleep we got into my bed and under the covers. We started sndndndjdns (fegeting) in bed and making out with each other for a little. Then we went to sleep. The next day she wanted to do a little more so we went to my room and she got naked and told me to put it in her pussy because that’s what adults do. So she helped me take of my clothes. Then she bent over my bed and told me where to put it so I did. But at that time a still didn’t get boners and my dick wasn’t that big. So I started humping her for about 10 minutes then sh told me to stop because she was scared that she could get pregnant. We then both got into my bed and just started to cuddle for a while. And from that day on it all stoped. And now that am older and horny I want to fuck her. Am now 15. And she’s 17 and she has a medium ass with pretty big tits. I sometimes go to her dirty laundry and take some of her dirty panty’s and start to sniff and lick where her pussy would be and jerk of to it. I need some advice on how to fuck her here’s my snap so you can tell my daniel_f3593.

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  • Reply Sean ID:fx7ita5hj7

    When I was 5 years old, I got naked and started rubbing my penis against my mom’s leg. She had pretty legs, very smooth and silky too. When I was 14 years old, I wanted to have sex with my cousin Meisha after seeing her in her black and white polka dot bikini. She was 14, I was still 13 at the time. I wanted to rub my penis against her leg. She had pretty, silky smooth legs too.

  • Reply AP ID:on8so7lk09q

    Guess what? She’s older and horny too! The great news is you two already broke the ice.
    Next time when you two are alone together, when things are kind of relaxed let her know you miss cuddling like you used to and being close. Don’t try and rush strait to screwing, there’s a lot of fun to be had along the way. Besides, if you don’t pressure her she’s going to want to have a good time, too.

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