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Boy friends dad

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Lost my virginity when I was 12 To my boy friend’s dad

When I was 12 i had a friend that’s black and he was 15. We hang out one day he kissed me. I liked it and we kissed more. I said does this mean I’m your girl friend? He said you know as my girl friend we do fun things.

I asked like what? Well he kissed me and slid his hand under my top and bra. I smiled at him and asked if he liked my little boobs. He helped me off with my top and bra and sucks on my boobs.

I figured I undo his pants and peek.at his penis. I no sooner got his penis out and he came. He was embarrassed and found a dirty shirt and clean himself.

We soon were naked he touched his penis against my pussy and he came all over me. I made a fuss about him coming on me. His bathroom was right next to his room. I ran naked to the bathroom ran right into his dad.

I cleaned up wrapped a towel around me in case his dad was there.

Anyway I went home, few days later I go to my friend’s place. His dad let’s me in and said his son isn’t home but he give me a ride back home.

He apologized for seeing me naked and I said it was my fault. He asked why I was naked, I said your son and I were trying to have sex. I said first he came on himself and later we tried and he came without getting in me.

He said he could understand why his son came so quick that I was very sexy . I saw he was hard and said looks like you are going to cum.

He asked if I wanted to see, when he dropped his pants he was bigger than his son. I touched it and ran my hand on it. I was surprised he didn’t cum.
He helped me out of my leggings and playing with my pussy. Soon he was on top of me I knew he was going to try to fit it in me. I told him it probably won’t fit because I was a virgin. he assured me he get it in. I felt a little uncomfortable but it was ok, then I felt pain and felt like I had him all the way. He didn’t move but let me get use to him.
He fucked me about 5 minutes and I felt a warm feeling in me.

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  • Reply Stiffy ID:gnrv12em1o

    I hope you get gang banged soon. You should take cock in all three fuck holes at the same time..

  • Reply Anonymous ID:3xi3bs431

    Did you get pregnant

    • Candy ID:1i2kovirk0c7

      I didn’t get pregnant then but a year later
      My bf never came in me. He always be to excited and cum prematurely.

      My parents were pissed. Tried to get me to abort. My bf broke up with me, but I still see his dad. I’m 15 now and he wants to have another baby.

  • Reply Tom ID:1i2kovirk0c7

    So your first experience was a BBC

    • alex ID:20prorlzra9

      420 words on 420 nice