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It’s 1956 and britney sue gets knocked up in her boyfriends 1956 chevy belair

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Britney is wearing her new girdle and stockings on her car date with butch .

It’s 1956 and life is good , Dwight Eisenhower also known as (IKE) is president . The cars are hot looking and fast just like the high school girls at Rydell High School, and rock and roll is here to stay, as we bebopped and thrusted and wiggled our hips, to Elvis Presley’s jail house rock and Bill Haley’s famous song (Rock Around The Clock Tonight) and The Big Bopper’s famous song (Chantilly Lace). Now I’m in my brand new 1956 fire engine red with white interior Chevy Belair , waiting for my dream girl Britney Sue .

Oh I see her coming now, swinging both her brown ponytail and that sexy hour glass figure underneath her blue swing dress as she’s walking up to my car now , we’re on our 2nd date. I met her at a party, and she ended up on my lap with her white with red polka-dotted swing dress spread out over us and
that wasn’t all that she was sitting on . She opens the door and slides over the front seat as I pull her over to me and French kiss her hard .She’s holding a bunch of books against her big tits , “What are these”? I asked .

“There books from the library”!! she said while out of breath from my hard kiss that I just gave her .
I took them and threw them in the backseat and said to her, “What do you need those for”?

“You have me now , I can teach you so much more”! “Britney Sue”!!

I started kissing her neck and the sexy suppleness of her big tits under her white blouse and the smell of her perfume lavender water is driving me wild .

“Not here Butch”!! She pushes me away with the palm of her hand , “I’ll take you somewhere better”!!

I started up the car and drove off as Britney snuggles up to me as I drive off down the road, and she tells me that her mom took her to the womans undergarment store to be fitted for her very first girdle and nylon stockings for her figure, since she just turned 17 years old and she’s becoming a lady .

So I asked her if she’s wearing it now ?

As she’s looking at the road and chewing her gum, she playfully says to me in her sexy little girl voice , “M….aybe or maybe not”!! “Your just gonna have to wait and find out Butchie”!!!!

Holy fuck she’s getting me hard, teasing me about her undergarments and her sexy little girl talk !

She’s watching my hand shifting the gearshift lever as the Chevy Belair picks up speed and she puts her head on my left shoulder, as her hands found their way through the unzippered front of my black leather jacket and are fondling my black t-shirt .

Britney’s now rubbing my chest and is running her delicate well manicured fingers under my rolled up t-shirt sleeves, I put my hand on her knee and slowly lift a portion of her dress and quickly look down and saw that’s she’s wearing her nylon stockings , I slowly moved my hand above her stocking covered knee and gently moved it up and massaged her lower stocking covered thigh as she started to moan and purr like a kitten . She took my hand and put it underneath her dress , and put it into her wet pussy . I fingerbanged her pussy as I felt her girdle and the tops of her stockings . She’s thrusting her hips forward onto my fingers every time I pushed them in deep and there’re covered in her glistening pussy juices , I pulled them out and put them into my mouth and sucked them dry telling her that she taste like sweet honey.

Just the feeling of her stockings got my cock rock hard as I kept feeling her up ,I’m driving with a huge hard on and I’m now looking for a secluded area that I can park so I can fuck my girl Britney before I blow my load in my blue dungarees .

She’s breathing heavy in my ear, as she gently puts her hand on my big bulge on my dungarees and starts rubbing me , I pulled the car into lover’s lane parking lot and parked the car at the end , away from the other cars and shut the engine off .

I pulled the front seat adjuster lever and moved the front bench seat all the way back , now there’s enough room for Britney to suck my cock and me to fuck her on my lap .

I told her to take her panties off , she looks at me with her big kitten eyes in disbelief and says ,

“B…but in here”? “On the front seat of your car”? “What type of girl do you think I am”!!!!!!

“Yeah babe”!! “I told you that there’s a price to be paid when you teased me”! “Now drop them”!!!

Britney slid low on the vinyl seat and reached under her dress and wiggled her girdled covered hips and ass, and removed her white lace panties and put them on my dash board , but I quickly grabbed them and put them in my leather jacket pocket .

She looked at my bulge and playfully said , “Oh I think he wants to come out and play with me”!!

Then Britney unzipped my dungarees and put her hand inside and wrapped her hand around my 8 inch cock and pulled it out , she let out a loud gasp when she saw the full size of my fully erect cock . She opened her mouth and quickly went down all the way sucking my cock like it was her lollipop , she was slurping and sucking it as it grew bigger in her mouth , Britney started gagging and choking on its huge size. Her head is bobbing up and down really fast as she’s also stroking the shaft of my cock with her delicate hands . I grabbed her by her ponytail and told her to stop before I blow my load down her throat . She stopped and looked up at me with my precum and saliva coming out all over the sides of her mouth, as my cock is stringy with her saliva .

“OH MY GOD BUTCH”!! “IT’S SO BIG”!! “I DON’T THINK IT WILL FIT IN ME”!! She said with a mouthful of my precum and her saliva leaking out of the sides of her mouth . “But Butchie I’m afraid of it”!!

“It will be okay babe”!! “I’ll help you”!! I said .

“Well okay Butchie, but remember I’m a virgin and you have to be gentle with me”!! she said as she’s staring at my big cock with that long stringy line of saliva attached to my cock and to her mouth .

I told her to sit on top of my lap , so she puts her right leg over my lap as I hold her by her waist and her 3 inch heels are resting against the dashboard. Then I helped her lift up her dress and her petticoat above her waist .

As her dress is hiked up. I can clearly see her brand new white girdle and the multiple garter straps that are holding up her new tan stockings , I can also see the black, back seam that is going up the back of her sexy legs that look absolutely sexy as hell.

I moved my hands down onto her girdled covered ass cheeks and lifted up her ass while Britney instinctively grabbed my cock with her hand and placed it underneath her girdle and into the front entrance of her virgin pussy .

As I lowered her down onto my lap, my cockhead started penetrating and spreading her wet pussy lips
apart as she panted and moaned out in a low sexy voice, “Oh Butchie”!! “please”!! “please”!! “be gentle”! “your cock is to big”!! “it’s hurting me”!!

As I pushed my cock slowly into her tight pussy, I can feel the tightness of her hymen , I pulled her down farther on my lap and I felt her hymen pop as she screamed out , “OH GOD”!! “IT HURTS”! “IT HURTS”!


I did what she said and stopped to let her get use to my cock as it sank deeper into her pussy ,
I started slowly thrusting my cock upwards into her and her screams of pain changed into squeals of ecstasy . I’m now holding her tight by her girdled waist and slamming her down hard on my cock as she’s squealing out , “OH GOD YES”! “FUCK ME”! “FUCK ME HARDER BUTCHIE”! “FUCK YOUR GIRL”!!

Britney starts gyrating her hips as I’m fucking the hell out of her. I can feel my car starting to rock and bounce from me pounding her, while she’s has her arms wrapped around my neck riding me like a cowgirl.

I have my hands on her legs and started feeling her stockings up as I’m thrusting my cock up into her pussy , she starts to squeal and yelp out ,”I’M CUMMING”!”I’M CUMMING”! “I’M CUMMING BUTCHIE”!

I can feel her pussy tightened around my cock as her eyes rolled and fluttered up into her head and she came all over my cock .

After Britney came all over my cock ,I couldn’t hold back any longer , my cock exploded deep into her very fertile pussy , while my cock and balls are pulsating and pumping all my baby making seed deep into my girl, Britney screams out in panic , “OH GOD DON’T CUM IN ME BUTCHIE”!!!!!!!!



It was to late . I completely emptied my ball sack into my girl as she cried out , “OH NO”! “WHAT WILL


I’m afraid of Britney’s dad because he’s about 6’5 at 265lbs.and the sheriff of our town, so I told her that I will marry her ! She looked at me and said , “Butch”! “I expect an engagement ring on my finger by tomorrow”!!! “Do you understand me”!! “By tomorrow”!!

As I looked at her wearing her sexy girdle and stockings sitting on my lap with my big cock still inside her, I said to her , “What time should I pick you up babe”?

She cried and gave me a big kiss and said that she can’t wait to tell her mom and daddy that we’re getting married .

She lifted herself up and off my lap as all of my sperm and her pussy cum and hymen blood, leaked all over the front of my dungarees and the bottom of her girdle, her pussy also started leaking some cum onto her new stockings . I gave her panties back to her as she wiggled them back on and she took out some tissues out of her purse and cleaned the both of us off , We kissed passionately for a few minutes. Then I started up the Chevy and we drove away with Little Richard playing Tutti Frutti on the radio .


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  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Thank you once again getting my juices flowing this early in the morning young Britney, love you 💓💗💕🌹have a fantastic day love Emma.

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Love it Britney. The nostalgic old 50’s theme is great. I love the songs you mentioned, brings back memories of growing up in the sixties when they used to still play them on the radio. Always love reading about how you get taken and stretched open by big hard cocks and filled with cum. Slim56