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Bikini Line

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My sister opened up the window, and climbed out in the middle of the night.

I rubbed my eyes, and got up, but she left the window open. It was a little chilly, but she didn’t put any clothes on. So, when I looked out, she backed up behind the gate in her night clothes, with a boy.

Another boy stood out in the side yard, smoking. I couldn’t see much with his back to me, standing in the way, but his hands felt up her legs, and pushed her shorts down off her hip. I’m pretty sure he stuck his hand down inside, and his other hand went up her nightshirt.

“Huh!” He kissed her neck too, and then his pants fell down. I couldn’t really see his butt from up there, leaning out the window, and she didn’t fell around to squeeze it, slap it or anything else I would have done, but they fell down even lower when he started shaking. Grunting, and then he stopped kissing her.

He pulled his pants up, and fixed them, while she pulled her shirt off so her bare breasts bounced out, and her shorts down to her feet to show the neat triangular patch of pubic hair. Then, the boys switched places, the one outside the gate dropped his butt, and stomped it out. The other one lit up. Then, the first one unzipped his pants, and came around the gate.

“You look so hot tonight.”

“Sh,” my sister looked up, right at me, and I pulled my head back in the room, but that snapped me out of it. I shivered a little, and felt up my own sleep shirt. It’s just a shirt, a little old, and faded. Too ratty to wear out, but we saved them to wear to bed, and it used to be her’s.

I’m not as busty as her yet, but I’m not completely flat, and in my cutoff shorts. We don’t wear underwear to bed, because what’s the point? The shirt and shorts are just to keep our armpits, and legs from sweating together, under the covers, but now it feels like my pubic hairs are trying to uncurl.

Stick straight out, so I kicked my short off, and got back on the bed. Took my shirt off, and felt myself all over until she climbed back in the window. One of the boys helped her up, or maybe both did, and I smelled their smoke, but I pulled the covers up. Naked in bed, but horny for the first time.

One of them said “Goodnight,” and she “Shushed” them again, then closed the window. Got in bed, and pulled the covers up over her, but I could hear her breathing.

“Uh!” She took a deep breath, and held it.

“Huh!” I pulled the covers off, and sat up. ‘how did you get 2 boys to feel you up, and let you jerk them off?’ I kept my voice down, and went over to her bed. Naked, sweat running down my legs, and body.

‘huh!’ She sat up, and scooted back, but just pulled her shirt back down. So, I sat on the end of the bed. ‘honestly, it’s the easiest thing in the world. they let me beat them off, because they like it, you just have to let them feel you up to get hardons. the hard part is really training them so you get what you want, but they don’t try to do anything you don’t want.’

‘yeah, but 2 of them, at the same time?’ I can’t believe it, ‘i thought it was a wet dream at first, it’s just so unbelievable.’

‘yeah, well it’s nice to have one to keep an eye out. just in case somebody drives bye, like security.’ We had security guards mostly at the gate house, but they also drove around the neighborhood to keep an eye on houses, and stuff.

‘huh, well. since there’s 2 of them, you think maybe next time, you could share?’

‘oh, i’m sorry. yeah, i thought you’re asleep.’

I shook my head, ‘you woke me up when you opened up the window. you know I’m a light sleeper.’

‘huh, yeah but it’s not happening tonight, so go back to bed.’ So, she could stretch out again, try to hold her breath, gasp when she couldn’t any more, and keep her grunts down.

I knew what she was doing of course. Ever since, well I guess she started when she was a little younger than me. As far as I knew, she didn’t have anybody to teach her how, to orgasm, but I found out that it really helps to tease yourself in your head.

Well, maybe that’s me, but it doesn’t really matter what I do with my fingers. Between my legs, I just rubbed my crotch, until it felt good. Then, you keep doing that until it feels much much better, but at some point you just let your mind wader, and your fingers keep doing what they’re doing.

Of course it wasn’t my hand I was imagining, and my other hand went back and forth. Across my chest, rubbing my nipples, and kinda wishing I had more there. Enough to really squeeze, especially on my back, I can’t really get a handful, and squeeze it. So, I just dug my fingers in, and pulled it tight on my ribs.

2 boys, though. That means one for me, and one for her, but I knew how boys did it. I never saw it for real, but even in porn. They often got a few pumps in, before they got between her legs, and stuck it to her. Then, of course they pulled out, and finished off by hand. Sometimes, she helped, or stuck it in her mouth. Pulled it up to lick the bottom, kiss, and suck their balls one by one, until they exploded.

“Hhuh!” I just relaxed, and flexed my fingers. They were pretty tired, and I don’t know how long it took me to finish, but my big sister was already asleep. I guess she finished too, but she was always careful to keep it down, so I could sleep.

So, I smiled, and let myself drift off to sleep. Satisfied, for the night…


“That’s the easy part.” Easy for her to say, she knows boys, and she’s got the boobs. My problem is, I don’t know how to talk to boys, let alone about sex, but it sure helps to have something to look at.

I started when I was 10, too. At least that’s when I noticed my nipples starting to swell, and stretch out. The circles growing on either side, and even the little strings I could feel inside. Coming together into bigger threads at the nipple.

My milk glands, you can’t see them, but you can feel them. They’re not going to fill up with milk until I get pregnant, which is a long way off, but it’s one way I can feel my development. Moving down, my flat tummy, and almost flat belly button. It doesn’t stick in, or out, but my hip bones stick out, and between them I’ve got a little ridge.

I can see laying back in bed, with the waistband of my underwear stretched out across it. Between my hip bones, so there’s little dips I can see the edges of my pubic hairs curling out of.

“Huh!” She got up, and went to take a shower in the morning. I must have put panties on when I went to bed, and just pulled the sheet up under my arms, but I fell asleep like that. On my back, after my orgasm, when I usually rolled over on one side or another.

It’s getting towards Bikini weather. “Huh, yeah.” Maybe I can wear a bikini low, and lay out in the sun like this. So, any boy can walk up behind me, and see down the top of the bikini. Since I don’t really have much to fill out the top, but the bottoms.

Pushing them down, so more hair curls out, and I can scratch them. Wake them up, and rub my fingertips further down. Inside, closing my eyes, and taking a deep breath through my nose. I can smell myself, even with my hair wrecked on the pillow, because I’m getting turned on again, but while I’m imagining it.

I can add a boy, not a little boy, but once he drops his trunks, I can see his boner sticking out over my face. His hairy balls hanging, and his fingers wrapping around it, slowly pumping up and down, looking at my body. Watching my fingers push out my bikini, except the middle one. Slipping up in the sweat, and slicking the tiny folds out. Spreading my legs so my split can stay wide open, and a little drop rolled out.

“Huh!” I’m dripping! A little, it was just 1 drop, but that’s not just sweat. I’m wet, and the hole is beyond damp, more than a little moist, so if I’m careful. “Oh!”

The door opened, and I had to cross my legs.

“Sorry, I’m just going to grab some clothes.” She shut the door quick, but quietly before anybody came down the hall, and saw me.

“Oh, it’s okay.” Now that I know how to get myself good and wet, “I can finish any time.” But she took off her towels, and dug in her underwear drawer. So, I smelled my fingertip silently while her back was turned.

“So, you’re orgasming now.” She just stepped into a pair of panties, and pulled them up. It’s weirdly normal, because she’s my sister, and we shared a room my whole life. I got to see her grow up, while I was a few years behind, so when my nipples started swelling, and my pubes poked out, under my arms too. There weren’t any surprises, but we never talked about masturbation before.

She was so quiet, that I could roll over, and maybe cover my ear. Ignore it, and fall asleep. “After those boys last night.” I nodded, when she turned around. Slipping a bra up her arms, she looked down, and shook her breasts into the cups. Squeezing them together to hook the clasp in front.

“Huh, it was amazing, but you remember what I said about sharing?”

She shook her head, “I might be able to find you a boy, closer to your age.”

“Huh!” I rolled my eyes, “As long as he’s started puberty. Oh, speaking of which, it’s almost swimsuit season, coming up.”

“You need some help?” She looked down at my legs that were still crossed. “You have any daddy-longlegs starting to stick out?” She curled her fingers around the crotch of an imaginary pair of panties, or a bikini bottom, so I uncrossed my legs. She held her nose to check, but she said “You better go get a shower first.”

“Yeah, can you hand me that towel?” I kept my panties on, and just wrapped up in it to cover my nipples, until I got in the bathroom. There, I bent over to check my bikini line. None of them curled out the sides, but when I pulled them down. There was a little line of moisture that soaked in, as if I peed a little, but it wasn’t pee, neither. “SNH! Huh.”

Oh wow. So, that’s why pantie sniffers like sniffing panties so much. I just balled them up, and threw them in the corner, then washed off real good. Until she knocked on the door.

“Let me rinse off.” I sprayed the suds I scrubbed up in my pubes, and got out. Dripping wet to unlock the door, and let her in. She’d put her glasses on, and the toilet lid down to sit on. “Put your leg up on the side of the tub, here.” She held the razor in one hand, and my folds out of the way with a finger. Carefully scraped between it, and my thigh, then. “Now the other side.” I had to get out, to put my other foot up on the tub, but I held the folds out of the way. So, she could catch the curls in her hand when she scraped them off.

She had to get up to toss them in the toilet, but then she got the eyelash scissors to give me a trim. Up front, that’s how she got the edges so neat. I never heard dad’s beard trimmer in there, but I looked over, and picked it up off the stand. “You don’t use this?”

She shook her head, “The scissors work better, because the head on that can pinch, and saw into your skin if you’re not careful.”

“Oh,” I crossed my legs, imagining that, and put it back on the stand.

She giggled, “I thought the same thing though. After all, it is a Beard trimmer.”

“Haha, yeah.” I gave her a big hug. “You’re a great sister.”

“Yeah, you too.” Imagine that, helping me with my first trim around the bikini area without it turning weird, or uncomfortable, or gay. I know, reading stories on sites like this, that’s what you’re probably hoping for, but there wasn’t any incest between us. Our brothers neither. We had brothers, they had their own room, but they didn’t even hook us up with boys they knew, who might think we’re cute.

Because we’re their sisters, and just like dad. The last thing they wanted us to do is hook up with boys, so even if they weren’t actively cock-blocking. They sure weren’t encouraging us. Let alone sexually harassing us, like some girls, with pervert brothers. They were good brothers too, but I sure wasn’t pushing it, by asking their help in trimming my pubes.

That’s what big sisters are for.


+1 (fG mmB)

So, it only took a couple days to set up a double date. +1 not just for a lookout, but also a boy with a car, and a driver license. The other boy had a little brother, but not too little.

I told her what I wanted: Some hair on it, and a cumshot, so I have some semen to play with.

So, they picked me up, and my sister held the door for me. “You better sit up front,” so she could get in the back seat, and make out with the older brother.

Behind me, I nervously asked: “So, you guys do this a lot?” He had a tag for the gate, so he just had to pull up, and wait for it to open. On the outside, you could even see the metal maze stuck to the back of the sticker. Inside, they had the logo for the neighborhood, or “Community.”

Gated community, which ment Security guards, and patrols. Especially during that whole lockdown, they stepped it up not to keep people in after curfew, but to keep burglars, and car thieves from taking advantage of it.

“Huh!” The driver laughed, “Not as often as we’d like, right boys?”

“Is it your first time, too?” The youngest one looked up shyly from the driver’s side, then looked away when we made contact.

“Yeah, I’m a virgin, too.”

His cheeks reddened up with blush, but what’s the deal with that? I mean, if girls are supposed to stay virgins, and boys are supposed to lose their virginity before. Well, I guess it depends, sometimes prom, or homecoming. Surely before they graduate, but somebody’s not going to make it, right?

So, let’s make fun of the girls that lose their virginity, so the boys have somebody to lose their virginity to, because that makes sense. You want pussy or not? Then, maybe talk to our fathers about not locking it up until we leave for college, huh? I know you’re just trying to protect us, but at what point are you cock blocking, while every other father, and brother out there is cockblocking for you?

Regardless, we only had to drive down to this dirt road, on the corner. It just goes down along the fence, to a gate so they can bring in trees, and stuff for one of the parks. Truck loads of sod, and mulch, that kinda stuff.

This gate’s got a big chain, and lock on it, but no security shack, cameras, or anything. So, I guess you could just bust through the chain link, and I don’t know. Drive around the park, doing donuts to tear up the grass. Probably not the best way to get in and out either. If you wanted to steel a car, you’d have to get it across the park, out the gate, and down the dirt road without busting it up.

So then we pulled up, and the driver got out. The youngest boy switched places, so he was up front, while the other 2 got in back with my sister.

“Huh!” She still got 2 boys, but oh well. “It’s okay,” I took his hand, and put it on my bare leg. “You don’t have to be nervous, relax.” I had to pull his head down to my neck. “Huh, kiss my neck.” His hand went up under my dress, but I had help picking that out too. The tightest one I could find, honestly it was over a year old, and I outgrew it, but that ment it was short too. “Huh!” He touched my underwear. “Oh, let me pull these down.”

He looked over between the seats, but my sister already had her top up. Her bra cups unhooked, and replaced by 2 boy’s hands. “I’m not wearing a bra.” I had to touch his cheek, and turn his head back to me. “Huh, you could at least pretend that you’re here to make out with me?”


“Just unzip the back,” I turned the other way, and pulled my hair over my shoulder. Then, I slipped the dress down that side first. Turning back, I had to pick my hips up to get my panties down, but then my scent filled the whole car, it seems like.

“Huh, you want to go for a walk?” I got out of the car.

“Yeah, let’s go for a walk. It’s hot in there.” He closed his door too, but looked in the back seat for a while before he tore himself away. “You’re real pretty, too.”

“Thanks,” I pulled my foot out of my panties, and stepped back into my sandal. Then, I pulled the other foot out, without dragging them in the dirt, so I could put them back on later. “Huh, back here.”

They had these bricks up. Almost like a chimney, but instead of a smoke stack on top, they just stuck the ends of the fences in the sides. Still, it was wide enough for both of us to hide behind one, while the little kids ran around the park inside. “Huh, pull down your pants.” I slipped the other arm out of my dress, so I could hold it down. Topless, it was still tight around my hips, so I had to pull it on over my head, but I didn’t bother taking it off.

“Oh!” He bent over, and turned his head to lick around the nipple. Until he found it, kissed it, and sucked it.

“Huh! Okay, now let me see your.” I stopped right before I said little. Okay, it’s little, but it’s hairy, and I bet his balls are still full enough to blow a wad if he’ll just hold still long enough to get my hands on it. “Huh, yeah. Cum for me, quick. I can’t wait for you to cum all over me.”

I didn’t have to, I barely got a comfortable grip, and another handful of balls. So I could pull him off in a few quick strokes. I didn’t bother counting, somewhere between 5 or 10, but I’m glad. He blew it quickly, his head on my shoulder, and his breath hot on my neck.

“UH!” He moaned loud on my ear. “HUH!”

“Huh!” It shot up my arm, but holding it out like that. So I could see it with nothing but my thumb in the way. I didn’t plan it, but it was a happy accident that that pointed it right up my arm. To catch it, and some of it even splashed up to the inside of my elbow.

“Huh! Huhl!” I licked it up, before it dripped off. “Lunh! Lmnh!” Then my lips, and smelling my arm, but he just pulled his pants up, and buttoned them quickly. Zipped the fly, and then went back to watch my sister getting it on in the back seat.

So, I went back, and put my arm around him. Gave his butt a squeeze, before I hung onto his hip, and he put his arm around my shoulders to feel down the front of my dress.

My sister went back and forth. Yeah, she had 2 hands, but they had four. So, she could tease them, jerk them until they were close, and then turn around to beat the other one’s meat. While the first guy humped her butt, and held her breasts. Bouncing in his hands with the other boy leaned up against the window.

“Huh!” My boy put his head on my shoulder, and whispered. “Uh, I’ve got another boner.”

“Oh,” I felt around front. “Good, come on.” I pulled him back behind the bricks, to pull his pants down, squeeze his butt cheek in one hand, and beat him off with the other, but this time, he held it a lot longer. “Huh, come on. Come on me again.”

He nodded, “I’m about to, oh! Uh!” This time, he humped my fist, but I held it up.

“Oh!” I squatted a little. “Oh god, yeah!” It was hot, and sticky on my tummy, then my chest, my neck, and finally I licked it.

“Huh!” He hunched and pulled out of my fingers, but not before a shot went right in my mouth. “Oom!” I pulled him back, and sucked it. “Ooloolool!” Swirling it around with my tongue until it went soft, and floppy, but I didn’t get a chance to suck him off. Not really, I should have done that from the start, but I wasn’t sure I was ready for that yet.

After all, my sister was almost full grown, and she was mostly just getting hand jobs. A little humping, and of course cum. Plenty of cum if you get 2 boys at a time, but this one. He was young, but I got 2 loads of jizz out of him, before he couldn’t get it up again.

By then, the driver got out, and she was wiping some off her back. With a towel she brought, and then she had to wipe off her tits. Maybe she just didn’t like cum, or sucking dick. I don’t know why not. I sure did, and the aftertaste especially, it lingers, and reminded me that I almost sucked a boy off, but I still managed to scoop most of it up to lick off my fingers.

“Huh!” Finally, she got her clothes pulled back up, and I just stuffed my panties in my purse, but I rolled the window down. The teenagers all smoked on the way back, my sister included, but the youngest one. He just took a drag, but he held it in his mouth. He didn’t inhale, but he blew it out the window, and gave it back.

“You want to try it?” My sister held one up, but I shook my head.

I figured it would take the taste out of my mouth, and the last thing I wanted was to take that taste out of my mouth. I didn’t even drink water for like an hour after that, until it finally faded away, but that’s all I needed.

I knew what I liked, blowjobs, and cum. I asked her why she liked hand-jobs so much, but she couldn’t explain it so I understand.

“Well, I like blowjobs.”

“Ew gross.” She made a face.

“Well, you like smoking, and that’s gross.”

“Uh!” She laughed, and shook her head. “Not really, just after sex.”

“Well, if you’re just doing it, because the boys do it, then stop. Before you get addicted. Honestly, they’ll think you’re cool regardless, because you like sex.”

“You too!”

“Huh, yeah. Especially oral sex.”

“Yeah? You’re weird.”

“You too.”


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