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Hands-on mummy

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Mum taught me that masturbating was okay and she helped me whenever I got a boner.

Mum caught me masturbating in the bathroom when I was 12, I had just started getting boners and it felt really good when I played with it, I remember ejaculating for the very first time, I was in my bed and rubbing my boner then I felt like I needed to pee and suddenly all this white gooey stuff came flying out, I remember feeling a bit scared when it happened because I didn’t know what was going on, and then moments after I ejaculated my head was buzzing with happiness.

Like most parents, when mum caught me masturbating she left me alone to finish and then took me to my bedroom and told me about the birds and the bees and how it was completely normal and healthy for boys my age to be masturbating, and that would normally be the end of it, but my mum took a more hands-on approach and told me I had to let her know whenever I got a boner.

My next boner popped up later that night, shortly after I went to bed, so I shouted for mum and she came upstairs and I told her I had a boner like she asked me too, she came in to my room holding a towel and smiled at me then sat on the floor by my bed, then she peeled back the duvet so she could see my boner, it was sticking out of the flap at the front of my pajama’s, my boner bounced when it felt the cold air in the room, I felt a little embarrassed but mum made me feel safe and calm by stroking my forehead.

She reached down and wrapped her fingers around my boner, lifting it upwards, and she started to stroke it up and down, I was a little concerned that mum was playing with my boner, but she’s my mum and she knows what’s best for me, so I let her do what she was doing knowing that I was perfectly safe with her, “Does that feel okay?” she asked, it felt more than okay, “Yes, mummy.” I replied with a nod.

She briefly let go and took out a little bottle from her pocket, she popped the cap and squeezed some bubbly liquid on her hand and she squeezed some on to my boner, it was cold and made me jump slightly and my boner bounced again, then she put the bottle down and rubbed her hands together a couple of times, then she grabbed my boner again and started spreading the liquid all over it with her hands, it was cold and slippery and it made my boner tingle.

I was about to ask her what it was when she told me herself, “This is called lubricant, it’s like water but it makes things slippery, and it helps stop you getting sore and it will make this feel a lot better.” She explained, she was right it did, she wasn’t really pulling on my skin anymore, her hand was just sliding and gliding with ease and stimulating the sensitive spots on my boner.

The feeling was so overpowering it put my brain in to meltdown and I closed my eyes tight, puffing and panting, mum was still stroking my head and whispering to me, telling me it was okay, to just enjoy it, then I felt like I wanted to pee again, you know when you’re really desperate for a pee and you hold it in for a really long time until you can’t hold it any longer and you just feel like you’re about to burst, that’s what it felt like.

I was puffing and panting loudly and mum was rubbing my boner faster, I felt the bottom of her hand bashing against my balls every time she rubbed up and down, then I called out mum really loud, dug my elbows in to the bed and lifted my head up, then I ejaculated, it was a lot, it shot out upwards and then splatted on mums hand and ran down my boner, mum squeezed the top of my boner and more came out.

“That’s it. Good boy.” She said, praising me for ejaculating, “All done.” She added, she picked up the towel and wiped my boner until it was clean then she tucked my willy back in to my flap and pulled the duvet over me, “Feel better now?” she asked me, still stroking my head, which was now really sweaty.
“Yeah. Thanks’ mum.” I replied, and we hugged each other.

Mum kissed me on the forehead then stood up, “You’re welcome, darling.” She said, she walked over to my bedroom door and turned around, “Sweet dreams.” She said, then she walked out and shut the door.

Every time I got a boner after that I always told mum and she always rubbed it for me until I ejaculated, even if it was in the middle of the day, I got boners all the time, just randomly, a couple of times we were out shopping and I got a boner, mum took me back to the car and she rubbed it for me until I ejaculated, then we’d continue shopping.

She is a great mum and always takes care of me and my sister. My sister started masturbating when she was 12 and mum made her feel good too, showing her how to do stuff with her fanny to make it feel good, when I was 14 and my sister was 12 and started masturbating, mum taught us about sex and with mums guidance me and my sister started having sex with each other whenever we felt the urge to do it, mum said it was normal and it was important to deal with what your body needs so we’d always be happy.

I love my mum.

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