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Having the best fun with my little sister

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Me (18y.o – M) and my little sister Maeve (9y.o – F) have been home alone a lot for the past few months, because our parents are both working at hospital together and they have a lot of work.

My sister is so cute, she has such a beautiful small body. Her gorgeous blond hair, blue eyes, small developing tits and the butt is just fantastic. Every time I see her, the only thing I think about is fucking her tight pussy. Sometimes I even dream about shoving my thick 7″ cock down her little throat, pumping her with my hot cum and seeing her gasp for air. I think she knows I like looking at her, because every time it’s just the two of us at home, she only wears a long see-through T-shirt with no bra and panties under. I love it…

One time when she was watching TV, I snuck into her room and searched for some of her used panties. I found them right away, since they were just lying on the bed like she knew I would look for them. I sniffed them so hard I immediately got bricked up. The smell was sensational, I could smell her young fresh pussy as if she had just taken them off. Right in that moment the door opened and Maeve walked in. I quickly put the panties inside my pocket. She asked what I was doing in her room, so I just said I heard something and went to check. Just as I said that, she noticed her panties missing from her bed, but she did’t say anything. Then she noticed my boner through my sweatpants and her eyes lit up. She froze and stood there, lustfully looking at my crotch. I said I need to go back to my room and just left. I was so turned on, I got on bed and started masturbating thinking about her. Then I remembered I have her panties in my pocket and started rubbing my rock-hard cock with them. It didn’t last long until I finished inside her panties. After that I came back to her room and placed them right where I found them.

That same day, when our parents came home, they wanted to watch a movie with us, so we sat on our big couch, and because it was kinda cold, me and Maeve covered ourselves with a blanket. Just as the movie started, Maeve started rubbing my cock. I was shocked. She leaned towards me and whispered:”I know you like masturbating to me big bro, I know you think a lot about my tight little pussy, it’s ok, I think about that big cock of yours all the time. When you returned my panties, I licked the cum off them. I love the taste of you big brother and I need more.” Just as she said that, my cock got so hard it hurt. Maeve smiled and took it in her small hands and started stroking it. It felt so good. Luckily mom and dad were too taken by the movie and seemed like they wouldn’t notice. I then guided my hand down to her panties, slid my hand inside and rubbed her clit. She shivered a bit and smiled. At that point I was about to cum and I began to finger her wet pussy. God it felt good. I told her that I am about to cum and what she did next shocked me. She went under the blanket and put my dick in her small mouth. It was so good I couldn’t hold back and came right in her mouth, and she swallowed it all to the last drop. She got up and looked satisfied. But I wanted more. I whispered:”You are a little slut, aren’t you. I am going to throw you on the bed and fuck you so hard you’ll scream like a little bitch, understand?!” She nodded and I told my parents that Maeve is tired and would like to go to sleep, little did they know I was about to plow her little cunt.

Right as we got to my room, I slammed her on the bed and started kissing her. First I licked my way to her beautiful tits, just the size to get in my mouth. I sucked on them so hard she started moaning like a slut. I then firmly grabbed her by her ass and ate her wet pussy. The taste was delightful I couldn’t stop. I finally let go of her and told her that I am going to break her throat with my big dick. She chuckled and said:”Come get me big bro, I want that big cock.” That made me super horny and I shoved it down her little throat. She couldn’t breath and her eyes watered. It was so hot. I started sliding up and down until i came. It was just like in my dreams, so perfect. When I pulled my dick out, she begged me to fuck her tight pussy. She wanted it so bad. So I took my hard cock and put it against her pink lips. She was so wet it slid right in. My cock was so deep in her, the feeling, the super wet, tight pussy, it was heavenly. I couldn’t believe that I was finally fucking my little sister. I snapped back and realised she was moaning way too loud. I started pumping her like crazy and she liked it. What a little slut. I was about to cum, but I heard steps coming towards my room. I quickly threw a blanket over us and calmed down, but my cock was still burried deep inside Maeves cunt. It was mom, she said she heard noises and went to check. She asked me why my little sister is with me in bed. I couldn’t think of any excuse, but luckily Maeve said that she was scared and wanted to sleep with me tonight. I could tell she was nervous, because she was squeezing my cock too tight. It was too much for me. Her warm, tight, young, wet cunt, and the fear of getting caught, my cock was throbbing too much. I couldn’t hold it and I shot my load deep inside my little sisters pussy. Finally our mother left and she said:”You came right in me, didn’t you? Mmm, I love it, it’s so good, please fuck me more brother, cum inside me as much as you want, make me your cum dump!”

We fucked all night, but eventually we went to sleep. It was the best night of our lives. In the morning, I woke up with my little sister sucking my on my dick, so I came right in her mouth. I knew she wanted it so bad. After that she begged me to destroy her young, wet cunt even more….

-part 2..????

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  • Reply Writer of porn ID:1m5g6pyd9k

    A nine year old speaking like an adult? Parents in the same room not aware of their young daughter giving a BJ? If your readers believed that, they must be stupid.

  • Reply Frank ID:bpbofti42

    Pt 2 preggoo or caught and joined by mom

  • Reply Fred ID:1367pw4m9k

    Yes, I want a part 2!

  • Reply TvT ID:1clthtlhqyc2

    wish i had a lil sister

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    But then now a days girls start so young and I myself have has some unreal things happen to me so is it possible, Yes!, especially now that I have fucked a 9 year old sex demon from hell lol! Spent the weekend at the lake in a boat with her half naked ass.

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    This story was amazing, I’m 15 years old(F) and have often dreamt about being fucked hard and fast by my older brother of my father💦

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      Willingly to write about your dream?

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    I kinda agree with EmilyG but the story did get my cock hard still the same. . I simply love young pussy and I hope the cum slut continues to satisfy her lustful needs. hehe! young pussy is the best and all young females should get all the cock they want with massive multiple orgasms.
    Part 2 yes!

  • Reply EmilyG ID:2jp99leqrc

    It was fun but I don’t think it was real!

  • Reply cousincreamer ID:2v2yccfyhk

    get to writing that second part my guy, love it

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    omg part two now i need this

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    Amazing story. Yes keep sharing

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    Completely unrealistic