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Pilates Bodies

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My mom had to close her gym, and she put the apparatus up in storage until dad found a new place, with a garage.

Real quick, the Covid thing made her clients scared to come in, and work out with her. Lots of businesses closed, and people couldn’t pay rent. I’m sure you know all this, 2020 was a weird year for everyone, but the upshot is dad found a place he could afford, because the rent was so cheap.

They just wanted somebody living there so they could pay rent, and go on permanent vacation in Europe. The man that lived there before us he sold off his cars, but I got to see pictures. The neighborhood boys showed me when I met them.

That’s because we lived on the corner, and there was a fence around the back yard, but it only came up to the garage. He build it on the side special to show off his cars, so it was practically a greenhouse. It got really hot in there, even hotter then the car when you leave it out in the sun. So, you could probably bake a tray of cupcakes on the dashboards.

Classic cars, and the neighborhood boys kinda hated Mr. Evans. They called him a “Showoff,” since he showed off his cars like that. The garage was half the size of the house, but when mom, and dad came to see it after dark, mom looked in the windows, and said it was “Perfect.” Even though it was too hot during the day, she could get up in the windows at night, and use them like a mirror.

So, dad borrowed a truck (He had a friend that moved furniture, so he had a big truck, but it was really more like a van with a big box on the back, and a lift that flipped up, or folded down.) We got a lot of attention moving in, and 3 of the neighborhood boys lined up to watch on the street. Since they could see right through the windows during the day, it wasn’t that hot with the doors wide open, to let it air out.

“What is that thing?” They asked me just as soon as I came around the corner. Mom, and dad were sitting on the floor, they put the pads down to sit on, with wrenches, and stuff.

I said “Guess,” thinking they’d never get it, just to make a little game out of it.

“It looks like a bed.”

“Or maybe a bench, but it’s got those rolly things like a rowing machine?”

Then, a girl came around beside them. I didn’t see her there, because the boys were in the way, but she shook her head, and turned around right in front of them.

“No, it’s a Pilates machine?” She looked over at me, to make sure she guessed right. I nodded, so she told him. “Haven’t you ever been to the gym with mom?” She tilted her head sideways to look at them.

“Your mom takes Pilates?” I went over to talk to her.

“She used to, but that was way back when we could go out, and take classes.”

“Yeah,” her brother said “She used to take Piano.” Pointing her out, “But she had to quit, because we don’t have a piano.”

“Well, an electric keyboard.” She nodded. “It’s good enough to keep practicing, I guess.” It was that kind of neighborhood. Not really rich, but not even close to poor. So, I guess some families liked to spend money on expensive stuff, like classic cars to show off to the whole neighborhood, or Piano classes.

When I went over to them, I mean I kept my distance. We had masks on, but “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Jordi, and this is my brother, Fenston.” She just pointed, over at the other boys, “His friends Baron,” back around to the last one, on the other side, “And that’s Chevy.”

“Shevy.” He pronounced it like Chevrolet. I didn’t mean to giggle, but they had funny names.

So, I shook my head, and said “Sorry, my name’s just Bonnie.”

“What’s that short for?” Chevy asked, and she went back to stand next to him, when we did introductions. No shaking hands, of course.

I shook my head, “Just Bonnie.” I nodded, “It’s Scottish for pretty. Bonnie Lass Beckett.” I know it’s a silly name, but not any sillier than naming your son Chevy. “What’s Chevy short for?” I turned to him.

“Well, Chevy Chase,” He said it Chevy instead of Shevy, “But like this place in Washington, not the comedian.”

“Oh, but you say it Shevy, like Chevrolet, instead of Chevy as in Chevy Chase.” I saw signs for it on the beltway, when we took a summer trip to go see the Smithsonians. As many as you can see in 1 week, and drive back that weekend, but there’s a lot of them.

I couldn’t really tell through the mask, and the baggy shirt, but I thought he was pretty cute right away. I even felt a little chemistry between us unlike the other two boys, but he sure looked me over a lot. I was still dressed for unpacking, and pushing furniture around. So jeans, and a teeshirt. My most beat up sneakers, and all I took off was my gloves, but it wasn’t exactly what you would call a sexy outfit, and with the mask on. There’s no way to tell how pretty I look either. Not that pretty, I’ll say that.

So, we watched mom, and dad set up the gym, and kept talking, but I walked down to the end. So I could stand next to Chevy, but not too close. “Oh, I thought it was short for Chevrolet, because of the way you pronounce it.”

He nodded, “Well, I thought that. My favorite car is the Corvette, so maybe I can get one when I’m older.” He brought his phone with him, so he could get it out, and show me. “That’s a 1963 Stingray GS, you can tell because of the teardrop in the back.” He turned it over, so the picture was narrower, and blew it up to show me.

“No it’s not,” Jordi’s brother, Fenston laughed. “It’s just a replica, the real one’s in Florida. He just painted it to look like the number 5 Grand Sport.” So, we talked cars for a while, and dad got up to put the crawler on the rails. Once he had those attached to the ends, so they stood up, and he could start putting the bars across the top.

“See, I told you it was like a rowing machine.”

“I thought it was like a car crawler.” I backed up, but Chevy stepped back, as soon as he saw me. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” I wanted to get closer, when he showed me pictures on his phone, but not just to look at the windows on the stingray. Just to get a little closer to him. “We just have to keep our distance.”

“I know, I just forgot.” He held his phone in both hands, in front of him, and I couldn’t see if he was covering up anything in front, but then they started pointing at the garage. “Now, it’s starting to look like an Ikea dungeon.” Baron pointed, and we all laughed, but I looked around the back, while nobody was looking at me. Then, I stood up straight, and laughed along with them, but boy. He had a cute butt, with tight pants on too.

I mean, they looked tight enough at the top, to get a good look at his rump, but then they hung loose after that. he had his shirt buttoned up, and pulled out so it hung loose, but not enough to cover him behind, and I could see the back where it tucked in, the lines from the bib right through the seat of his pants. They were that tight on top.

Nice pants, too. Not khakis, but the same cut as khakis, only in blue. Light blue collar shirt too, but short sleeves, and almost buttoned to the top, but not all the way up to the collar. I found myself staring at the buttons, and imagining him unbuttoning them. Wondering what his chest might look like, but his arm looked pretty good from this side. Not just the bicep hanging out of the sleeve, he wasn’t flexing it, but also the triceps on the back.

Holding his phone in front of him like that, I got a good look at his triceps, and he had some definition in his forearms too. So, I bet he had a pretty good grip, but you know. Having a fitness instructor for a mom, I picked up a lot about bodies. Pilates is all about targeting specific muscles, and tone, but of course it mostly focuses on the core. I imagined him pulling out the bottom of his shirt, to get the last too buttons, and I bet he had abs.

I always had a pretty active imagination, and mom said I was gifted, I could be an artist some day, bla bla blah. That’s exactly what any mom wants everyone to think, but I’m not a little girl any more. I don’t think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, or dad is the handsomest, but lately I had been using my imagination to get hot, and wet in bed.

Now, I’m standing out on the street, talking to boys (And a girl) about Pilates, but thank goodness Jordi did most of the talking. “Hm?” I bit my lip, and shook my head.

“You think my mom can come over, and use your mom’s equipment some time?”

“Oh, yeah sure. I guess it’ll be all right. She want to start taking classes again?” I was about to offer when I walked up, next to her. In front of the boys, but then she introduced Chevy, and that all flew out of my head. I couldn’t care less about cars, honestly. Let alone race cars, or replicas of famous race cars, but he was interested in them. So, you act interested in the same things, just so he’ll keep talking to you, when really. He just looked good enough to eat.

Maybe later, when it’s safe to take off our masks, all our clothes, and rub my naked body all over his.

“Haha!” Barone laughed, “I’m sorry, but it’s looking more, and more like an Ikea Dungeon to me.” That’s because mom got up, and started pulling the cables out of the box. Untangling them, and hanging them up on one end. It just looked weird to me, before she explained what all that was, and why you did the exercises a certain way.

On break between appointments when I used to visit her at work. She closed the door, so her patients could feel comfortable without the distraction, but now I could see how it might look if you didn’t understand the apparatus, and you had a dirty mind.

“That’s just because they’re putting it together,” Jordi’s brother pointed out, but he had the hardest name to remember.

Baron kept making dirty jokes, but when he said “I guess it’s like she’s setting up a Body Shop.” We all laughed, because it’s a garage, and a real Body Shop is a kind of garage where you take your car to get the dents popped back out. I was just relieved that it wasn’t another joke to make me think about things, I didn’t want to think about.

Not sex, I don’t have a problem with sex, but my Imagination heard it, and just ran wild. Remembering mom showing me the exercises, I didn’t even bothering with the names, but the main difference is Pilates is like lifting weights, only you use your body as the weight. So, there’s lots of pulling your self up, holding onto this cable with straps around your wrists. The exact same cable mom pulled out to untangle, and hang up on the end, when Baron called it an Ikea Dungeon the first time.

So, I couldn’t help imagining him. I mean Baron, walking around the frame with a whip, and telling mom to tuck that in. Slapping her bare abs, so they twitch , and she grunts. Leaving welts across them, and her face grimacing in pain, but hot, and sweaty. Grunting, and pulling. Sliding back and forth, up and down, in and out, and Baron walking around with a hardon, and a whip.

I don’t know if that was exactly what he was imagining. For all I knew, he was imagining mom, and dad making a porn, but a bondage porno, with whips, and chains. I bet he imagined mom, or some other girl in there, and some sort of whip. Maybe a bullwhip instead of one with a whole bunch of tails, like I imagined, but sure. I heard about that kinda stuff. I never really thought about it, when I was already horny standing next to a boy.

Another boy, I thought looked good enough to eat, and imagined taking his clothes off to show me his body, but slowly. Sexy, and holding me down to rub his hot naked sweat body against mine.

“Huh!” I shook my head, “Nice meeting you.” I ran off, but Jodi came after me. I didn’t even look back, because I was too embarrassed, and my imagination was getting rough. My imaginary version of Chevy, he looked pretty strong through his baggy shirt, and the top of his pants tight over his buns, but I didn’t really get a look at his crotch, with his phone held in front of it.

To hide a boner? I don’t know, but I sure hoped so, because that was before Baron even started joking about how you could use some of that stuff, and what it looked like if you had a dirty mind. Besides Ikea, the Dungeon part, but then I stopped when Jordi called out. “Hey Mr. and Mrs. Becket.” She waved, but stayed well away from the garage door. Keeping her distance, “Bonnie was just telling me, and my brother about how you used to be a Pilates instructor, and you know my mom? Evelyn Taylor.”

There used to be more Pilates gyms around, but of course, a lot of them closed down. It was a pretty good guess that our moms might have met each other before, because it’s not that big a community, but I honestly couldn’t pay attention to the answer. I was to busy telling my imagination to STFU, because it was trying to make me think about what that would look like. My mom, and Jodie’s mom working out together, and getting gay with each other, but I stopped it before they got their clothes off. Nothing but lycra, training shoes, and hair tyes, or headbands, of course.

Mom dusted off her hands, but she had on overalls, and a headband. A pretty baggy shirt for moving furniture, and boxes. She just looked like mom in overalls, but I knew full well what she looked at in workout clothes, and I realized that Baron must be wrong. Oh yeah, and the other 2 kids walked off, but her older brother hung around to keep an eye on her. He just stayed where he was on the sidewalk, though.

When I could think about it, if mom, and dad wanted to use it as a sex dungeon, then dad would have gotten a house with a basement. Not a garage with bulletproof windows all the way around, so the owner could show off his cars without someone breaking in, and stealing them. Oh yeah, and the realtor sent a message, about the security. He said they were bulletproof, and there was an alarm system too. Which makes sense, if you’re going to show off things that are so valuable, you want to protect those investments, too.

“Well, if she wants to come over, and start taking classes again.” Mom smiled through her face mask, “I’m sure we can work something out.” Then, she looked over, and nodded at me, the way she did before whenever I helped her find new clients, but it makes sense. You don’t have to put up a sign saying Pilates out front, if you have windows to show off, and watch your core while you work out. That really helps to get it perfectly right. Form is really important to get the best results.

So, that’s how we met, and I had a lot to think about in bed that night. The air conditioner was going, so I could kick my covers off when they got hot, and I didn’t have a mirror to look at, but I don’t really need one.

I know what my body looks like, naked, and I can imagine it if somebody was standing over me, but then I closed my eyes, and held my arms up. It was a scary thought, but also hot, and what I was thinking was that Chevy looked strong enough that he didn’t have to tie them up. He could just hold my wrist like this, and he probably had an even stronger grip, but I didn’t have to imagine the bars over me.

The cables, and wrist straps hanging down, but my imagination ran with it anyway. He took my hand, and held it up. Pulling the cable down to slip it into the strap, then the other one, and I had to let go. Get my hands dirty, and my fingers wet, because that was more than enough. Too much honestly, so I just went back to regular sex. That’s as far as I got with the bondage, imagining how I would look laying back with my arms up, holding onto the cable by the wrist straps, but naked, my legs spread wide open so he could get down between them, and inside me.

“Oh, god. Oh Chevy, yes! OH!” Yes. “Hhuh!” Oh, yes. I guess I was so pent up, it only too a little actual penetration to release it, let it all out, and relax. “Huh!”

I didn’t pass out, but I drifted off to dream about Him. Laying on top of me, wearing nothing but a mask, and my hands free to roam all over his body. His hot wet body, glistening with sweat, and waking up to pound another orgasm out before I pulled the covers up, and fell back asleep.

I didn’t know whether he wanted to do that to me, that rough. I honestly hoped that he didn’t, but I wasn’t scared of him, wanting to do it like that. Rough, holding my hands, and tying me up. I was most afraid of myself, and my imagination, harassing me with that all night. They weren’t nightmares, but there was always that little nagging fear in the back of my head. Having the first really rough wet dreams of my whole entire life, but they didn’t happen all the time after that.

I really still preferred just plain old regular sex, after that, but sometimes. My imagination couldn’t help running wild, and adding other things. Not always rough, but sometimes, it got rough, and scary. I can’t really help it.


Bonnie (fm/mf BDSM Fantasies)

Thank goodness, he wasn’t really interested in that. He was interested in me, but he was happy to just keep it Normal, for a while. The first few years we’re going out, but Baron and Jordi came back. With Jordi’s mom, they hung out on the sidewalk to watch, and talk about it. I was up in my room, so I couldn’t really hear what they’re saying, but I could see the way they looked at each other.

“Oh.” I hadn’t even noticed, I was too distracted by Chevy, and introductions. Getting to know each of them, as much as I wanted to, but I could hear her giggles. Dirty little giggles, and Baron pointed things out. At night, with the lights on inside, it really made the windows into a 1 way mirror. So, they couldn’t really see the 2 of them out there, but I had my light off.

My window up, and I looked down the roof, but it wasn’t like a greenhouse roof. It was just a regular roof, with shingles, I guess because he didn’t care about showing off his cars to passing helicopters. They kept their distance, but when Baron pointed, once I could see the bulge in his pants, and it sure didn’t look like a banana in his pocket.

They were going out together. Boyfriend, and girlfriend, so I guess the good news is, I didn’t have to worry about Baron. He wasn’t really interested in me, or even my mom as much as the Pilates gym, and how it could be used. Other than Pilates, and I wondered if I could get away with inviting them over?

Probably not, but that really helped my sexy wet dreams that night, after they left. Baron ran off alone when her mother came out, so he would be caught with her daughter, but. “Huh!” I sure could imagine Jordi, and Baron playing like that. Bondage games, and he even had this look in his eyes. I saw it once or twice, he never looked at me like that, but he looked at Jordy that way.

The way we’re lined up, I couldn’t see Jordi’s eyes, just the back of her head. I think her brother was oblivious, because he was mostly paying attention to mom and dad. Setting up the Ikea Dungeon, but I honestly don’t know. It doesn’t matter really, but he looked so predatory, and sadistic? I’m just saying, it wasn’t that hard to imagine him with a whip.

Maybe whipping my mom, because of course, that’s who I’d seen demonstrating the technique the most, and I couldn’t even wrap my head around the idea of dad doing it with her, even the normal way. Even my imagination wouldn’t go there, but that was before I realized that he only had eyes for her. Jordi, and maybe her mom, but only as a grown up version of her. It doesn’t take any imagination to picture Jordi in yoga pants, and a sports bra. With all the definition, and a tight core, with her mom right there and working out.

“Huh!” Which just left Chevy, in the gym. A normal gym, with weights, and laying back to bench press while I’m spotting him. That’s the best position, because I can look down, and he can look right up at my crotch. Pumping iron, and the blood flowing into his crotch like a bottle jack, until it’s hard enough to lift a car, and he has to stop.

Pulling the bar to guide it back in the cradle, then walking around, to sit on his crotch. Straddling, and humping him so the tight lycra rubs together, and his thick hard love muscle pressed in with all my weight. Holding my hips, and gripping them to pull me in, his biceps, and putting his hands up to the bar, to show me his triceps.

Then, my imagination added handcuffs. “Huh!” Clanking around the bar, from his struggling, and pulling it off, so it drops across his chest, pinning him down so he can’t breath.

“HNNNNNNN!” I can’t breathe, just my tummy spasming, trying to suck air back in, and afraid that if I moan too loud, mom will hear me, and come running to see me pressing the crotch of my compression shorts in, so I let them pop back out. Soaking wet, and that’s not sweat, but finally. “SNH! Huh!” The oxygen hits my brain to swim around, and supercharge the pleasure from my rough orgasm like a turbo, and I just pulled up my covers.

“Stop it! Uh! Stop it with the rough images, okay? You’re giving me nightmares.” I told myself, or my imagination, but it didn’t stop, and it wasn’t nightmares. It wasn’t even rough, it was gentle, and loving. Kissing his chest, and smelling his sweat. Feeling the heat rising from his body, and turning my head to hear his heart beat under my ear, but he was tied up.

To the bed, and he whispered “I trust you,” but I could hear it loudly in his chest. Over the beating of his heart until he got hard again, and I sat up.

“Huh!” Woke up. Blinking, and as horny as I’d been when I went to bed last night. It was early in the morning, but I was thankful for my imagination again. “Thank you, that’s better.”

It’s better if I’m on top, I decided. I don’t have to be so rough, and I’m not that heavy. I can be gentle, if he’ll let me. Tie him up, now I have to wonder if he’ll let me tie him up, and do whatever I want with that incredible body. Of course, I’d never even seen him with his shirt off, or in a tight shirt. Just a baggy blue collar button up shirt with short sleeves, but I can imagine.

“Chevy. I hope you can trust me enough.” But I could definitely imagine him tied up, and that wasn’t scary at all.


Jodi (ff BDSM Talk)

I asked her if she could come over after school on the bus, but I kept bumping the seat. Every time we hit a bump, which was uncomfortable to say the least.

“You get both your shots?”

“Yeah, you too?”

“Yeah, my mom is a Doctor.” I bragged a little, “So she got us all our shots, since she got exposed to it all day at work.” We still had to sit far apart on the bus, and keep our masks on, but we just talked about normal stuff. Well, I guess it feels normal after about a year, but it’s like the President wearing a mask.

Even though he got the shots, and the best medical care in the nation, if not the world, he just set a good example. After the last president told people they don’t have to wear masks, and took off his mask. He also, well you know what he did. Never mind politics, you get the idea. We couldn’t talk about what I wanted to talk about on the bus, because we had to raise our voices, and there were other kids on the bus.

Also, my brother sat next to me, since he’s my brother, and we’re in the same household, but he doesn’t know about. All of this stuff. He knows my boyfriend, of course. He was there when we met, and he even stuck around to watch him. Make sure he didn’t push me too far, and cock blocked for me, until he was sure it was safe, to leave him alone with me.

I didn’t want to be safe, with Barron. Not too safe, I don’t want to get hurt, but it turns out he was careful enough. Just careful enough, that I was beginning to doubt, and had to ask someone for a second opinion. So, she came over to my house after school, while Feston went out to see if any of his friends could get the car, and drive it around.

“Huh, I know you’re not a Pilates instructor, but would you mind taking a look?” I had to get the school clothes off anyway, but she was cool, so I showed her my core first.

She sat down, and nodded. “It looks pretty good, so far. What are you doing?”

“Planking, but.” I took a deep breath, and forced myself to turn around. Stop holding my breath, and ask her. “What about my back?”

“It looks like you can work on that, but unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot you can do without some apparatus. You want to come over, and work out at mom’s gym? I won’t charge you, since like you said, I’m not a qualified instructor, but I can show you the basics, if you want to work on your back.”

“Huh!” I just relaxed, and picked up a top to put it on over my bra. “Okay, maybe later, but you didn’t see anything, else.”

“Like what?”

“Nothing out of the ordinary on my back?”

“Look, I don’t know what you want me to tell you, but.” She looked back and forth. All over my face, and I could see how worried she was. “Are you all right?”

“Fine, just a little sore from my workout last night.”

She giggled, “Your workout with your mom, or your boyfriend?” She stopped, and looked at my face. Her smile dropped. “Is he hitting you?”

“Yeah, but it’s okay. I mean, he’s not beating me like that, it’s just.” I felt back up under my top, and rubbed the small of my back. “I wasn’t sure.”

“Well, I didn’t see any bruises, if that’s what you wanted me to look for.”

“Oh good, but it still it kinda aches. Okay, I can still kinda feel it, so I wasn’t sure whether anyone else could see them.”

“What’s he been hitting you with?”

“Well, you mind if we go out for a walk?”

“Yeah, no problem. You can walk me home, so I can ask mom if she has any appointments tonight.” I nodded, but it was just a good excuse to put on our masks. It’s hard enough to talk about this stuff, face to face. Not with Barron, he’s not like Christian Gray at all. I mean it, he doesn’t tell me anything, or make me do anything. If anything, he asks me what I want him to do to me, but lately?

“It started when I wanted to feel like a bad girl.”

“Wha, huh?” She shook her head, “I’m sorry but. Honestly, this all new to me, but I’m sorry I laughed.”

“Honestly it’s fine, and it’s better to laugh. It breaks the tension, but let me explain. I was a good girl, honestly I still am, but I wanted to feel like a bad girl, without actually doing anything bad, because I saw this girl. Huh!”

I rubbed my arms, and closed my eyes to remember. “You want to just stop here?” I nodded, but I made myself flash back, so I could remember it better.

“After school, we went out, and just hung around. Looking for something to do around the neighborhood, and basically putting off homework, but when she got home. Her dad was mad, so he stomped out, and said she had her mom worried sick. He grabbed her, and yanked her arm. Then, he put her over his lap, and spanked her right out on the front porch.”

“And that turned you on?”

“No, it scared the crap outta me, and made me cry too. She screamed, it was horrible, and I got my phone out to call the cops on him for child abuse. That pissed him off so he came after me, but that ment he let S.” I stopped, and bit my lip, looking up. Under the mask, but she just nodded, understanding.

“His daughter go…”

I nodded, “She ran off, so he chased her down the street, and let me go to call the cops. I even got him on tape, or the 911 operator heard him yelling on speaker phone. He threatened to kill her if she didn’t come back, but then she hated me.”

“For sending her dad to jail.”

“Yeah, and then I got nightmares, and hated myself, because of all the nasty shit she said about me. She got her friends to gang up on me, and made my life hell for a couple years through middle school.”

“So, they were like the mean girls,” she nodded, “I went through middle school, too.”

“Huh!” I rolled my sleeves up, to show her, but she looked away.

“I saw that.” She looked around. “Are those cigarette burns?”

“Yeah,” I pulled my sleeve back down, before anyone else saw them. “They were more like bad girls. You know, smokers?”

“Yeah, but then their friend talked them into bullying you.”

“Just verbal abuse, but I started cutting myself, and that was too bloody. So, I decided that burning myself would cauterize, and that made it easier to hide.”

She just nodded, and kept walking, so I walked with her, but kept my distance of course. “We better get off the street, so I can take my mask off.” At her house, we went up to her room, and she turned off the alarm. So, she could open up her window, and let some fresh air in.

“So then, we had to move, because my dad thought I was suicidal, and I even thought about it a few times, but it turns out that was just intrusive thoughts. So, my therapist said we could try adjusting my meds, and since I wasn’t actually depressed, I just stopped taking the, so they went away.”

“You weren’t medically depressed, so the meds didn’t help what was causing your depression, or.”

“No, I wasn’t depressed. I was just.” I had to take a deep breath, but the fresh air helped. Inside, with her window open, we could take our masks off, and I could breathe fresh air coming in the window. “I was masturbating. Okay? I started getting turned on, so I learned to play with myself that way.”

“I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to explain that.”

“I know, but I can tell that this is making you uncomfortable, so you might want to sit down, because it’s disturbing.”

“You’re a masochist.” I nodded, and she rolled her eyes. “Honestly, I’ve been looking up all this BDSM stuff lately, because I’ve been having these, well? I guess you could call them intrusive thoughts, when I’m masturbating.”

“Oh,” I pulled out a chair to sit down by the window. “About what?”

“Bondage. No pain, but definitely tying him down to the bed.” She felt the covers, looking over at them, instead of me. “Not this bed, but I’ve been thinking about, maybe asking my dad to buy me another one.” One that didn’t have a solid headboard, so she had something to tie his wrists to. I nodded.

“Chevy?” I guessed. Honestly, I noticed her avoiding him, because she was scared of him, and how she started feeling when he was around. She didn’t have to tell me this. I knew exactly what she was going through, because I had it even worse.

“Yeah, ever since your boyfriend pointed out.” She tried to laugh, but it came out fake. “The Ikea dungeon downstairs. I guess that made me think about the way you could use it, and abuse it sexually.”

“The Pilates gym, but isn’t that kind of exposed?”

“Exactly! I mean, if my dad wanted to use it like that, he wouldn’t have bought a house with a glass garage, so the whole neighborhood could see it.”

“Yeah, a good dungeon is somewhere remote without any windows, and nice thick cinder block walls so I can scream as loud as I want, and nobody can hear me.”

“So, Baron does have a dungeon.”

“No,” I stood up, and put my hands on my hips. Just to make absolutely sure she understands this. “I do.” She looked up, and I made sure she had long enough to see it on my face.

“You’re really the dominant one?”

“No, I don’t know, not really, it’s not that simple.” I sat back down, and propped my head up on her desk, to think. “It’s like let’s pretend.” I shrugged.

“Okay, so it’s not a 24/7 collared slave type thing.” I looked up, and she shrugged. “I told you, I’ve been reading up. Hey, Jordi?”


“I hate to change the subject, but you wouldn’t happen to know if that boy.”


“Huh!” She sighed, and looked up. Smiling. “Yeah.” OMG, she’s got it bad! She looked down, and shrugged. Tried to rub her chin on her shoulder, squirming. “Well, you know him, pretty well.”

“Not really. He’s my brother’s friend, but not the one I’ve been going out with. What do you want to know about him?”

“Well, you wouldn’t happen to know if, he might be interested in, trying something like that, with me?” I know that’s a lot of commas, but I’m trying to communicate how she said it. She hesitated, and stopped to look up. Check if I was following her in my eyes. So, I had to keep nodding so she’d go on. Maybe Periods would have been more like it, but then it would have been a whole bunch of sentence fragments, and I don’t know how to write this stuff, but anyway I shook my head.

“Like what?”

“Huh,” she smiled shyly, and even giggled again, but then she barely whispered, ‘bondage?’

“I don’t know, but I guess I can get Barron to ask him.”

“Really? Why Barron?”

“Ha, because he might have a better idea how to ask him, without him thinking it’s an invitation to have sex with me? I think he knows about me, and Barron.”

“Oh yeah, and what’s that like? You have time to think about how to say it, without disturbing me?”

“No. Honestly, I’ve been doing it for 3 years now, and I can’t think of the words that don’t disturb me, but that’s the point. I’m disturbed, so it’s the only way I can get any satisfaction, sexually.”

“Oh.” She nodded.

“So, top, bottom, or switch?”

“Oh, and you ever seen him with his shirt off? He looks really muscular even with a shirt on, and I can’t wait to get my hands on him, but how do you even talk to boys about, that?”


“Huh, Switch I guess. But if it’s okay with him, I want to be on top, first.”

“Okay, I’ll see what I can do.” I got out my phone, and texted Barron. [Hey, what are you doing this afternoon?]

[Nothing I can’t drop.] He sent back. She came over, and backed up against the wall, by the window. To read over my shoulder, but after we opened up to each other, I showed her my scars, and she didn’t run screaming away from me. We built up a lot of trust, that quickly.

[Well, can you call Chevy, and see if he wants to talk about the new girl?]

[Bonnie? LOL, he doesn’t want to talk about a whole lot else lately, why?]

[Well, she wants to talk to him.]

“No, don’t send that!”

“Too late, and you’re not going to get to do anything, unless you talk to him first.”

“Huh!” She rubbed her arm, then switched to rub the other, up to her elbows. Almost like rolling up imaginary long sleeves, but she nodded. “I know, I’m just scared.”

[Why did you text me, instead of him?]

[Because he’s your friend, and I think he’s a little scared of me.]

[LOL, yeah. More than just a little, but he hasn’t texted back yet.]

[Tell him where my Office is, and to meet us there tonight.]

“Your office?” I nodded, “You call your dungeon an office?”

“Yeah, when we’re texting, and sexting. Just in case our parents, or friends walk up, and read over our shoulders.”

“Oh, yeah. Makes sense.”

“You don’t want everyone to know that you own a sex dungeon, especially the other boys.”

“Clever, and thanks for being so discrete.”

“Yeah, after you’ve done this a while, you don’t even have to think about;”

“So,” she interrupted, “What does Barron have, to beat you with?”

“Huh!” I crossed my legs, and closed my eyes. Just to remember. “Well, last night, it was a dowel rod.”

“What’s that?”

“Oh, um.” I had to put down my phone. “It’s like a stick, about this long, and that big around. My dad had some lying around, left over from when he got the deck, but it’s not like a branch from a tree. It’s more like a board rounded off to a stick.”

“Or a cane?” I nodded, and she shook her head. “He’s caning you?”

“Well, we just started caning. That’s why I wasn’t sure if he actually left any visible welts.”

“Holy shit! I was thinking about maybe a flogger or something.”

“Oh yeah, we have those too. We had a paddle, but that spilt. I mean, he didn’t snap it off at the handle, just one side broke off.”

“He broke a paddle, spanking you?”

“Yeah, but only because I told him to hit me harder.”

“You really made him spank you so hard, it broke the wooden paddle.”

“Yeah, but last night.” I just had to brag. “That was the best one yet.”

“The caning.”

“Not just that, but I was planking the whole time.”

“Oh!” She looked up, and grinned. “My.” Closed her eyes, and then her grin turned into a dirty smile. “God, I can just imagine that!”

“Really?” Well, I guess her mom is the Pilates teacher…



As usual, I can probably go on, but only if I thought there might be any interest, in that sort of thing. I have to stop, and think about Worldbuilding, anyway. I can’t just make up a good dungeon of the top of my head. It’s not like writing dialog to me…

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