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Wife’s past part 1

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So my wife confessed to me after we were married about having a short affair with her dad. So it sounded crazy at first. But what brought it up was we were married about 4 years she was 21 when we got married and had a son. Get back to that. So she had 2 other sisters. Mindy my wife was the oldest by far 6 years older than the next one.
So Mindy always made comments mostly to her mom how Dad was a sexy man. Her mom always laughed and took it as a compliment. But over 4 years I could see some sort of daddy issues with her. Her dad could do no wrong I. Her eyes.
So one night we were just leaving her parents . And I asked her about her dad. She was in the right mood she had been drinking alittle and was tipsy and when she is drunk she talks a lot.
So I hint to her about her dad and her thinking he was sexy.
She said yes her mom was lucky to find him. Now mind you her dad was 50 overweight gray with beard he looked like a mountain man.
So I get her talking about her and her sisters and she tells me how her dad wanted a boy. That’s why he paid so much attention to her son my step son. He treated her grand son more like his son.
I said so if your dad wasn’t your dad would you go out with him? Hypothetically?
She smiled and said yes. I laughed and said so you would have sex with him?
She said yes. Not probably not no ,not that’s sick. I said you would fuck your own dad. She smiling and embarrassed said yes grinning at me and maybe I have. I thinking she is messing with me. But deep down thinking babe wants to. Play along and say. Like I know she did. I say so when did you sleep with him? She hesitated a second. When I graduated high school we had this big party at the camp grounds Mom and dad always had. Everyone was drinking except mom. So it got late mom had to work so she left. The party was over my sisters were with their friends in town. Dad and I went in the camper and was watching Tv. It was late. I was on couch with dad and had my head on his side. He had his arm around me. So the clock chimed midnight. I being in a playful mood .

Alittle background dad always joked with mom and his friends about his beer belly that it turned into Peter after midnight.

So I set up and look at his belly and said. Oh no it’s midnight.
He looks at me not getting it. I said you said it turns to Peter after midnight. Poking him in belly. He said yea laughing
You better watch out we are alone. I s said . Oh I can handle it. He had on sweats he pulled them out . Ok stick your hand down there and let’s see.
I think at first he was joking and I was also but I . Without thinking being half drunk, reached down and my hand went in and instantly I had ahold of my own dads cock. As soon as I did I realized what I did puked my hand out. And he said see told you you better watch out . I was embarrassed but I lay my head back on his side. He saw I was embarrassed and started tickling me. I twist around and was laughing and started tickling him back and idk why I went right back down his sweats and took hold of him. He got all quiet and stopped tickling me. And idk something clicks and I lay my head back on his belly and started stroking him. Watching my hand moving under his sweats. He was speechless. I felt him grown in my hand. He kissed the top of my head and I am not thinking at all that I was with dad it did feel like it. I move down and pull him out and started sucking on him.
I said so you gave him head? Seriously?
She laughed cause I said it like it was a joke I was not going to act mad I wanted her to be open.
She said yes I started sucking on him .
So is your dad big. She said don’t get jealous. But yes it grew I remember noticing my hand would fit around it . Fat and longer than anyone I had been with. I look at her she laughed and said yes even you But I love yours she said hugging up to me.
So did he cum. She said he started breathing hard and stopped me told me someone could come in. I got up and check the door and looked outside and locked it.
He was not looking at me it was like he was embarrassed now. I get down and he didn’t stop me and I pulled his sweats down. I wanted to be with him . I wasn’t thinking about having sex. I was just wanting to be in his arms. Idk I Saw his cock pointing up I slipped my shorts off and straddling him he just let me. It was so intense. He felt like a hot rod sinking in me. I get tired all of a sudden dizzy almost passed out and moving really slow on him had a orgasm and did pass out on him for a second or two.
We woke up I was still on his lap it was about 3 in morning and we went to bed. Mon was home before I got up the next morning. I was in my bed at other end of camper. I got ip dad was drinking coffee. I see my shorts and panties on floor.
I pick them up mom did not notice.
So did you guys ever talk about it. She said it wasn’t the only time. We had sex several times after for about 2 years.
So I think for a minute. So Billy is your dads.
She said no I told you it was Matt that got me pregnant.
I said you was fucking him and your dad?
Long story shorter.
I think her son is her dads.
To be continued..

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    I told him that he should fuck her in the ass she turned on her side and he started to put his cock in her ass

  • Reply Sammy ID:fx7ith8ra

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    Great story